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Posted 3/7/08
Well my stories were taking up too much room so I'll just stick em here^_^
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Info on the Wolf-Wave chronicles

Main Character Name:Imizu Aiumi


Personality: is really serious when she is serious, but completetly hilarious when she is kidding. she is nice when she is.Hates being underestimated. Hates people that give up easily, and is considered an awesome friend even if you've only met her for a little while.Nervous with unknown adults.

Likes:Blue, wolves, to read, to draw, swimming, animals, running for fun, fighting to improve or just for competition

Dislikes:Pink, way to girly people, high and mighty people, dresses, skirts, any form of girly clothing, fanboys, onions, tomatoes

Fears:something you'll find out later....

Height: 5'1"

Image:Black hair, silvery grey wolf eyes, strong, pretty

Story: Aiumi was only ten when she found her parents(her last living relatives) die of mysterious circumstances. She has something rather wolflike about her, but you've gotta find that out yourself.

Imizu Aiumi

She was despised by everyone in her village because of *the secret thing I can't tell you about*, even by her parents. She loved them only because she shared their blood, and that was about it.

btw i made a kinda twist where tsunade is now hokage but new teams are just being made and Sasuke will never leave with Orochimaru!^_^
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Chapter 1
Pad, pad. The sound of soft paws was as silent as the nymphs beneath the gurgling stream. The sleek, jet black- and -white wolf sniffed the air. There was a smell of fresh meat in the forest air. A young girl with hair as black as the wolf's own tottered out of the forest. The wolf started. The girl had come out of no where, even with the wolf's incredibly keen sense. She was about 9 years old in human years,but had silvery grey eyes that almost seemed as wise as the old wolf. He sniffed the girl. She took a little piece of meat from her pocket, put the meat on a slab of rock, and stepped a few paces away to let the wolf eat in peace. The old black and white wolf knew not of what to make of this. The meat she had offered him was obviously the smell of meat in the forest. But that meant everything about her could be hidden away from wolf sensitivity. He cautiously snapped up the meat, and gazed at the girls silvery grey eyes with his amber ones. This girl is not just human....
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Chapter 2
girl: hello.

wolf:do you....understand me?

girl:*looks startled* yes, but how do you know?


girl: c-can you help m-me? M-mum and da-dad are not moving and thy're covered in blood....whats wrong with them mr. wolf and what sh-should I-I do to help them?

wolf:well...'this girl's parents were probably killed. i shouldn't help a human...but she seems....related' little one, I do not think you sould go back to....wherever you lived....

girl:I think I live in the Mist Sea Village....and my name is Imizu Aiumi mr. wolf.

wolf: my name is Aato. i will help you find a place that will help you with your, circumstances with your own kind. i'm afraid you cannot live with us wolves 'however close you may be'. You will have to be trained though, as i cannot protect you if i am too outnumbered.

Aiumi: Hai Aato-san(this is a Japanese speaking world, just keep reading and you'll find out....>:)

Aato: You may travel...*hesitates* on my back for at short intervals if you are tired(wolf custom is any un-wolf creature riding a wolf's back is quite...insulting)

Aiumi: No thank you Aato I'll walk with you.

Aato: *looks at Aiumi strangely* 'she is indeed a wolf... it is so strange...'


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i love this little story thing its KUTE!!'s sounds g00d;;
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hehe thanz...*rubs head embarrassed*^O^
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i would write some once i think what to write about;
and when i have time..
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Chapter 3

So for the past two years, Aiumi and Aato trained, hunted for food, and helped a couple villages in small skirmishes. Finally, they reached their destination: Konoha (you:WHAT! This is NAruto world!!! me:yes...its more interesting....*smiles and hands you a piece of candy* you:*stares at candy and drools* misterywaters you have done an excellent job of setting the setting. me:*smiles* i knew you would see it my way)

Aiumi's POV~

You: *stares* Is that...?

Aato: that's right.

you both look at each other and smile, remembering all the fond memories of your travels with each other.

Aato's Flashback~


Aiumi:* dunks you in the pond again and laughs* AS LONG AS YOU'RE IN THE WATER YOU ARE!

