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Posted 3/15/08
oh nos!! no!! a cliffhanger!! more more more imoto-chan!!^-^
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Posted 3/15/08
as soon as im not busy, ill start again.^_^
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Posted 3/20/08
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Posted 3/21/08
yay i have time to type over break!!!!
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Posted 3/21/08
Chapter 11
>>>>On the Mist-Sea village dock.
Aiumi's Pov~
You:*groggily wake up*
The sunset sky was orange as Kakashi-sensei and Sakura conversed with a teen boy with a leaf hat(the kind viet ppl wear) and a middle-aged woman with white hair. Sasuke was practicing his jutsus and Naruto was watching Sasuke practice while holding your head.
You:*sits up slowly* Geez Naruto, if you're going to hold my head, at least hold it gently!
Naruto:*jumps and blushes* A-aiumi-chan! you're awake!
Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi-sensei walked up to you quickly, the waves splashing their clothes all wet.
Sakura: Aiumi, are you alright?
Sasuke:*frowns* You've been sleeping for the whole journey.
Kakashi:*smiles nicely* well Aiumi, if you aren't feeling too well, than you can rest a while longer.

You:Uh no, I feel perfect. What happened to me? I don't even know why I was sleeping!

Team 7:*glances at each other*

Sakura: Er you were just tired so you slept the whole way!

Naruto: a huh...

Sasuke:.....*faces away from you*...yeah

You:*looks at everyone puzzledly* that boy the fisherman we have to escort?

Kakashi:Oh yes, this is Kannaki Tuiro*points to guy* and Kannaki Mira. Kannaki- san, Kannaki-sama, this is Aiumi-chan.

You: *smiles* I'm Imizu Aiumi. Nice to meet you!^_^

Mira:*suddenly glares distrustfully at you* Imizu, huh? I haven't heard of that surname in a while.*looks distant*

Tuiro:*oblivious to what Mira was thinking and swoops up to you* Miss Imizu, what a pleasure!*kisses your cheek* may I call you Aiumi-chan?*hugs you*You're sooo cute!!!

You:O///.///O what are you doing?GET THE HELL OFF ME PERV!!

Sakura:*groans* he tried to do that to me earlier...

Sasuke: But she punched him flying all the way across the water*stares a little angrily at Tuiro so close to you*

Naruto:*suddenly seems ominous* Stop sexually harassing her you perverse freak!

You:*red from lack of breath*o//.//o YOU EGGHEAD GET OFF ME!!

Tuiro:*hesitantly lets go*Buuuuut!!!!*sees Naruto's and Sasuke's faces and cowers behind Mira*

Sasuke's Pov~

You saw the little creep scramble up to Imizu and flirt with her. You felt really[/b] ticked off.

Sakura: Why are you shaking your head Sasuke?*glomps you* Oh, and I still owe you that kiss I was going to give you!

You:*pushes her off* NO.

Naruto:*still glaring at Tuiro*

Sakura:*whispers in your ear* I think he likes, as in loves Aiumi-chan, Sasuke!

You:*pales* what did you say?

You watched Naruto and Aiumi sitting next to each other as Sakura switched subjects and yabbered on about how she should have a date with you.

you: Naruto likes Imizu...?This'll be interesting...

Naruto:Hey Aiumi-chan, you wan to see my new jutsu? Ero-sennin taught it to me!

Aiumi: Who's Ero-sennin?

Naruto:He's my other really perverted teacher. *walks onto water and makes 2 shadow clones* Look ok?!

Naruto made one clone spin chakra in his hand. He made the clone dissappear, faced the other clone, rushed up to it, and thrust the spinning wind ball into the clone, yelling,"Rasengan!" The ball of wind turned orange in the setting sun, and the clone dissappeared in a poof of smoke. Aiumi looked on, amazed.

Naruto: *grins happily* XD thank you thank you, no need for adause!

You:*irritatably* Applause, idiot, not "adause".

Mira:*watches suspiciously* Come on all of you, we're going to the warper.

