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Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
Yabu Kota: All I can say is....the most responsible leader! Even at photo shoots or the making videos, everyone rely on him. But they said, that he have his funny sides sometimes.....

Yaotome Hikaru: He is the moooooooooosst funnies person in HSJ. Ok? Even the other members agree to it. Even Yama-chan stated the when it comes to telling jokes, Hikaru always steals the stoplight away from him....Yama-chan calles him "master".

Inoo Kei:The oly person in HSj that I think is weird but somekind of...He is, yes, normal..but his personality is know quiet,serious and seems smart. But that type of personality is sometimes the funniest one. Why? Heheeheh.....You just know why don't you? (Well, if you always watch anime then you know what I mean...)

Takaki Yuya:A senpai who is like a kouhai. Get it? At first, I thought, he is the most matured one. But when I watched most of "the-making" videos, I knew I had judged his character wrong. He may have the genes of a child, (like that of what you see in Yuto-kun). And he said (or it was the other member...) that he is older than the rest HS7 members but his mind is like the level of Chinen. Only,much lower.

Arioka Daiki:My most favorite senpai in the group!!!!!I don't know why but I reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy like him. When I go to Japan someday and (if ever) go to school there, I want his to be my senpai! He is some kind of like a person who is full of "trivias". He knows a lot of it. Heheheh....And I like it when he said that (in an interview) when Yama-chan and Chinen and the rest are playing, he wants to join too but he can't because he is a "SENPAI" and he must act one!!Hahahaah!Poor Dai-chan!

Nakajima Yuto:

Ryusuke Yamada:

Chinen Yuuri:

Okamoto Keito:

Morimoto Ryutaro:

"heheh..i havent posted any comments myself yet,cause i want to see what others think so,but still...^^"
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Posted 3/7/08
Nakajima Yuto: He's like 50:50..... Still a child, always playing pranks & teasing other members a lot...but somehow has this "leader-type" aura in him...he always speaks in behalf of everyone & it kindah suit him coz he's that kind of guy who likes to speak nonstop! And I must say, he really loves Yama-chan, ne? I got this feeling that he's like making fences around his bestfriend saying Yama-chan's mine! haha!

Yamada Ryosuke: Haha, I really love him! Anyway I must say that he's the densest [as in dense!] guy in HSJUMP.....He's quiet & always in the corner but somehow everyone revolves around when he's just sitting by himself but everyone likes talking with him , likes to hang out with him... but he's pretty funny too & likes to entertain everyone with his imitations...he's always thinking that he's not popular coz his too loud, immature, not too good...but hey, if he's loud they that makes Yuto like a megaphone! Yama-chan's loudest voice is just like Yuto's normal speaking voice, ne? So I really wonder how he can say that... And about his popularity, he doesn't even have an idea that HSJUMP really looks up to him doesn't he? I mean, he broke the record in the annual Johnny ranking! Coz everybody was like saying "Yama-chan is soooo cool.....", "Yama-chan is the best", "Yama-chan is like an angel.....", "Yama-chan has a healing smile, smells of strawberry, really cute guy with great individuality....", While I was reading those lines I was thinking: How can Yama-chan think that he's not popular when he's sooo popular even within his own group? He's kindah dense isn't he?

Chinen Yuuri: No doubt, loves being the center of attention, hehe.... really a child inside out! He really enjoys his "youth"...But he's soooo cute as in his cuteness is like of a toddler or a baby, so can't blame HSJUMP for giving in to his whims most of the time....

Okamoto Keito: The person I know least but based on his statements, I must say that his quite fair & neutral in the way he looks at his group....he says what he observes & he's quite natural....not a very good dancer but I kindah like his voice.... I got this feeling that he's the kindest in JUMP.... the most calm & relaxing actually accdg to them... ^0^

Morimoto Ryutaro: like a teddy bear to me! This kid really acts like a grown up, he's a bit aggressive too, ne? He's a bit negative & wants everyone to follow in his own pace...a bit quick-tempered & likes to argue a lot....but I guess JUMP just makes him do what he wants coz for one, it's quite amazing how a 12 yo can be mentally capable up to Yabu's level [that's why the two of them can relate to each other]....But what I really like about him is, he's a good dancer second to Yama-chan.... I mean in my opinion most of JUMP dances "according" to steps given but when I compare them all to Yama-chan it's like he really has this "X-factor" that really makes him a good dancer [I know, I really love Yama-chan! ^0^] ....though Ryuu-chan is a bit jiggly [I always thought he'd end up falling on the floor], he has this flexibiity like Yama-chan, minus Yuto's stability.....Once he can stabilize he's movements, he'll be a great dancer!
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Posted 3/30/08
yamada ryosuke
the hottest person ever!!!!!
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Posted 4/3/08
Yabu Kota: He's very quiet and he does look responsible. Everyone seems to respect him. He looks and acts so mature!

Takaki Yuya: I heard that he is a really nice person. He can both be mature and childish at the same time (how could that be possible?). Anyway, to me, he seems so manly!

Inoo Kei: He has his own world. I think he's the most left out among HSJ members. I don't care if he's sort of weird. He's got the looks and intelligence!

Yaotome Hikaru: He's hell of a funny man! He has a great sense of humor! He can make people laugh by just looking at his face. I like his voice and dancing skills a lot! I don't think he's cute but he's so charismatic!

Arioka Daiki: The shortest senpai yet the cutest! He has a great voice and a cute smile! He's good at dancing too! I love the way he lets Chinen ride on his lap (they look so kawaii!!!). He sometimes talk silly. But who cares? He's cute anyway!