Aiumi's Flashback~

You: Aato...did you eat my sushi again?


he ran away barking back: REVENGE FOR THE DUNKING!

You: WHY YOU...!

End of flashacks.

Aiumi's Pov~


You:*sadly* I guess this is where you go back to your pack...

Aato: I'm sorry Aiumi...I had a lot of fun...*looks sad too*

he suddenly said: Ningenteki no jutsu! and turned into a black-and-white haired, cool looking 40-year old man.

You:...WT....oh nevermind...

Aato:*grins, gets a pen and two sheets of paper out, and starts writing*

You:*peeks over Aato's shoulder* "Dear-"

Aato turned his back and wrote. He finished writing the two letters and pressed his pawprint in rasberry juice.He then printed his paw at the end of each page( he had turned his left hand back into a paw).

You:*pouts* fine, DON'T show me.

Aato folded the notes, made a handsign, and a seal with an old man's face on it appeared on one of the letters.

Aato:Give the unsealed note to the guards at the gate. Then ask them where the Hokage-sama is, and deliver this to him. He will take care of where you will live in this village and assign you to a team where you will go on missions with other nin of your age. Be careful to whom you talk to, and stay out of trouble, okay?

He ruefully stretched out his hand, and instead of shaking it you hugged him tightly.

You:Thanks Aato, I'll miss you a ton. You are like a father to me.

Two tears fell out of your eyes, but you wiped them away. You heard a Poof! and found yourself hugging an old wolf with glistening eyes again. You ruffled his ruff playfully and kissed his head.

You:Visit me someday Aato...

you ran toward the village without a backward glance, your insides in turmoil.

you heard a howl, smiled, and kept running.

Aato's POV~

You watched her as she ran away from you. You felt as if your favorite daughter was drifting away from your protection after so long...

You howled," We will meet someday again Aiumi!", and left towards the forest you almost didn't want to comeback to.

We will meet again my daughter...
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Chapter 4

Aiumi's POV~

Guards: Halt!

Two nin appeared in front of you. You nervously handed a guard the note and fidgeted as he read it. His stern demeanor disappeared and he smiled. He tucked the note into his pocket and said warmly,"welcome to Konoha Imizu-san. You have no need to ask, the Hokage-sama's office is just ahead. His smile disappeared and he looked at nothing sadly. "The Third is no longer, but the Fifth will help you."
You let out a sigh of relief, thanked the guards, and rushed towards the great mansion they had pointed at.

You:'at least i'm off to a good start...' You opened the doors of the humongo house and went inside.

>>>>after you asked a bunch of people where the hokage was

You:*pant, pant* 'dang i should have paid more attention to the directions those people were giving me.' you took a deep breath and knocked on the door." Come in!" you hear. Summoning all your courage, you walked in and bowed to the figure in the chair.

You: Hello my name is Imizu Aiumi and I need to deliver this to you Hokage-sama.

You looked up, expecting to see the visage of the old man you saw on the seal. Instead, you saw a beautiful blonde young woman with a powerful stare. You nearly dropped the sealed letter you had held tightly in your hand.

You:'What!? I thought she was going to be a he!

you hesitantly stepped forward and placed the letter on her desk. She looked at it, and suddenly, a mix of emotions crossed her face. You carefully studied her. Sadness, joy, and surprise flitted across her face briefly.

The Hokage: Well, I see Aato has been with you. *sighs* It's been quite a while since I have seen him...27 years in fact. Well, the Third was...killed a couple of months ago...I'm the new Hokage, Tsunade.

Tsunade looked at you, and stuck her thumb on the seal. It popped and turned into a tiny 5 before it disappeared. She read it quickly and relaxed a bit.

Tsunade...-sama: *smiles at you* Well Aiumi-san, a few renovations are still being made, but there is a small house on the very end of the town, almost in the forest, but I presume you will like that?

You:*gasps and bows several times* Thank you Tsunade-sama thank you very much!

Tsunade-sama:*laughs* Stop bowing as If i were the queen of the Hidden Leaf Village and go unpack your things.*Hands you a Hidden Leaf headband* You tied it around your forehead and bowed again unconciously."You'll be training with Team 7 tommorow at the bridge over the river near your house. Well, I've got to get back to this accursed filing before Shizune gets back...she dismissed you with a wave of her hand and you left excitedly.