Everybody: A warper?!O_O

End of Chapter.
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Posted 3/22/08
Chapter 12

Kakashi-sensei's Pov~

You looked incredulously at Mira as everyone stood there, dumbfounded. Well, in Naruto's case, just dumb.

Naruto:What's a warper? Is it some kind of person who warps stuff?

Mira:*eyes flash* Well, Uzumaki-kun, you are partially right.

Sakura:*eyes wide* Tsuade-sama told me a warper is an ever-spiraling wormhole that incredibly strong nins seal with a dead child for a medium. The child's body stays there for until someone twists the wormhole back into nothingness.

Sakura:*pales considerably*And only then does the child come back to life, as the essence of the wormhole twists its life force back together.

Naruto&Sasuke:*sweats* Comes back to life?!

Mira:I see Tsunade-hime has a smart pupil.The dead child was killed 2 years ago, and his name was...*mischieviously*well, let's jst say he was a devious kid. Anyways, the warper can take you to Konoha in just a couple minutes, but the warper has certain dangers in it. That's why Tuiro needs protection.

Aiumi:...*looks down, depressed and mumbling* took me and Aato two years but for the ship a couple days and now a couple minutes? It seems like every means of travel is mocking me!

TEam 7:... poor Aiumi...'*sweatdrops*

You: how could anyone have made a warper?! And Mira's look...It seems to tricky....I'd better watch out for this woman... *peers anxiously at Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Aiumi* I've got to protect them...

>>>On the way through the village~
Author's Pov(that's me!)~

When Mira answered some of the villager's questions about why they were going to the warper, they bunched up against their houses, whispering and pointing at Naruto and Aiumi. Aiumi heard a middle-aged man spit out "Bijuus...! That girl especially, coming back...!!" before his wife hushed him up. Aiumi shook her head. I must be hearing things.
Aiumi's Pov~
You stopped as you saw a rotten old house far away from the rest of the other houses. It was near the forest and lake under a tree, and it was the color of old blood. You choked down the urge to rush over there and cry, and stalked off to join your group.

>>>>>>>At the cave of the "warphole" or warper

You and everyone else looked at the looming red portal spinning crazily in a large, egg-shaped glass case.Mira went to a silver gold door in the middle, and opened the it.

Mira:*smiles* Hope I won't see you again!


She pushed you guys in and slammed the door shut.
You heard her chuckling a little, then you lucky travelers!(sarcasm obviously) fell through the red void. You opened your eyes wide. The warper was surprising a tunnel like swirling mass of compressed chakra.

Kakashi:I suspected as much...


You turned around to see a small, transparent, nine-tailed fox drifting near Naruto's stomach, which had a bright red seal that showed through his clothes(only the sign, not his skin pervs!).

You:*freeze* A demon..!? Naruto!?

You looked on your leg, and found a little transparent Haookami thrashing and snarling around the seal on your thigh(which had become visible and a shining purple)

Kakashi-sensei:*cooly* Seems this warphole has been set to show the shadow of demon souls.


Kyuubi: Hello Haoo-chan, it's been a while.A 107 years to be exact.

Haookami:*looks at Kyuubi and snarls* A 109 years "dear" cousin, and you know as much as I that I don't welcome your presence!


Eerie laughter rang through the tunnel. Mira's voice rang out throughout the tunnel.

Mira: I knew those two brats were demons! Especially you, Imizu!

Everybody except Tuiro:*tenses*

Tuiro:Mira? Why is she talking to us?

You: *shrieks back at the ceiling* What is going on!?!?

Mira's voice:Oh, just wanted to show these gracious men over here that I have two Bijuu here in this tunnel. They have promised me a delicious sum of yen for this little enterprise. Plus, Terasaki-san and Rumiv-chan were good friends of mine and I wanted ti fulfill a little wish of theirs.

You:*pales* They...? Wanted to kill me?!

Sasuke:*looks at you strangely* What?

???:So, my younger brother is in here as well, I see.

???:Yeah, but he's as weak as ever. The Kyuubi brat and the Copy Nin is here too.

