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Your Top 5 Romance Manga
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31 / F / Canada
Posted 3/8/08
1. Absolute Boyfriend
2. hana kimi
3. full moon wo sagashite
4. ayashi no ceres
5.desire climax
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27 / F / Cavite, Philippines
Posted 3/8/08
1. Hot Gimmick
2. Vampire KNight
3. Meru Puri (is it correct?)
4. Victorian Romance Emma
5. Desire Climax

There's sooo many to choose from.. It's hard rating them to the top5
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25 / F / singapore
Posted 3/8/08
There's just too many
Hmmm ...

. Fushigi Yugi
. Orange Planet
. Full Moon Wo Sagashite
. Vampire Knights
. Inuyasha
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26 / F / Manila, Philippines
Posted 3/9/08

1. Goong
2. Hana Kimi
3. Hayori Dango
4. Itazura no Kiss
5. Gokusen
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31 / M
Posted 3/9/08
my top 5 favorite manga?

well i think

first would be...... absolute boyfriend(even though it has a very sad ending!)

second................ your my girlfriend (i'm still not finish reading it.. it makes me laugh so loud!)

third.....................BODY! (still not finish! it's so enjoyable!)

fourth....................beast master (even though the main character her is not really good looking! but his kinda cute to! especially whe he smiles!
>>> i cant find the picsture<<<
fifth would be the.... the black bird! (it's really funny for some ways hahaha)
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26 / F / soul society
Posted 3/9/08
kare kano
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24 / F / in front of the c...
Posted 3/9/08
there's alot of romance manga... my top 5 are:
fullmoon wo sagashite
hot gimmick
parfait tic
absolute boyfriend
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28 / F / the ocean
Posted 3/9/08
not in any order.....but....

Fruits Basket - beautiful amazing story with a really good plot and romance
Hana-Kimi - so funny and cute
Fushigi Yugi - epic epic love story. amazing.
HOT GIMMICK - such a good romance.
MARS - this is one of the first manga romances i read. and it is still beautiful and amazing.
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28 / F / ki-mi-tsu ~.^
Posted 3/9/08
hum... There's so many so it's a bit hard to choose, but here's some of them I watched :

*Absolute boyfriend (Zettai kareshi),
*Akuma de Sourou (drama: devil beside you), *
*Akuma Na Eros,
*Ayashi no ceres,
*Deep Love,
*Elfen Lied,
*Fullmoon wo sagashite,
*H3 (Happy Hustle High),
*Hana Kimi,
*Hana Yori dango,
*His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano),
*Hot Gimmick,
*Kaikan Phrase,
*Kare first love,
*Meru Puri ,
*Royal seventeen,
*Sugar Addiction,
*Tenshi Ja Nai!!,
*You're so cool,

Hehe well there is quite many as you can see and it's so hard to only choose 5
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77 / F / Look behind you!
Posted 3/9/08
1. Kimi to scandal. ~kyaaaaa!!!!!!!!!~ loved it.

2. Kiken Jun'ai DNA -- so awesome!!!!!!!! lowlz.

3. B.O.D.Y. -- So SWEET!!!!

4. Arakure (Wild Ones) -- *sigh* ra~ku~to~...

5. Venus Capriccio
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25 / M / New York
Posted 3/9/08
umm sorry i only got two i dont read manga that much but after this im going to read some of the ones i see listed :D

1.I"S my first romance manga it was really good and touching :P
2.Suzuka my second romance manga it was refeshing to see the guy actually tell the girl straight out that he liked her it also had alot of drama in it i love the ending :D

recommend these two to anyone who loves romance mangas o btw they are kinda ecchi but if you get past that your going to love em
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24 / M / el paso, tx
Posted 3/9/08

horo123 wrote:

Please list down your top 5 favorite romance manga!
EDITED: Oh, and tell a reason why so it would make sense why its your top 5 ^^

NUMBER 1 would be I"s... love the story...

NUMBER 2 would be Ichigo 100%... I somewhat love and hate the ending of it... read it!!

NUMBER 3 Suzuka... its 3rd on my list cuz it has a happy ending and I kinda hate the leading male character.

NUMBER 4 Clannad... could've been number 1 if I just finished it... I just watched the anime and damn liking it.

NUBMER 5 D-ASH... it has a very depressing touch in it..

woah!! I totally agree on the first three...and its creepy cuz thats in the same order I read them >.< and yeah..I"S rocked and so did the other 2....i dunno bout the last 2 but ill check them out l8er
Posted 3/9/08
1.hana kimi
2.gekka no kimi
3.ouran high host club hina
5.DN angel
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27 / F / California
Posted 3/9/08
Kaikan Phrase
Desire Climax
Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)
Love Celeb
Love Monster
Ai Hime ~ Ai to Himegoto
Shinobi Life
Akuma to Dolce
Beast Master
Bitter Virgin
Blood Kiss
Vampire Knight
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Bokura ga Ita
Faster than a Kiss
Koukou Debut (High School Debut)
Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi
Mekakushi no Kuni (Land of the Blindfolded)
Midnight Secretary
Millennium Snow (A Thousand Years of Snow)

Lilim Kiss
Wallflower (Perfect Girl Revolution)
The Bride of the Water God
Arakure (Wild Ones)
You're My Girlfriend

I know it's way more than five, buy hey, I love 'em all. They're not in any particular order by the way. The bold ones are my favorites out of my favorites, lol.
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F / Oklahoma
Posted 3/9/08
1 Love Attack!
2 My Heavenly Hockey Club
3 Hana Kimi
4 Girl Got Game
5 SA (Special A)
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