>>>At your house~
You looked at the neat little blue house with silver shingles, grinned broadly, and walked inside. It was really dusty, but you used your old clothes to swish all the dust out. You hung your clothes up neatly in the closet, and spent the whole day cleaning and arranging and buying things for the house.

>>>>>By the end of the afternoon
You flopped into your bed and began to dream about what your new team would look like......


Aiumi's POV(STILL)

You walked over to a small mirror and yelped..
You: WT(you know) is up with my hair!! *groan* always with these horrible bedheads...
You pulled on your ninja clothes, locked the door, and stood still. You heard the sound of a river a quarter mile away and sped toward it. you sat on the bridge and waited. and waited. and waited. and slept.

Aiumi's dream.....~

???:hmph, she looks like a canine already Atasuke. Little dog.
???: Little wolf demon more like it. Hey, Hirohito, lets kill it!

Hirohito: lets.

Atasuke:*snickers* Now we'll be doing her parents some good. oh wait...they'll be joining her after, what a shame...

Their eyes glow red, their teeth grew longer and sharper, and they ripped into you...there was blood everywhere...

You jolted out of your sleep, swearing and sweating. there was a shadow over you. You looked up and...

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Chapter 5

You growled and nearly took that person's eyes out with a kunai had you not remembered you were alive and healthy. You stood up, took a few steps back, and stared at the group before you with distrustful eyes. There was a blond guy with an orange jumpsuit and blue eyes, a pretty girl with pink hair with a type of pants/skirt you couldn't identify(you're not into skirts, dresses, e.t.c.) and intelligent green eyes, and a raven haired boy with a funny hairdo and jet-black eyes.

You: *yelling* Don't scare me like that! *glares with intense eyes* Who the heck are you anyways?!

Blondee dude:Dang she almost scratched my eyes out with that thing! *whimpers and turns to pinkie* Sakura-chan, can you check if there is anything wrong with it?

Sakura:*Annoyed* No Naruto you are just fine you big wimp.

Black haired guy: Loser.

Naruto:*Fires up* I will beat you someday Uchiha Sasuke and become the next Hokage!!!!!

Sasuke&Sakura: *waving words away* Big words.-_-"

Naruto: *gets even angrier* I WILL!!!!!


Everyone turns to you, surprised you were even there.

You*anime sweatdrop-_-"* Okay...I'm here to meet my new team...*eyes stray over to the group* and seems you guys are my team.

Naruto: *anime sweatdrop ^_^"* Sorry for that...

Sakura: *anime sweatdrop ^_^"* Yeah...


???:*POOF* YO!Ah, you must be Imizu Aiumi, the newcomer.

A silver haired, middle-aged man appeared in a puff of smoke. He was holding a perverted book and had a mask covering his right eye.

Naruto and sakura:*building anger* KA...KA...SHI...SEN...SEI...

Kakashi- sensei: Well I was saving a turtle from being trampled by Sasuke fangirls and...

Sasuke:*anime vein...twitches* I ditched them long ago...they shouldn't be chasing me anymore...

Team 7 began bickering, you grew more and more irritated.

You: Suiton:Kita no Jutsu!

Everyone was soaked with a wave of cold water and you glared at them.

You: I can't believe Aato brought me to this!*walks into the training grounds, blending in with the forest.*

Naruto:*stares* What's her problem?

Kakashi&andSakura: You and us.

Sasuke:might be a good fight...*Stalks after her*

Naruto: Well, I guess she might be worth fighting...*follows Sasuke*

Sakura: *sighs* come on Kakashi-sensei...

Kakashi:No Sakura, tell me what happens later...^_/
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haha a good friend of mine's username is in this Chapter! unintentionally, but it is!

Chapter 6

You began throwing shurikens furiously at a knot on a tree, making a bulls-eye every time.

You: 'why did I have to leave Aato and get stuck with this NOISY team for the rest of my stinkin' life? My parents murdered and being parted from Aato was bad enough, but this? This may be even worse'*stops suddenly*

You felt vibrations and sensed body heat. You sniffed the air. It was them.