Sasuke:*Fury boils up* ITACHI!!

The Demons: So I hear another Uchiha...

Itachi: I'll see you when you grow stronger, little brother. We'll take them when their hosts are stronger, Pein-sama. The seals are not yet loose enough.

Staticky voice:That will be fine. Kisame, Itachi, your mission is finished.

Kakashi:*looks suspiciously at the ceiling* Pein?

Haookami: Hmph...I remember that unruly brat.

Kyuubi: His blood tasted pretty good. Remember that one time we went hunting together Haoo-chan?

Haoo(I've decided to shorten it):*snickers*

Sasuke:*struggles to get free of Sakura's hold* ITACHI,COME BACK YOU COWARD!!

Mira:What about the money?! I did bring you those br-!

A crunching sound smashed through the rest of her sentence.

Kakashi:*shouts* Move now!

Everyone (except Sasuke, who had been knocked out by Kakashi) ran on through the tunnel. You were running beside Tuiro, when you turned and saw him grin at you, and dissappear in a scatter of ash.

You:*shocked* Kakashi-sensei...Tuiro was a fake! He wasn't real!

Kakashi:*wearily* I thought so. But for now, as to not alarm the others, lets just keep running.*Turns to face the oncoming light at the end of the red hall* I suspect that was a shadow of the dead child. He was probably her dead brother, because their surnames were the same.' Anyways, the Akatsuki are up to something to try to hastily get the two Bijuu...'

You looked at the light too, your eyes half-closed in thought. ' Why do things always come to these demons? ' You looked down to your thigh and at Naruto's abdomen. The demons ahd dissappeared back into you guys and the seals had faded as well.

You:*turns to Naruto* Hey Naruto, I don't have a family.

Naruto:*looks ahead* Me neither.

You: But we all are family right?

Naruto:*looks surprisedly at you and looks happy* Yeah!^O^ Believe it!!!

You:*flushes happily and looked at the rest of your team, who had dropped back to listen(Sasuke woke up too and smiled a little too)*

You:Ah, the Uchiha can smile!

We all have different lives, but as we are all swallowed by the light ahead, I know that they will always be family in my life...

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Posted 3/22/08
aww... :3
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Posted 3/24/08
Chapter 13
Memo:You had returned to Konoha a week before and there had been no missions to go on lately...

You woke up at the sound of birds pecking at the ground near your house. You shrugged on a pair of dark blue jeans and a blue t-shirt, slung your pack over your shoulders, and walked out of the door to watch the birds peck at some seeds in the ground.

You:Hello, is it ok if i take some of these seeds?

A black-blue raven:*picks up some seeds and drops them in your hands* Ark!! Ark!!

You:*smiles* Thanks!

You put some dirt in your palm, planted a seed in it, and poured water you had sucked out of the ground onto the seed. You poured some cakra onto the dirt/seed, and it started growing quickly. You set it on the ground and fed it chakra until it grew into a large tree with fragrant peaches.

You:*dashes up and throws a peach at someone*Here, have a peach!


???:EHH?! How did you get a peach-- WTH! When this this tree get here?!

You:Er...what's your name again?

???:*notices you in the tree*Huh..? Oh, my name is Inuzuka Kiba. This is Akamaru.*Points to the dog that caught the peach* Any idea how this peach tree got here?

You:...I'm too not sure you'd believe me...

???:AhH, Kiba-kun! So that's where you two went!*bumps into tree* ow...

You saw a girl wearing a furry hooded parka with white eyes and black-blue hair bump into the new tree(poor girl...). A guy with a big collared shirt and dark glasses greeted Kiba, and helped the girl stand.

You:*stupidly* 'Ah, I shouldn't have been so distracted when Naruto and Sakura introduced me to the teams...hehe...' Oowuh...are you alright? *sees a large bruise/scratch on girl's face*

You:*leaps down* Oh, let me help you! It's kinda my fault anyways...*rummages through pack and produces a spray bottle* Ok, it won't sting a bit. I collected this stuff when I was traveling to Konoha.*sprays on girl's forehead* Useful stuff.

