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Sex & Love
Posted 5/28/09
I'm homosexual.
The reason why I don't like girls in a sexual way is because I seriously can't think of them as more than really good friends...sure i can love them but not in a romantic way, more like a bff/sister type of way.
I guess it's because my personality is more similar to a girl's than a guy's.
So when i care for a guy alot it is in more of a romantic way.
Posted 5/28/09
there is no connection between love and sex.
You could get incredibly wasted and still have sex with someone.
that doesn't mean that you truly love them though.
Posted 5/28/09

This outta lighten things up. Too many people, too many different opinions. Share the love, dance with this kitty.
Posted 5/29/09
nowadays no one thinks about love without sex ~ sex is love & love is sex ~
Posted 5/29/09

ijaijao wrote:

love does not exist
sex is all

agreeing love is a chemical the brain can make :)
an well sex is emotional or pleasurable
Posted 5/29/09
you need love for sex lol no, i mean look at arranged marriages in other countries or in the past. You don't have to love someone in order to have sex with them
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Posted 5/30/09
They're different but they are connected in some way. Notice that most people who love each other end up having sex.
Posted 5/30/09

Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
^ Don't mind me I just had to put that x]

but anyways....
there can be love without sex. Emotions are different than bodily desires. You love your pet don't you? Who you want to have sex with it?? haha I think not.
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Posted 6/11/09
uh well does it have connection?
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
Hmm..well, I'm still a virgin. But I know that when I chose to get closer to my former boyfriends, it was just because TELLING them I liked them didn't seem like enough. I wanted to show them how I felt. And sexual contact just seems like the natural way IMO.

If I really liked the guy I was getting touchy-feely with, I felt the connection. I was thinking more a long the lines of "Wow, I really like him. He must really like me, too."

But if I didn't really like him, I felt more like "Eh..this feel's alright."

Obviously, I haven't gotten THAT close considering the fact that I'm still a virgin. The closest a guy has ever gotten with me was upstairs-outsidies.

Here's what I'm going to guess, though. Sex feels good whether you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend or some talented stranger. The only difference is, when you're with a person you don't really love, the only enjoyable thing about the sex is the physical feeling. But when you're having sex with the one you love, you feel that AND the satisfaction of being so close with the one you care for.
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Posted 8/7/09

nodysseus wrote:

I notice a lot of people have debates on homosexuality and if its real and things like that, and one of the things i hear repeated time and again is "you cant choose the one you love" but homosexuality is about sexual attraction, not emotional. I mean: I can be friends with another guy and care about him a lot, but that doesn't mean I want into his pants...

So I'm wondering, just what is the connection between love and having sex? I know loads of people who can hook up for a night and then act like it was nothing, so going by that, I tend to feel like sex and love aren't really so closely as people seem to expect, but I'm not sure on this. What do you folks think?

It just occured to me this might be better placed in the extended discussion forum feel free to move it if you feel so inclined...

No, actually sexual orientation is the emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction. Not just sexual.
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Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
The two aren't necessarily exclusive entities; but they can be interrelated.

As I am still working out my thoughts on the matter, excuse me if my thought process seem a little stream-of-consciousness.

Sex at its physiological roots is the need for sexual stimulation for the purpose of pleasure with or without the desire for procreation of a new generation. Because sex feels good -- if done right -- it satiates the physical need with or without the benefits of continuing the species.

Looked at clinically, it can have nothing to do with emotional attachment, at all.

But because we are not animals driven solely by instinct most of the time, we seek more than just what our biological drives tell us. If we fill the need for the sexual partner, then we often seek a long-term partner to help satiate our emotional desires.

So, there are emotional partners: people out there who can satiate our emotional desires.

And there sexual partners who can satiate our sexual desires.

But I think that is the culmination of both of those factors in one person that makes a romantic partner -- someone we can use to fulfil both of these needs in us. It's a more desirable relationship because they heighten both sexual and emotional fulfilment. Sex is always better when there is an emotional attachment, and emotional connections are heightened due to the raw and vulnerable nature of sexual acts.

Now, the OP was talking particularly about homosexuality and the differences between platonically loving a male friend and not wanting to 'get into his pants'.

If we look at his position in relation to my ideas on the matter we could say this:

The OP's male friend satisfies his need for emotional companionship, but does not satisfy his need for sexual stimulation -- therefore he is a friend, and not a potential romantic interest, at the moment, at least.

Anyone agree? Disagree?


Yei wrote:

No, actually sexual orientation is the emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction. Not just sexual.

So glad someone pointed that out; people tend to focus on just the sexual issue there.

b (^_^) d
Posted 8/9/09
LOVE is just a body CHEMICAL that is programmed into our genes so we feel the need to have SEX so we can reproduce and let the human race live on.

It's all pretty pointless.
Posted 8/9/09
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