tokyo majin second season
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Posted 3/7/08
well any 1 seeen it yet i rlly wanted too c it but dunno where too find it can any1 tell me?
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Posted 6/24/08
you can find 1-5 scatered about the internet. but i think thats all taht has been subbed.
Its saddening.
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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
you can find it in ;D!
(ep 1- 6 so far )
Posted 7/1/08
Very old thread.
If this keeps up, it'll break the rule about advertising other sites.
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Posted 7/2/08
itz really driving meh crazyy=/ ep 6 endz w/ a total thrill hiyuu runz away=[ i <33 hiyuu-kun
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Posted 7/2/08
that's what i'm talking about

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Posted 11/1/08
Necroposting? Multiposting? Lock.

~ Locked
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08
i cant believe how badly the creator screwed up the second season
at the beginning of second season it didnt seem too rushed but after a few episodes it really shows that this anime was rushed. sometimes when i started a new ep i was confused about whether i was on the right episode or not cause it doesnt seem to connect to the last episode but after the OP i see that they skipped alot of stuff to get to that point

this was so great in season 1 but just failed in season two
and i also think that the fights seem kind of rushed they could of made it longer by adding more fighting since the amount of fighting that each fight seem capable of seems cut way too short. The fights could have been extended without having to have the characters talk alot like those crazy long animes such as naruto, bleach and one piece
the short animes are the best since they usually dont try to add a bunch of boring things to make it longer. but seriously this anime was rushed. i think this anime could have easily (with both seasons combined) been made into a 30, 40 even a 50 episode anime and been comepletely awesome

its stupid how the not so great animes have so many fans while the truly awesome yet short animes (12-50) have so little.
the only really good new long anime is bleach and d gray man (which is over)
naruto and one piece sux since they prolong the story too much with a bunch of stupid talking and even the great fights have alot of talking in them which makes them not as great
naruto is the worst i think since even though its so long it only one or maybe two really great fights and several pretty good fights which is a failure since its so dam long. the next really great fight would be the itachi and sasuke fight but there r several pretty good fights coming up
one piece has a bunch of stupid characters (many of which i hate) but at least it has a awesome fight everythime they ecounter one of the main opponents but they take forvever to appear when a new oppenent arises
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