Kiba:...Your fault this tree appeared...?

You:*sweatdrops and embarrassed smile* -^_^-"

Girl:U-uh...m-my name is Hyuuga H-H-Hinata.

Funny looking guy:...Shino.

You introduced yourself(again, since you guys had only met once before briefly + 1)neither remembered each other 2)You weren't paying atention....) and showed them how you had grown the tree so quickly by growing a small *bouquet* arrangement of flowers on the forest soil.

You:My clan uses three types of water for techniques; fresh, salt, and mineral. The mineral type can grow healthy, quick grown plants if you add chakra; salt water can blind someone temporarily if added to the eyes; fresh water is for drinking.*thinks* But I guess all three of those can be used for a little...*airily adds drama* splashing, I suppose.

Kiba:*a little taken back* Wait, don't tell me...

Hinata:P-please don't Ai-aiumi-chan...

You:*laughs deviously* Ok, ok. Well, since we're all here, why not play a game?

Hinata:*shyly* What kind of game, Aiumi-chan?
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Posted 3/24/08
Chapter 14

???:Ah, Aiumi-chan, hi!



You:*glares* Uchiha.


Sakura:...Naruto, you idiot.

Hinata:O//.//O Naruto-kun...

You:*grins happily* Since you guys are here, why not play a game with us? It's called, "Jutsu Wonders"

Sakura:Ahh....sounds fun!*looks a Sasuke* But I'll only play if Sasuke plays!

You:*puppy dog face* Please, Sasuke-sama?

Sasuke:*twitch*AAH...! Ok, ok! Just don't do that!

You: -^O^- YAY!!

You gathered everyone around and explained how to play. "Ok, this is kind of simple. Whoever makes the most beautiful combo of jutsu wins the game. Genjutsu is prohibited, and we'll pull straws for who gets to be the three judges."

Naruto:Hold on a sec! I gotta do something before we play!

Sasuke:Hurry before this bores me to death.

A couple min. later, Naruto clones came dragging Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, a guy with the same eyes as Hinata, a girl with Chinese style wardrobe, and a guy with a bowlcut and green suit to everybody's dumbfounded faces.

His clones poofed and he stood there, rubbing the back of his head and grinning.

Everyone that were there before the newcomers:-_-" Naruto...

He introduced the ppl you confessed you didn't remember(much to their annoyances -^_^-)
Hinata relative=Hyuuga Neji, Hinata's cousin

Bowlcut geensuit guy=Rock Lee

Chinese clothes girl=Ten-Ten

Lee greeted you enthusiastically."Nice to meet you, I specialize in taijutsu, and am the Konoha Green Beast!!

You:^_^" ehehe... nice... to meet you Lee-kun.

Ten-ten:Ahh...Imizu-san, why were we dragged here.

You looked with disbelief at Naruto.

Naruto: >//o//< hehe...*explains*

Neji:I'm going home. Hinata-sama, when you return home, Uncle is expecting some tea.

You:aw...please stay..?*puppy eyes*

Neji: GAH!-_-III" I suppose...just please stop doing that...

You produced a huge fistful of straws from your pack(plz don't ask) and Hinata, Ten-ten, and Shino were pronounced judges.
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Chapter 15

Btw, you can skip this part if you want because 1)If you don't read it, it doesn't matter 2) It's kinda long

First up was Lee. He thought for a while, then began kicking the the leaf littered ground. He kicked and hit in a full circle, hitting the ground and rising with the leaves. He spun through the air, making the leaves swirl around him. He landed gracefully at the same time all the leaves had softly hit the ground. Everyone cheered and whistled, and gave him high-fives. He stood in a nice guy pose, and smiled a wide, white grin.

Second was Neji. He sighed and said,"Byakugan! Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou Hakkeshou Kaiten Rendan!" He made a magical circle form and spun like a top in the middle of it, creating an inpenetrable sphere of chakra. The magic circle spun with him, spinning in a blazing circle of green light. everone wowed, and some ppl yelled,"That was incredible!"

