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Posted 3/7/08
Coming soon!

Theme: HAJI!
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Posted 3/21/08 what is this?anyway here is haji's pic....
cute isnt it?..........
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Posted 3/27/08
umm.. i think this is wat it's supposed to be? hehe.. edit this if it's wrong, ayesha ^^

There finally, it's that time of month when I upload the super-duper pics of this group! This time the response was overwhelming! Thanks sooo much!
You guys so rule!

Okay so I know I have been really late with this month, I'm sorry! I was really busy. But while I was browsing I just saw so many beautiful pictures and some of them were just os amazing! *sighs* Thanks to all of you, a special thanks to outofreach1234 for uploading SO MANY lovely pictures of Haji! Thanks a lot!

And also I saw a bunch of pictures that were'nt about Haji but were all equally lovely, and I think they all deserve to be put up on the group page, so I will talk to lonehunter88 about and we'll try and put them up.

And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for...drumroll please...

The number 1 picture for this month:

Uploaded by: outofreach1234

whoruagain: This picture is so awesomely awesomeful! No really, I can just sit and stare at it for hours on end so a round of applause for you outofreach1234 and thanks for uploading it! ^___^

lonehunter88: I love the blood~ blood+~ more bloooood! ^^ this is a very cool picture.. it looks like water colour, and it's really good!Thanks for the upload!

Number 2:

Uploaded by: Moonlight_Wolf

whoruagain: Okay I stand by what I have said countless times before. Haji looks super sexy with glasses! Gosh this picture is so addictive I have to like make a poster of it and hang it up somewhere. Thanks a bunch for uploading it!!!!

lonehunter88: Hmm I don't have any comments on Haji with glasses on, but i just love the suit, and the cello! Yes, the cello! it's so catchy~

Number 3:

Uploaded by: lonehunter88

whoruagain: Okay now this picture is so peaceful and j'adore it! Seriously! And of course, my loving lilies has nothing to do with it ;P Thanks for uploading this one!!! ^______^

Now this time, I really just wanted to have 3, but I couldn't because i found these two awesome pictures as well!

lonehunter88: hey it's my upload! ^^ of course, i love it! wouldn't have uploaded if i didn't.. he just looks awesome with lilies~ and imagine saya by her side, taking his arms.. >.< or maybe diva haha

Number 4:

Uploaded by: outofreach1234

whoruagain: LOVE IT!! I really, really, really, really, really love this picture!!! HAJI I LOVE YOU!!!! ^_^ Thanks for uploading it!

lonehunter88: this looks quite nice.. except that hagi's hair looks very much like medusa's.. ^^ anyways, hagi always looks great in black and white XD

And finally number 5:

Uploaded by: outofreach1234

whoruagain: This picture is amazing! I just love the art! I don't know why but it reminds me of one of my all time favourite songs. Anyway so thanks a lot for uploading it!

lonehunter88: 3 words.. Oh My God! this is just AWESOME! reminds me of Squall from FF8 hehe. This has gotta be my favourite Hagi picture. Thanks a bunch for uploading!

Anyway so there you have it! The showcase for March! For April the theme is...well I haven't decided it yet, but I will soon! And also if you loved any of these pictures and you feel like you may want to comment on them too, check out the March '08 showcase and comment there! Thanks a lot you guys!!!
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Posted 4/5/08
DAmn! I'm sorry Jon! I forgot to do the showcase forum! Gomen ne! And thanks for posting it! ^___^
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