You:*throws some shurikens at the trees and heard strugglings as the people pinned to trees by your shurikens tried to get free* Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, its bad enough that you three are annoying, but do you have to stalk me?

You: *yelling* Kaze no Tsubasa!

Wind cut away pieces of wood and leaves where the trio were hiding and you nearly laughed you head off. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura were hanging in weird positions, each depicting an attempt to escape. You unpinned them, and sat down with them, laughing lik you'd never stop. They looked at you, and Naruto and Sakura began laughing too. Even Sasuke said "hmph" and smiled a little.

You: Sorry I was so ticked off guys, I had a nightmare and I was kinda messed up from the dream.*laughs a little more* so i took it out on you guys...*smiles cheerfully*^_^"

Naruto: *grins brightly* Well. I'll treat everyone to ramen then cause we were a bit annoying to you too.

You:*raises eyebrow* a bit?

Sakura:Anyways, Naruto, check if you have the money before you decide to treat us. Remember what happened last time...

Naruto:*face droops*don't remind me Sakura-chan.

You: Meh. Whatever. If You take me to wherever they're serving ramen I'll pay.

Sakura:O_O you may want to rethink that Aiumi-chan.

You:Hm? Why?

Sakura&Sasuke:...You'll find out.
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Chapter 7

>>>At Ichiraku's Ramen

You: O.M.G.!_!

Naruto*puts his 6th bowl away* ahhh, I feel better.

You:Dang, beat me by one bowl!

Sakura&Sasuke: ...

Sakura:*suddenly yells* you can do it Aiumi-chan!

???:Come on!

???:Keep going!

You: *grins* Two more bowls o-san!

You got the bowls and slurped them both down with quick succesion.

Everybody watching:YEAH, AIUMI BEAT YOU NARUTO!!!!*CHEERS*

Naruto:*grins* I guess I have to put my ramen eating record on hold.

Three people slapped you on the back, congratulating you.

???:Congrats girl, you beat the Ramen Monster! Oh, and I'm Yamanaka Ino! Well gotta go see you later!*Heads off towards Sasuke*

???: Ino...don't be a drag on the guy...

???:*slurps ramen beside you* Gooth jof gul! Yoo beat Nahuto!oh, my name ith Chouji! *points to guy that talked to Ino* Thath Shikamaru! Ino, Shikamaru an me are Team 10!

Shikamaru:*head falls on table* snore...

You:*rounds off your team*Show me the rest of the teams now!

You slap money onto the counter and drag your new team along with you.

>>>After you are introduced to everyone...

You:Well see you guys, I got to!*heads toward the forest*

Team 7:...WHAT!? You live in the forest?!

You: *Looks at them puzzeledly*Yeah, thats how I got to the bridge so quickly. I live in a little house a couple of yards beyond the forest border.


Naruto's Pov~

You watched as she ran through the woods.

You:*frown* Isn't she just making an excuse to train in the forest?

Sasuke: Hmph....maybe

Sakura: But if she does live in the forest... couldn't people attack her easily?


You:*yelling* I'm gonna save you Aiumi!!*runs her direction*

Sakura: *yells something faintly*

You:gotta keep going, gotta save Aiumi!
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Chapter 8

Aiumi's Pov~

You had just went inside your house when an orange and yellow blur rushed in and hit the wall.

You:What in holy...?

Blur:*shouts* I'll save you Aiumi-chan!

You:*cooly* Naruto I'm not in trouble.

Naruto:O_O you might be in the woods...

You:*angrily*I can take care of myself! I'm way stronger than you are anyhow!

Naruto:*shouts* Oh yeah? Bring it on!

Ypu two stormed outside and got ready.

You: Whoever is tired first wins.

Naruto: Come on!

You two stood in fighting stances and Naruto rushed towards you, trying to scrape your cheek with a kunai. You easily sidestepped him and muttered, "Nanami Ookami no jutsu! Seven Sea Wolf Technique!" a wolf made of different colored waters appeared and held naruto down, its fur current beating him down with every struggle. He finally stopped struggling, and just lay there, panting. You dispersed the jutsu and helped him to his feet. You helped him walk to your house.

