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Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
This forum is for those who

Dj max is the only game i play on my psp..seriously no bluff!! I can play on it for about an hr but of course not more than that or not my ma will confiscate it.

Whenever i daydream, i wil think of myself playing dj max on my psp.

I played dj max like crazy when i have holidays so u can say now i m pro in dj max....BUT only for 4 buttons!!!

I can even pick out people who are playing dj max on their psp cause as u know dj max is a song game, thus, the player tend to on their music very loud. Sometimes i even know the song they are playing. If u are into music & like to take up challenges, this is the game i will reccommend u to play. U can play it everyday & not get bored of it. I have played dj max 1 & they have many nice songs. My favourite was oblivion!! There are also other song i like but i cannot remember .

Now, of course i am playing dj max 2 which is even better than dj max 1. It is better as u can link with another player & compete with them. There is another extra feature in dj max 2 which is music fever. To me dj max 2 is much difficult than dj max 1 but after a while u will get use to it. Dj max 2 is definitely more fun than dj max 1!!

To mi this song is not bad

This is also another nice song which i like

I also like this song haha

There are many songs in the game thus there are more pictures. I wil try upload more in the future. By the way i m level 33 in dj max 2 & i would like to meet more people who are
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Posted 4/15/08 , edited 4/16/08
I played DJ Max before as well, although I don't anymore because I've found another game to play. xD
It was a great game, as I'm very into music myself, and I played DDR for quite a long time, so this type of game was definitely for me.

My favourite song was probably Midnight Blood in Max2, and Hamsin or Sin in the first.
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
Yeah! I LURv dj max! But too bad im still playing 4 buttons T_T
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