Okamoto Keito: I think he's the least popular member yet. But I like him so much! I love the fact that he is fluent in English (therefore, I could talk to him!). He maybe isn't good in dancing (I'm pretty sure he'll improve) but he really has a great voice! He does kind of sound like Chinen!

Yamada Ryosuke: He's my personal favorite. He was one of the first two (along with Ryutaro) that I've noticed among HSJ members. I love his girly looks! I think his voice is too big (it would be better if he sings rock) but he's a great rapper (he might be the next Koki! YAY!!!)! Everyone in HSJ seem to like him that they tend to panic when he gets mad at them. They listen to him though he's the 4th youngest because he acts like one of the senpais. I believe that Yuto and Chinen are crushing on him. Or maybe they look up to him! He said that he's loud but I think he's a serious type of person. He is someone who's hard to be friends with, stubborn and overconfident! Yet for some reason he remains to be my number 1 (maybe because I see my inner self in him)! He is the best dancer and the most flexible among HSJ members. He's a great actor too! He's simply talented!

Nakajima Yuto: For me, he's the best singer among HSJ! He's kind of stiff in dancing (not bad though). I heard that he's the most perverted said by fellow HSJ members (I don't mind...). I think he's more of childish than perverted. He likes to do pranks among HSJ members. And that's cute! If I were to meet them, he's the first one I would talk to because I heard that he's friendly (YAY for fangirls!!!)!

Chinen Yuuri: If I would see him I would pinch him, hug him, and even steal a kiss from him (don't worry Chinen fangirls. It's more like a brotherly kiss...)! His simultaneous spins and backflips are so amazing! And his voice is awesome too! I think right now his voice is cracking but I very much hope that he would recover from that soon! He's soOoo adorable!

Morimoto Ryutaro: He's very funny too! He can make people laugh by his silly comments. His voice is too mature but when he sings the high notes, he sounds really cute! He's great in dancing yet quite exaggerated (I know he'll soon improve that!). Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he's the youngest senior..Great Job Ryutaro!

I maybe have written some offending or negative points about them but I extremely love them the way they are! I'm like their biggest fan!

I hope they would remain as a group (Hey! Say! JUMP) forever! And I will give them my full support no matter what happens!

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Posted 4/10/08
Yabu Kota: CARING
Great brother .everyone looks up and respects him , so he makes a good leader.

Takaki Yuya: sexxaye lips
i think he has matured in mind ,but still behaves like a kid .
i guess he can read atmosphere's well and react to it

Inoo Kei: one of my three favourites ( >//////< ) .
matured very quickly, very smart ( heard somewhere that neither of his tests had gone below 80 .__. )
got a hard question correctly and everyone was surprised and shock-ed .goes to a private school instead of the school yabu/daiki goes .seems to be the type who treasures friendship :} .

Yaotome Hikaru: ENTERTAINERR .
he's the joker of the group , he never fails to brighten things up even though when things get real bad .
has a great sense of humour, no one can resist laughing when he's there :D:D:D .
his voice is so unique. it attracted me to him the first time i heard him spoke solo-ly

Arioka Daiki: awww. KAWAIII . :3 .
has the 'never change' hairstyle in the group, one of the *cough* shortest, his smile is so genki ,that it never fails to make someone smile with him .
he cant graduate from cute! together with chinen , he looks even cuter ( with chinen sitting on his lap )

Okamoto Keito: one of the least popular i guess?but he's getting popular , as there are fans out there supporting him alr .
his recent hairstyle is very beautiful , i like it. and apparently, he seems to have alot of muscles o_o .

Yamada Ryosuke: CUTEEEE.
when he acts, he looks cool , SUPER DUPER COOL .
yama-chan is so kind, caring ,cool ,gentle etc. thhat most members wanted to have him as a boyfriend if he was a girl .
he actually looks quite pretty when he cross dresses
i love his voice. his hairstyle is getting a little wierd recently though...

Nakajima Yuto: DRAMATIC .
he always make dramatic movements . but he's cute!
he had even actually fallen into a hole during a concert , how cute is that?!
and still locking doors.... >_<

Chinen Yuuri: FLEXIBLE O_O .
ahh.i wont definitely force him to do flips in front of me . thtas so cool uhh .
somemore his high pitch voice is so cute :D!
johnny should just stop making him sing in the 'backgound' -.- .

Morimoto Ryutaro: CUTEEEEEE.
yea. another cute remark D: .
i saw one stalker picture and another picture of him playing DSLITE .
omg , he looks cute, i mean .CUTEEEEEEE .________.. .
he had his tongue out to the left. like >> .
he's cute, but i think he has matured and growing up now .
he's grown taller :}} .
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Posted 4/11/08
Yabu Kota: yeah, he's the brother i guess he grew that way coz we see how he change, physical & personality into a better teenage compare to his yayayah age.

Takaki Yuya: i guess he's still the same.

Inoo Kei: sometimes i got confused of him with takaki yuya. they look almost identical from back.

Yaotome Hikaru: he's one of my fav. he's funny and he got sense.

Arioka Daiki: he always caught mya attention. dont know why. maybe he looks like go Morita.

Okamoto Keito: english boy.

Yamada Ryosuke: i think after 5 years later. he'll be like tatsuya yamaguchi. he'll gain weight and then back to shape.

Nakajima Yuto: he's still the same. except now i think his face gradually become takki's face.

Chinen Yuuri: the best voice. i dont if his voice gonna be like yabu when he's fully mature. he can keep spinning all he wants or back flipping for all his life.

Morimoto Ryutaro: hope fully he dont become the next kusano or uchi.
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