Naruto's Pov~

Aiumi was helping you walk to her house.

You:You're strong Aiumi-chan...

Aiumi: Yup.*drops you on the ground*

You: Ow..*indignantly*what was that for?

Aiumi:Koori Suisho no jutsu!

Clear ice formed from the air. Aiumi shaped it with her hands, and soon a small igloo of shining ice stood beside her house. She slung your arm over her shoulder and placed you carefully in the igloo. You expected to feel cold, but surprisingly, the igloo retained the same heat as the humid forest air outside.

Aiumi;*leans close to your face* Night Naruto!^_^

You:*feels face getting a little hot* Y-yeah Aiumi-chan.

>>>>The next day...

You woke up to find you were riding on a blue-black wolf with Aiumi walking next to it.


You saw that it was taking you to the bridge you were supposed to get to this morning. You saw Sasuke, Sakura, and surprisingly Kakashi-sensei staring at you guys.

The wolf dropped you at their feet and loped back towards the forest.

Aiumi: hehe, I beat Naruto bad last night!

You:*groans* I was not tired, but she made me sleep in this weirdo crystal house she made...

Team 7:.................O.O

Sakura:I told you not to jump to conclusions Naruto, but you not hearing me turned into a battle instead of a "rescue"-_-"

Kakashi-sensei shook off the strange sight and exhaled.

Kakashi-sensei:Well. we have a C-rank mission today, so let's go.

Aiumi's Pov~

You felt a little anxious. You couldn't keep this up on a mission!

You:Uhh.. I gotta go do something really quick, so wait guys.

You rushed into the forest. There, you saw the wolf that carried Naruto.


You vanished in a puff of smoke and the wolf began to change. Slowly, your form began to take shape until it completely changed into you..

You:*slumps on a tree trunk* I can't keep transforming like this rate, it'll completely take over me!

Second person point of view........aka, me telling the story....

Aiumi rushed back to the group, looking at their puzzled faces.

Sakura::You always manage to surprise us Aiumi-chan

Sasuke: You are fighting me. ...*glares*

Aiumi: *looks a little sweaty from the transformation* Sure...some other time...Kakashi-sensei, what is the mission?

Kakashi-sensei:Escorting a fisherman to the Mist-Sea village. Pretty basic.

Aiumi:*freezes* The WHAT village?

Kakashi-sensi:you heard me Aiumi. What's the matter?

Aiumi:...nothing...*looks a bit excited and disturbed*

Sasuke:*examines Aiumi carefully* 'something is wrong...'

Naruto: grr...what a low-rank mission...but let's go...

And from there, Aiumi and the others are going back to her mysterious home...
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Chapter 9

Aiumi's Pov~

You dazedly watched a new sailor throw up as you guys relaxed on the ship.

You:'I'm going back...home...' Wait you guys, how long will it take us to get to the Mist Sea village?

Kakashi-sensei:About two days.

You:O.O ...WHAT?! It took me two YEARS to get from there to KONOHA even with a few distractions and now you're tellinvg me it will take TWO DAYS?!

Kakashi-sensei:Well...this boat is traveling with than you can't normally expect from normal sailing vessels.^_/"

You:*stares* O.M.G.

Sasuke: Fight me Imizu. Now.

You:Ok.*grins devilishly* you'll regret that on this turf...

*You and Sasuke jump off the ship and onto the water. *

Sakura:Good luck you two!*thinks* Do you need a good luck kiss before you fight Sasuke-kun?!

Sasuke:*ignores Sakura*

Naruto: Beat the guts out of him Aiumi-chan!!!

