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F / Aries, MN
Posted 10/14/13 , edited 11/6/13
Master's Sun
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Posted 11/6/13
FAITH. At first you'd thought it's a dull historical fantasy drama but then later in the middle something confusing comes up then ULTIMATE PLOT TWIST and it knocks you out til the very end.
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Posted 11/7/13
I loved Iljimae, it was so good for so many reasons.
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Posted 12/9/13
Im sorry, I love you
Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/9/13
Well of course the classics like Boys over flowers and Your'e Beautiful ,Coffee Prince,Full House,Secret Garden, Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Flower Me Too, etc.

are always the best..........

but one of the best for me that beat all the classics was

Nice Guy

i have never cried/laughed /felt embarrassed/etc. basically feel every emotion in a drama like this one.This drama was about pure love and betrayal and how revenge can consume u and make u lose focus.

i love how it was in the view point of a Male instead of a Women and how he seems to love a women with all his heart only to be betrayed time and time again until he was consumed by vengeance since he is used by her multiple times, because she knows he would do anything for her. And because of this, He notices she only wants to use him so he plots to exact his vengeance on her. And along the processes ,revenge begins to consume him as well ,ruining the Title of (The Nice Guy) he once had .

By getting revenge on the women he loves and the people around her , he creates a monster when he uses a women that is close to the girl he Loves . (Later falling in love with the women he is using ) she discovers that she is only being used for his vengeance and as a result all trust she had in him breaks becoming the Monster he wished to embrace but couldn't ,only to regret what he did .
He Discovers that by using this women that truly deeply loved him, He becomes the image her never wanted to be his 1st love.(Basically becoming the same as his 1st love that used him only for her gain ) .

she will exact her Revenge of Love on him and her family and especially on the girl that made The man she once loved to be pure and Nice into becoming a cold hearten man.

Its amazing how they did it ,how the love is discovered and plays an amazing role in both their lives.And How they go about in actually turning this into an amazing beautiful ending!!

I HATE dramatic /overly dramatized dramas but this one was just sooo good i didnt even focus on that cus it seemed very believable , They made is sooo well , love it this drama.

This actor really won me over i have seen him act but this was on another level. this is one of my all time favorites.

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25 / F / California
Posted 12/14/13
To the beautiful you
School 2013
Personal Taste
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25 / F
Posted 12/21/13
Your are the Best! Lee Sushin!
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27 / F / Cebu
Posted 12/29/13
The Heirs

Posted 12/31/13
I watched Temptation of an Angel before, never got to finish it but it was intense at the start before the plan got f'd up
Posted 1/6/14
Master's Sun.
Hwang Jin yi <3
Good Doctor <3
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35 / M / VA
Posted 1/7/14
City Hunter
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20 / F / nunya
Posted 1/18/14
Boys Over Flowers
Master's Sun

...Freaking awesome (~^.^)~
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21 / F / somewhere in Neve...
Posted 1/18/14



..romance, coolness and story line.. THEY'VE GOT IT ALL!! :)

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Posted 1/23/14
Kim Tak Gu

Feast Of God

Vampire Prosecutor

Incarnation of Money

Full House

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F / fairy tail
Posted 1/24/14
you're beautiful
, goddess of fire
in the wind,
glass mask
full house
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