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F / Under your bed lo...
Posted 6/24/10
Full House <3
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27 / F
Posted 6/24/10
Shining Inheritance is the only one I've watched so far that didn't bore me to death. I've watched a lot... and a lot of them are just cheesy and stupid.
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39 / F / Malaysia
Posted 6/28/10
My Favorites

1. Pasta - really make my day...
2. City Hall -
3. Thank You - make my eyes swollen
4. Mr Goodbye -
5. Coffee Prince
6. Bad Family
7. Goong
8. Beethoven Virus - from this, i've fall in love with classical music
9. Spring Waltz
10. Fantacy Couple
11. My Name Kim Sam Soon
12. My Girl
13. Hello Miss
14. Lovers
15. Autumn In My Heart
16. Witch Yoo Hee
17. Gourmet
18. Master of Study
19. Snow Queen
20. Bad Love
21. Hello My Teacher
22. Shining Inheritance
23. Boys over Flower

I want to see Stairway to Heaven, but didn't have a chance yet. Winter Sonata is not in the list because the storyline was so slow.

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28 / F
Posted 6/28/10
for me, its...

1. Partners

(indeed, one of the best! well acted! a drama that i could compare with series like Grey's Anatomy. full of substance and great chemistry. the lead stars not having the chance to kiss maybe a disappointment to some but this only shows that this is not ur ordinary drama to watch you'll be touched and be taught.

Exciting Info:
Lee Dong Wook: “Because of my character, I have better relationship with the actresses.” “Compared to actors, I have better relationship with actresses. I think it because of my lively personality and I love to joke therefore actresses seem to like me better.” Lee Dong Wook explained the reason why after every drama filming, there are scandals between him and the actress.

At the ‘Partners’ filming scene on the 8th July, Lee Dong Wook explained that because of his cheerful personality, therefore he has profound friendships with the actresses. Especially Lee Da Hae and Eugene, they still keep in contact by sending text messages to one another.

When he met Lee Da Hae during the drama preview, he told her: “Your hair looks like a wig.” As for Eugene, she always want him to take her to the movies. Park Si Yeon will SMS him “I’m watching your TV drama now.”

Regarding the ‘Partners’ main actress Kim Hyun Joo , he explained that: “She is the best partner.”

2. Smile Honey

it's 45 episodes:excl: at first its like ur same old story but as it progress it will surprise you with its realistic scenes! unforgettable and unseen romantic scenes (yes! just here!) funny! and great family values and life lessons. you'll love this as promised! and worth the eyebags!

3. Coffee Prince

this is the drama that implies the limits of "love" (the moment the character of Goong Yoo accepted Eun Hey as his lover and as a GUY) different! great couple! cheesy scenes!

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28 / F
Posted 6/28/10
Oh, definitely Boys Before/Over Flowers.
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24 / F / Orlando
Posted 6/28/10
Boys Over Flowers!!!! :DDDDDD
Posted 6/28/10
1. Yi San
2. Dong Yi
3. Queen Seon Duk
4. Dae Jang Geum
5. Hwang Jin Yi
6. Jumong
7. Painter of the Wind.

Even if Dong Yi is still airing, it's very popular, the cast is promising, the story is excellent, and one of the most successful period drama producers in the business, Lee Byung Hoon, it already makes the list.

Dong Yi will be the best period drama of 2010. <33

Yes, I am a historical kdrama/movie freak. :DD
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F / Behind a computer...
Posted 7/16/10
Hahaha, ive just started watching dramas recently (because the guys were hot and it was genderbender, lol.)
Either way i really liked the ones i started out with.

- Coffee Prince
- You"re Beautiful
- Boys Over Flowers

many more to come, i assure you.
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Posted 7/16/10

full house...

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23 / F / Married to MatsuJun
Posted 7/17/10

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24 / F / New Jersey
Posted 7/17/10
I definitely choose you're beautiful, full house, and coffee prince <3
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22 / F / Havířov, Czech Re...
Posted 7/18/10
You're Beautiful :))
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Posted 7/18/10
Boys Over Flowers and Coffee Prince
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22 / F / Busan,Korea
Posted 10/18/10
my favorite kdrama are
Cinderella's Sister
Temptation of wife
Famous Princesses
full house
be strong geum sung
green rose
autumn tale
glass shoes
a rosy life

i have lots of favorite kdrama because I am a korean drama lover &hearts;
Posted 10/19/10
It's difficult for me to narrow it down to the best drama but some of my favorites are:

1. Full House

2. You're Beautiful

3. Iljimae

4. Pasta

5.Personal Preference
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