You and Sasuke squared each other off. Sasuke yelled,"Katon, Gokakyo no Jutsu!"You dodged the huge fireball that he spit out and quicky whispered,"Suiro no jutsu." A prison of water surrounded Sasuke and you attached chakra threads to your kunais. You threw them underwater and made them surge into Sasuke's shoes. You pulled the chakra threads and he sank beneath the water without time for a surprised face."Mizu no Tatsumaki..."you mutter. A tornado of spinning water spun the water Sasuke was in viciously. You released the jutsu, and jerk your chakra threads up.
Sasuke appeared in the air. He spun, and with you caught offguard, threw 7 flaming shurikens at you. You quickly dodged all of them, but you felt something warm trickling down your cheek. You touched it, and to your horror, you saw blood. Poisoned blood. Pulse, pulse. you felt yourself pulse with raw energy.
You:'no way, no,no no!!'
Sasuke grinned, unaware that you were emanating something uncontrollable. "I hid some shurikens in the shadow of those that you dodged. Those are tipped with knockout poison so you should..." He was cut off as he noticed you pulsing. You heard Naruto whisper something on the ship."This is way too familiar..." You grinned a demon's smile as you saw Sasuke's expression change. Your teeth grew pointed, and wolf ears grew out of your head. Eight tails sprouted, and you bent over on all fours. You silvery-grey eyes turned a deep, poisonous purple.

Eight-tailed Wolf: She is in my grasp now...and you are in mine...

Sasuke: ...what...Imizu...?

Haookami:She is deep in...she will soon control me...but might as well have some fun with you while she is still struggling...
The demon swiped at the air in front of it and sent Sasuke flying across the water with large scratches on his body. Sasuke cused and his eyes went red. Haookami raced over and turned the water under Sasuke into solid ice. He pressed hard on Sasuke's chest, making him cough a little blood out.

Haookami:"An Uchiha, huh? I remember eating some of those proud things....awfully stringy."

Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi-sensei tried to go help Sasuke, but a wall of ice with diamond consistency had surrounded the ship.
Suddenly the Haookami clutched its head and its eyes flashed from silver-grey to purple, and back again, shifting in a flurry of color. The demon screamed, with Aiumi's voice screaming earsplittingly in the grain of her small control over her body.

Inside the Haookami...
You: "Give me back control!"

Haookami:*spits* "Why should I silly girl, if I have control? Do you really think I'd relinquish this small freedom so easily? *eyes flash* Perhaps with you gone, I will be free..."
The wolf-demon bared its fangs and leapt onto Aiumi. Blood gushed out of the claw wounds...

You:'this is the end...even after two years of training Aato still couldn't help me control it...'

???:Aiumi-chan!!! Don't give up!

???:You can't die Aiumi-chan! BEAT THE S*** OUT OF THAT WOLF!!!

???:*faintly*...don't let...the...thing take over...Imizu...*gasps painfully*

???:Get it under your will Aiumi!

You:Naruto.....? Sakura......?.....Sasuke?...Kakashi-sensei?

You:*slowly staggers up painfully and takes a big breath.* GET BACK IN YOU POOR EXCUSE FOR A WOLF!! GET IN NOW!!! *JOLT*

You suddely found yourself standing shakily on the water, watching Sasuke being healed by Sakura. "Sakura...",you whisper. "I'm back..." She whipped her head around and looked at you with a shocked face. You felt your eyes closing, and the last thing you felt before you blacked out was somebody catching you before you fell.
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Chapter 10
Naruto's Pov~ You watched helplessly behind the diamond-ice cage as Aiumi struggled for control of her body. You felt strange. There was another person with a demon sealed inside them, and you could not help her force it back in.
You:*idea forms* Aiumi-chan!!! Don't give up!
Sakura glances at you briefly and yells too.
Sakura:Aiumi-chan!!! Don't give up!
Sasuke:*gets the drift* faintly*...don't let...the...thing take over...Imizu...*gasps painfully*
Kakashi:Control it Aiumi!

You guys yelled countless words of encouragement, trying to get her into control over her body. You punched the deck, frustrated. ' It's not working!!!'

