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Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
The first 5 items that im going to list here are going to be the containers that hold other items
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08

The 3 different kinds of barrels

You get one of the 3 different kinds of barrels depending on the stage your on, the most common is the wooden

When you pick up a barrel and throw it, it might break at let all the items out, or it might roll
Either hopefully you get the items out
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08

Just like in Melee, the capsule holds on item in it, it breaks open when hit on the ground or onto another person.

It also has the habit of exploding
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08

Just like the Barrels, you get one of 3 different kinds depending on the stage your on. These also break when thown, but these dont roll
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
Party Ball

When thrown, it will fly up and wait a couple of seconds before doing 1 of 3 things

1. Dropping a great number of items
2. Drops a load of food
3. Drops a load of Bob-ombs that explode right when they hit the ground
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08

The sandbag leaves the stadium to join us in the Brawl

Takes a lot of attacks, does not do a whole lot of damage when thrown and ht being hit by.
If you hit him hard enough that sends him flying, he will drop an item for you
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
Ok now that the introductions of the containers are done, lets now do the items!
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Assist Trophys

Assist trophys are like pokeballs, you throw them, and then you get some help from the person inside
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Bannana Peel

Once thrown onto the ground the bannana peel will slip up anyone, and when i mean everyone that includes you, they will be stunned on the ground for a short time making them vaulerable to any attack

You can also access this item with Diddy Kong's down special move
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Beam Sword

Making its return from Melee, but this time it looks like a light-saber. Its blue now instead of pink and this one has an added feature on it.

Depeding how you swung it, (up or sideways) and how it hits the opponent, the beam sword does different damage
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Blast Box

It can get hit multiple times until it explodes right in your face, if its been there a while and has taken hits i would stay away. Another thing is you can pick it and throw it, but it does a lot less damage when being thrown and hit rather then blowing up by attacks
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08

The classic Mario Bros item returns to Brawl.
Just as it did in Melee, you can pick it up and throw it doing descent damage and blowing them back. Or just wait until it starts walking on its own to blow up in your face
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08

The bumper makes its long return, it was in the original Smash Bros game, but skipped Melee and was replaced by the Flipper. But now its back.

When the bumper is picked up you can throw it at somone doing minimal damage and thowing them back. Or you can throw it on the ground or right in the middle of the air. This thing can get really annyoing since you can get bumped too and get minimal damage. It stays where ever it was thrown for quite a while

Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Bunny Hood

The Bunny Hood comes back to add some bounce to Brawl, just like it did in Melee, it makes you run twice as fats and jump twice as high as you would normally
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/6/08
Cracker Launcher

Once you pick up this bad boy your opponent better run. You start firing small explosive ammo that blows up when it makes contact, you cannot move when using the Launcher, but you can move the direction of the ammo either up or down
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