Third was Sasuke. Sakura and Ino screamed and blew kisses to him as he began. He threw them dirty looks, and started. You called"Good luck Uchiha." He glanced at you, but continued. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" A huge fireball hovered in the sky.
He leapt up, and activated his Sharingan. "Chidori!!!" A ball of electricity burst the fireball, and motes of fire and sparks came floating down, their light unextinguished by Sasuke's chakra keeping them in check. Ino squealed," Sasuke-kun is the best!!" "He deserves to win!!," Sakura finished.

You just rolled your eyes and smiled, not noticing he was looking at you. Naruto yelled,"I can do better!"

Sasuke just glared at him.

Fourth was Shikamaru, but he was snoring to noisily to notice that everyone was trying to wake him. You did see him open his eye and smile at you a bit though.

Fifth was Chouji.He grinned triumphantly and announced,"Since Dad trained me to handle the pills, I'll be safe from using this once or twice."
He looked meaningfully at Shikamaru, and he raised his hand lazily to give permission. You could easily tell (due to sharp demon sight) that Shikamaru was looking at Chouji in the corner of his eyes.

Chouji swallowed a red pill, and surprisingly grew thinner. Butterfly wings of chakra sprang out of his back, and he quicly carved something around him in the ground, cutting deeply into the hard-packed soil.

You looked on in amazement as he carved a three-dimensional, earthy sunflower out of the earth, surroundig himself with layers
and layers of hard petals. Then he stood in the middle, and looked down triuphantly at him awed audience.

You whispered,"The teams of Konoha have so many surprising techniques...."

Shikamaru smiled, and Chouji made the chakra wings go back into his body, giving him back his fat.

Kiba was next, but he just grinned and said he'd rather stick back and watch. Akamaru was being scratched to heaven by his friend.

Next was Sakura's turn. She punched the ground and the of earth broke. (everyone sweatdropped in awe) She sent her healing jutsu through the cracks in the ground, and all of the plants that had been dying sprang up around her, growing taller and taller by the minute. A once stunted sakura tree grew behind her and showered the air with pink, fragrant petals. Everyone was amazed. Even Ino opened her mouth in awe, but shouted,"BILLBOARD BROW, I CAN DO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!" Sakura got furious, and shouted back,"OH YEAH, INO-PIG, I"D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY!!" The two got in such a tussle that they both injured each other greatly. So in the end, Ino couldn't make a performance, and we had two dizzy idiots in our midst. @[email protected] & @[email protected]
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Posted 3/24/08
Chapter 16
The judges had been rating on bits of paper you had brought along (again, don't ask) and so far they had looks of approval every time someone did a performance. They decided ppl should perform away from the earth rose (it was too beautiful to destroy) and Naruto stepped up.
You cheered, "Do your best Naruto!!" He kinda turned pink and nodded his head too quickly. He had this determined expression on his face, and he began.
"Kage bunshin no Jutsu!" 16 Naruto clones appeared. Each of them made a Rasengan in its partner's hand, and the helpers poofed. The ones holding Rasengans ran up into a different trees, circumscribing the clearing of forest everyone was standing in, holding their Rasengans into just the right angles of light. They yelled down,"Aiumi-chan, there's nothing in the rules about you not helping, so can you make the air up here slightly drizzly?" You looked up, startled, but did as he said. "Kiri-Ame no Jutsu!" A light misty rain fell over the air, and after a while, Naruto yelled,"Stop!!" The Rasengans were casting rainbow spheres of light onto the forest, splashing the audiene in bubbles of color. You breathed,"It's beautiful..."