You had been leaning on the ice cage that separated you team from Aiumi and Sasuke, when you suddenly fall forward. Sakura and Kakashi-sensei fell into the water as well. The ice wall had disappeared after you guys had encouraged Aiumi.
You:'she's gaining control!' *swims over*
Sakura, being stronger than you, got to over to Sasuke first and began healing him. You made it just in time to catch Aiumi as she fell, tails, wolf ears, purple pupils, and fangs gone. You look concernedly at Sasuke, but felt something warm dripping in your hands.
You:*looks down and gasps* Blood...
There was a huge claw gash running across Aiumi's and waist to torso. There was a large scratch on her forehead as well. Blood dripped from the wound, and she became paler and paler in your arms.
You:*yells* Sakura-chan! Over here!
Sakura:*had seen wound before you yelled and rushed over*She fought that demon thing...*starts healing*
You:*continues* ...and nearly died...'she can't die...she can't!!"
Sakura:Naruto, hurry and get more medical nin from the ship! I need aid kits!
>>>After Aiumi and Sasuke was bandaged in the ship cabin...
Sasuke's Pov~
You:'What...? Where is this' *looks around*
ou were laying in the main cabin, where you saw some people that had been seasick the whole journey. Aiumi was laying two beds away from you, a bandage encircling her head and her upper half of body. Blood stained the gauze bandages, and dripped out onto the bed. Sakura was worriedly pulling out gallons of poisonous looking stuff out of Aiumi's body with a jelly like orb that she stuck in and out of Aiumi's stomach.
You slowly got off your bed to see how she was doing.
You:*surprised* There's not a single scratch on me!
Sakura:*eyes light up* Sasuke-kun, your okay!
You:How come there isn't a single mark on me?
Sakura*sadly frowns* Well...while you and Aiumi were barely conscious, she stuck her hand on your forehead and poured some of her chakra into you. She told me the chakra was leaking out, so why not give it to you?
You:'she did what?! her chakra was leaking out?!'But if all her chakra leaks out...
Sakura:I blocked up the leakage, so she should be fine, but there is something strange. Very little knockout poison in your shurikens entered her body, but her body's wolf chakra is somehow reacting to the little poison, and is producing and mutating more of it...
Naruto:*bursts through the door* I can't find the herbs you asked me to find Sakura-chan!
Sakura:*groans and turns to you despairingly* Sasuke-kun, can you help him find them? This knucklehead can't find a lemon in a lemon tree let alone some herbs...get Kakashi-sensei too.
You: Alright...come on Naruto!
>>>>After you guys found the herbs...
Sakura's Pov~
Aiumi:*whispers* Sakura...Naruto...Sasuke...Kakashi-sensei...Aato... don't leave me all alone...*spasms painfully*
You:'she can't hold up much longer even if I keep this this rate...'*desperately* Hold on Aiumi-chan...!
You kept pulling out the poison, but that didn't help. She just got slightly paler every time you pulled poison out.
You: 'the poison is multiplying by mixing with her every time I pull out poison, I pull out blood too...but if the poison overflows than she'll die more quickly....' *cusses softly* Sasuke, get me the purple plant with the spiky leaves.
Sasuke:*hands you the plant*
You grinded the plant with a pestle, and poured the purple powder into the a new bubble that you pushed along the wounds on her body.
Aiumi:*spasms and chokes*
You:Kakashi-sensei. please grind the small yellow plant into powder. Then put it into the jar of water next to the candle.
You continued to move the herb- bubble along Aiumi's body, and slowly the poison began to change color. Sasuke and Naruto bustled about, grinding and pouring herbs into jars and liquids that surrounded you.
You:*examines Sasuke's clothes* Sasuke-kun, do you by any chance have Haookami's hair on your clothes?
Sasuke: *looks arround and arround himself* er...
Naruto:*leans over and triumphantly picks a silver-blue hair off Sasuke's head* found one Sakura-chan!
You quickly put the hair in a pot that had all of the herbs you needed and the solution turned a clear blue.You poured it into your bubble and pushed the bubble along Aiumi's wounds.
Aiumi:*nearly throws up but regained color* S-sakura-chan...flow some of your chakra into that bubble.
You:*looks at her surprised but does so* Aiumi-chan...will this work?
Aiumi:*sighs* Yeah...Aato taught it to me... when we trained...
Naruto:Is that a guy...?>_<
Sakura:Its bad enough she's wounded, Naruto, even without you getting jealous.-_-"
Sasuke:she's asleep...

well this chapter didn't really move things forward but i guess it was kinda dramatic...
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