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Favorite Manga
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22 / F
Posted 1/27/12
One Piece
Ae No Exorcist
Fairy Tail
Dengeki Daisy
Black Bird
D. Gray Man
Death Note
Vampire Knight
Posted 1/28/12
I Like Princess Reserection
Posted 1/30/12
Sweet Blue Flowers - (Aoi Hana - Blue Flower) ongoing Yuri Manga, by - Shimura Takako. For every girl, especially girls with 'those kind of feelings' for other girls and anyone who loves touching, super-cute stories in their manga.
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27 / M / Generic Weeaboo H...
Posted 1/31/12
read neko ramen, then read it again, then read it again, then read it again, then pick up natsume's book of friends read that, cover it in icing and eat it. not only have you just read two decent manga you have also succesfully prepared and devoured something that will fill you up till lunch! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
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31 / M / Colorado
Posted 1/31/12
Berserk, easily.
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Posted 2/10/12
I've been on a shojo binge lately and reading some classics like Boys Over Flowers, Nana and Mars.

Boys over Flowers, has a strong heroine and the mangaka really knows how to keep you coming back with all the romantic dramz. It does go into the realm of the ridiculous and the ending isn't all that satisfying. but I enjoyed it all the same. It has an anime but its old and I could only find the dub. I'm normally not a dub snob but it was really bad and I couldn't get beyond a few episodes.

Nana was super popular but it hasn't had a new volume in 3 years so people newer to manga may not have read it. It's got lots of romance and sexy times but it deals with the consequences of that quite well. It goes into the josei category as the girls are in their early twenties. It's more of a soap then a straight romance. But it beats any soap, day or night, on tv any day of the week. Loved it. The anime is good too.

Mars was incredible. It's a classic for a reason: great romance, wonderful characters, realistic drama. It starts as a high school romance between two unlikely people, which sounds cliche but it deals with some pretty dark and heavy issues along the way. Satisfying ending IMO. It's also something I think a lot of guys could enjoy as the art isn't overly flowery or girly as shojo can be. Also the male lead is a motorcycle racer and the racing scenes are really exciting. No anime but really no anime could be long enough to do it justice.

I've also been reading some ongoing series like Vampire Knight (total guilty pleasure), Maid-sama and Bride of the Water God.

All good and highly recommended for your shojo fix. And if guys want to check out a romance that they might like too take a look at Mars (girls too).
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28 / F / London, UK.
Posted 2/12/12
I have too many favourite mangas/manwhas to mention, so I'll just mention the most recent one.

Yesterday I stumbled across a korean webcomic called Cheese in the Trap. At first I was really sceptical about it because the description on many of the online readers didn't really inspire much enthusiasm for it, but I'm glad I did decide to read it.

It's a josei manga that's mainly slice-of-life and suspense, with a hint of romance. The story line is interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat and the art was really well done. Even though it's done entirely in colour, the artist doesn't abuse this and keeps both the art and the storyline realistic.

I can't really do it justice here, but it's definitely a manwha that people should be made more aware of.
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31 / M
Posted 2/12/12
1. Saikano/She, the Ultimate Weapon (coming of age in an apocalyptic world)
2. Yotsuba&! (slice of life of a 5 year old's wonder towards everyday things)
3. Azumanga Daioh (slice of life, comedy)
4. Maison Ikkoku (classic romantic comedy)
5. The World God Only Knows (romantic comedy)
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Posted 2/16/12 , edited 2/16/12
As of now my favorite mangas are

1. Eden No Ori
2. Liar Game
3. Bloody Monday Last season
4 GIn no Saji
5 Velvet kiss
6 Nozoki Ana
7. Ring X Mama

and also I found this interesting although its not a manga
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22 / F / Sweden
Posted 2/18/12
Posted 2/18/12
i LOVE these and i hope you people will too :
soul eater
fruits basket
squid girl
nabari no ou
skip beat
ouran highschool host club
fairy tail
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Posted 2/18/12
Currently reading:
RRR - similar to Hajime no Ippo but better (imho)
Gangsta - by Ah! My Goddess author but its a gritty dirty no holds bar manga
Vagabond - what can i say Inoue is a master who gave us Slam Dunk, Real
Vinland Saga - great read
L-DK - romance but w/e
Love so Life - slice of w/e
Hapi Mari - romance
One Piece
Cage of Eden
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27 / M
Posted 2/20/12
One can easily become a member of the by completing the registration. The fans have several options to choose various plans. Once the fans subscribe to a website, they can watch Naruto manga and get updated information on the show.
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20 / UK
Posted 2/22/12
Pandora Hearts!!!!!!! The best manga in the world with a bit of everything! comedy, romance, shounen, shoujo, action, the cute guy and the hot guy, monsters, lost friendship, lost siblings, mystery, organization full of fit guys with guns, amazing art!! btw dont say ive already watched the anime b cause it is a load of crap, the manga is better 100 fold!! so far there is up to 8 books and a rare art work book which has amazing art in it!!
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22 / F / indonesia
Posted 2/22/12
death note
cardcaptor sakura
vampire knght
chibi marukochan
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