Naruto happily saw the expression of amazement on your face, then pushed you into the performing circle. "Your turn Aiumi-chan!"
You thought a little. The you started to turn, spinning in a slow dance. "Hana Suiro no Jutsu." A "wall" of water surrounded you to your knees, the edges swirling in a wavy, flowerlike pattern of all sorts of hues of blue, from deep sapphire to a sky blue. You added more layers of the flower until you had a huge blue lotus surrounding you, its leaves a sea green. You leapt lightly out of the lotus, and whispered,"Koori Suisho no jutsu". You sculpted star flowers out of the ice around the watery lotus, then froze the ground beneath it. You leapt back into the lotus, and struck a cool pose.. Every living thing was silent.

You dispersed the lotus, but left the uncold ice star flower circle in its place, stood in the middle, and bowed. Everyone roared in approval. Naruto -and surprisingly Sasuke came out of the crowd, NAruto hugging you and Sasuke punching you lightly on the back.

Then everyone became silent as they watched the judges discuss. Hinata held up a piece of paper. Evryone leaned in and saw the name----!

HAH! CLIFFHANGER! so sorry, wait for next time!!!
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Posted 3/25/08
okay ppl i revised chapter 15 and 16 of my story so...
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Chapter 17

"WHAT!?!," yelled Naruto."EVERYONE WON!?!? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!"

You:*snickers* It's not when I fixed the game to be like that!

Everyone that participated:*eyes blazing* What. did. you. say?.

You: Actually, it was for a good purpose.


Shikamaru: *boredly* She's talking about strategy.

Aiumi: '...The lazy one turns out to be the smart one as well...omg... '

Sasuke&Neji: *looks surprised* I understand!

You:*grins widely* You all learned valuable techniques for battle now right?Those combos would have been killer if you guys had used them in battle! Plus, it's a good way to think about certain combo strategies in fights. For example, Sasuke's combo. If he had let those sparks and fire shoot straight down from the sky, it would have been devestating to those in the reign of fire if he had not conpressd the them to float down gently without harm. Naruto's combo could have been an ambush strategy.

NAruto:O_O I don't get it...

Sakura:*rolls her eyes* NAruto you baka, you could have made multiple Rasengans, hid in trees surrounding the enemy, and completely hit them with all of your Rasengans while trapping them in the process.


Sasuke's Pov~

You stared at her in astonishment. ' She figured that out while making sure evryone had a good time doing it...impressive... ' Aiumi caught you staring and flashed you a bright smile.

You:Impressive, for a kunoichi.

Naruto: >o< OI Sasuke, your look a little tired.

Sakura: *rushes over* Are you tired from using the Sharingan Sasuke-kun?! Want me to heal you?! >//o//<

You:Naruto, you dobe, I am NOT red, and Sakura, get off me!!*pushes her off, annoyed*

Aiumi: What's wrong? * bends up and peers at your face* Caught something?

You: hmph...>_< I guess I'm just a little tired.

Aiumi: Well...judging from what I know, using the Sharingan, Chidori, and a fire technique would be overwhelming.

Naruto: hm...>:( what do i care anyhows?

Sakura:*glomps Sasuke again*

Hinata:*comes over blushing* o///.///o N-naruto-kun, g-g-good job...

Naruto: *rubs head* hehe, think so Hinata? Thanks! XD

Hinata: >//o//< *gets steadied by you*

Aiumi:*whispers to Hinata* Hope we can be good friends!*pushes her to the cheering crowd*

Aiumi: *casually* Hey NAruto, why don't you date Hyuuga over there?*points back*


Neji:*looks strangely at NAruto*

you:NO dobe! Hinata!!

Naruto:>o< well, I think she'd faint if i asked her anyways. She always does that for some reason!

Aiumi:Well, anyways, I gotta take care of the ppl, so ill talk to you about it later. *walks over to ppl and hollers* THANKS FOR PLAYING THIS GAME!!!SEE YOU GUYS LATER!!!!

Lee:*eyes ping* YOSH, AIUMI CHAN!! *does a nice guy pose and drags Neji and TEn-ten off somewhere* GOTTA GO TRAIN!!

Ino:That was an fun Aiumi-ch-...whoa...*still sways from the cat fight with Sakura*

Shikamaru: Ugh...troublesome girl...come on Chouji...lets take her back to her house...*sighs boredly*


Kiba:O_O" Aiumi, we gotta go take Hinata back to Hiashi-sama's (her dad) house. Come on Hinata!

