Any of ya have ever played Ninja Gaiden or NG black or NG sigma? Tell us something about it...
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I am a big fan of NG series, (as well as DMC). I've only played NG black on XBOX, but it's AWESOME!!! I think the only reason anybody would hate it would be------------it's too hard, and one would get their ass whipped in the first several stages already and they would have a negative attitude towards the game...(it's just my opinion)

Well, anyway, after I played it, I couldn't stop playing it just as DMC, it has 4 difficulty levels, but at the beginning it only gives u one---normal (enough to make u quit if yo not mentally strong enough...) there is a easier stage called "ninja dog"...No need to comment on that. That is when u are killed three times in a roll without advancing in the first stage. but if u are cool enough to keep ur life to the end of the stage, this "opportunity" for noobs (who wants to play so bad but sucks so bad) will be gone. Just like DMC, after u complete a difficulty (not for Ninja Dog), u can unlock some part of the game (like customs or mode) Overall, they are very much alike in almost every single aspect.

Expect 2 major differences that made these 2 games having each of their own fans. 1st, it's their focus point, NG series focus on single-combat, which means every single one of the enemy have variety of moves and skills(depends on the difficulty), and when they come at u, u need to take them out one by one...and u have to stay focused all the time otherwise u can get killed by even the the weakest enemy. Which make this game more intense and combat heavy than DMC. For DMC, it's all about combo, u never have to worry about whether u can kill an enemy, the thing matter is HOW u kill them. that's why stylish point is a big aspect of the final score. which makes this game more relaxed and combo heavy than NG. 2nd, NG's graphic is different from DMC, if yo ever played Dead or alive series, u gonna see that they have almost the same graphic. Comparing cut scenes graphic, even for NG black, I 've got to say it's better than DMC 4's (although DMC4's is already very gorgeous) If yo dont believe me, go to,item,2212407544.aspx
u will see what I am talking about...

Another difference is Ninja Gaiden series always have 10 or more weapons, and each of them has at least above 20 combos (some of them are very hard though),but it tells u how to do the combos it self unlike DMC which most of the combos are linked together upon ur own creativity, all of them are slashing weapons, and after absorb orbs that are left out from the enemy during combat, u can perform a ultimate attack of that weapon. But NG never had guns and long range weapon (if u don't count the one bow and accessory like shurinken, and Jutsu) oh yeah, it reminds me, NG also have Jutsu, which are some very strong attack technique to wimp out all enemy on screen or single tough enemy (there are different Jutsu)
Overall, I totally recommend u guys to check out this game, It will deliver u a brand new experience that u probably would get from playing DMC series (which is also a blast!).

For more info, I am the creator of the newly created group called Demon Slayers. If ur interested, ur welcome to join us at any time! Dont forget to leave some comments^-^
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hmm i played the first one .. got to the bit where ryu's demon side starts coming out and he turns all blue and i have to fight this flying demon thing ... then my xbox controller broke and i havent played it since lol

the thing i like most about gaiden is the fluid movement and attacks make it as if you're watching an anime fight and not playing a game

and ryu got me into parkour

its kinda realistic if you think about it, you have to move around and not get hit, the the human enemies die fast but the demon ones take a while .. and if they hit you your health goes down a mile, infinate stamina must be such an awesome power ^^
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