Character Guessing Game # 4
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Guess which Saiunkoku Monogatari character this is! =]

Guessed by bubbles20

Starts: March 6th, 2008
Ends: When someone guesses the right answer

-you can only guess one try
-you can guess again, if there's two post above you that's wrong
-no changing answers

1) A Banner
4)Picture of a Saiunkoku Monogatari character

If you won, you can choose either one of the prizes, but you must include details of how you want it

1) A Banner
2) Avatar
3) Icon
4) Picture of a Saiunkoku Monogatari character
-character-colors-picture, or i choose the picture?- what proverb from the anime you want-
5) Other

If you win, you can choose nothing if you want nothing =]


Season 1 Proverbs

1.Every Good Story Has A Hidden Side
2.A Frog in A Well Does Not Know The Great Ocean
3.The Talented Hawks Hides Its Talons
4.Casting Pearls Before Swine
5.There Is No Genius Without Hard Work
6.Lacking The Finishing Touch
7.Even The Strongest Swimmer May Drown
8.Wanting To Borrow A Cat's Paws
9.The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step
10.Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
11.There Is No Cure For Lovesickness
12.Discretion is the Better Part of Valour
13.From A Gourd Comes A Horse
14.On A Rock For Three Years
15.Children Do Not Know Their Parents' Hearts
16.There Are No Devils In The World
17.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie or Poking a Bush Draws Out Snakes
18.You Can't Hide By Burying Your Head In The Sand
19.If You Love Your Child, Send Her On A Journey
20.Flowers Blooming from Dead Wood
21.The Wise Know When to Approach Danger
22.Where There is Life, There is Hope
23.It's the Company that Makes Travel Unpleasant
24.Water on a Sleeping Ear
25.An Accidental Resemblance
26.Ravens In The Moonless Night
27.The Prettier the Flower, the Higher the Branch
28.Worry Gives Small Things Large Shadows
29.Many Years' Worth of Thoughts in a Single Day
30.Women Are Brave
31.A Diamond In The Rough
32.A Woman's Word Is Her Bond
33.No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
34.Poison Gets the Better of Poison
35.Meeting Is the Beginning of Parting
36.All is Right in the World
37.Tears Fall Like Rain From Heaven
38.There Is No Today After Today
39.Fate Is An Inscrutable And Interesting Thing

Season 2 Proverbs

1.There's no Place Like Home
2.Life Goes On Despite Tears and Laughter
3.Birds of a feather flock together
4.If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?
5.Love is not stingy in giving
6.A Peal of Thunder in the Blue Sky
7.Wholeheartedness Penetrates Stone
8.Exhausting Human Abilities, One Waits for Heaven's Will
9.Meeting the Buddha in Hell
10.The Awaited Person Finally Comes
11.The husband is always the last to know
12.If Justice is not allowed to be seen, There will be no Heroism
13.Hastiness will lead to failure
14.Enter the Lion's Den
15.A Short Amount of Time
16.Flames Before the Wind
17.Up and Down Seven Times
18.The Road is Distant After Dark
19.Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch
20.All is Lost That is Given to a Fool
21.A Frog's Child is a Frog
22.An Insect in a Lion's Body
23.Misery Loves Company
24.One Good Turn Deserves Another
25.Even with Trouble, Youth is Sufficient Enough to Pay
26.Even the Wisest will Flee When They are Fools
27.Better to be the One who Waits than the One Waited For
28.Peaches and Chestnuts in Three Years, Persimmons in Eight Years


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Correct answer from bubbles20
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tazusamikan wrote:


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Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/7/08
hehe, it ryuuren?

if i am correct, i am just playing for fun.
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Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/7/08

bubbles20 wrote:

hehe, it ryuuren?

if i am correct, i am just playing for fun.

yup, =] lol okay dis was an easy one xD
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