Choose between the L's: L, Light, or Lelouch...who is the best
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Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
Choose between the L's on whos the best in all aspect...

Audience Appeal

would it be L? Light? or Lelouch?

well...based on my observation

L: 50%

Intelligence- I'd say it's high
Appearance: well at first I though "This is L?" but now I'm like "Oh wow!! L is sugoi!!"
Audience Appeal: It really gives you that feeling to make you imitate him...^__^
Acting: I can't figure this guy out!!! so good in acting!!
Hobbies: I like the way he eats swees!!!

Light: 30%

Intelligence: well...he has power and he won against L...but I'd say he's quite intelligent too beacause he always took me for a surprise!!!
Appearance: Neat and Orderly...but basically...boring...
Audience Appeal: well... the only thing that made me love this guy is his tactics and stuff...oh and his evilness???? I LOVE IT!!! that's what made him more appealing
Acting: I'd say very high!! I'm very impressed in his acting and so impressed in how he can laugh evily inside and be oh so innocent outside
Hobbies: His hobby is palying mind games and i love it!!!

Lelouch: 20%

Intelligence: ok i guess...I can't say he can't compare up to L nor Light beacuse oh my god!!! he's mixing the battle with emotions!!! Unlike L and Light he doesn't even have enough explanation on how he did amazing stuff!!! It was like poof he sudenly made something oh so out of this world without even explaining how!!!
Appearance: like OMG!!! he's oh so HOT!!!! oh my god!!! I'd be staring at his pic for years!!!
Audience Appeal: Not that appealing like L or Light...the thing that made him appealing is the fact that he's Zero and he's a noble...
Acting: He shows emotions too much...
Hobbies: Chess? Like itès oh so common these days for increasing logical abilities and stuff....

Now you make your Analysis on these guys!!!
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Posted 3/7/08

shinigami_mheai wrote:

Choose between the L's on whos the best in all aspect...

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