Hinata:@[email protected] aaaaahh....dizzy...bye Ai-Aiumi-chan, Sasuke-kun, S-sakura-chan, N-N-Naruto-kun...

Shino:...She needs some treatment.

Naruto:Want to go eat some ramen Aiumi-chan?
Aiumi's Pov~
You:*glances at something in her pack* Sorry, I've got to do something at home...maybe some other time Naruto. ' He can't see me if tonight's that night...'

It was already dark, and all of the ppl left, waving good-bye. Sasuke looked at you suspiciously before he left. You just smiled, and left for the tiny box you were thinking about in your new house...

They should never find out...
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Posted 3/25/08
Chapter 18

You went home and slung your pack onto the drawer in your room. You rummaged through the things in the drawers until you found a box made of moonstone. You frowned at the wolf engraved on it, and slid its cover off. There was a pinky-segment sized ivory carving of a water symbol in it with a hole for a chain, which you took out and cradled in your hands. It was the only thing that you had been given from your mother, and only after she had decided to throw it out. You took the symbol outside, and jumped into the tree you had grown that morning. You traced the symbol under the moonlight, remembering what had happened after you had gone outside to appreciate it alone...


You:*sitting outside your house* It's so pretty!

???:Ooh, if it isn't the wolf child! And a...

???:Don't tell her, the boss especially warned us not to...

???: OH, but Hirohito, I want to take that from her! She doesn't even know how to use it, PLUS she's got that demon inside her! It's no fair!*pouts*

Hirohito: My love Atasuke, after the boss gets his hands on her, I'm sure he'll share a portion of the wolf chakra and...*pauses* the OTHER thing with us! *caresses Atasuke's cheek*

You:*frightened* What?! Men aren't supposed to love men! W-why are you two here?!*backs up.*

The Gay in love are a work of beauty!

You felt fear building up inside, and swiped at one of them, scratching his cheek in the process. You looked at your fingers in astonishment and horror. They were tipped with razor sharp nails as long as senbon needles. You felt fangs growing, and blood lust rose up in your throat. Wolf ears and tail grew, and you felt histerical What was happening!? Haoo took over, but he didn't have that much chakra, as this was the first time he had come out using a host's body. Haoo ran into the forest confusedly using your body, stumbling and eventually falling into the leaf litter. The two gay guys laughed cruelly, and killed your parents.

Gay men:*snickering* clan-traitors, demon-bearer dirt! They can't even use their clan techniques!

You heard your parents struggle and scream through the haze of daze you felt. You heard the two gay men come, and try to kill you. Somehow, you had accidently killed one of them by burying your fangs into his heart, and had left the other injured in he leg, attempting to murder you. Then, you had blacked out and by the time you had woken, all trace of blood and demon had vanished...

END of Flashback.

You strung the ivory pendant onto a straggly piece of cord from your pocket. You tied it around your neck, and fell asleep in the fragrant peach tree, sleepy and unaware of the raven haired boy spying on her in the tree right over...

You:*mutters* I am the only one with the blood I have now...


You:*Jolts awake and sniffs the air* Hey Uchiha, what's up?

Sasuke:*leaps into your tree* What are you talking about Aiumi?

You:Ah, you said my name.

Sasuke:...whatever...don't go off-topic, what were you talking about to yourself? And what's that pendant?*points*

You:*rolls eyes* STALKER. Anyways, 1) I meant what I said and 2) My mom gave it to me cause she was bored of it, end of story.

Sasuke:*irritably*I am NOT a stalker...anyone would be suspicious and follow you ...*cools down and stays silent* so you don't have parents?

You: Correction: I HAD parents, they didn't like me, and they got murdered by some gay people. My clan tried to kill me, so they sent GAY guys to kill me. Do you believe that...? After that, they moved so that I couldn't find them and know what clan they were...jerks...*begins to say things drowsily**looks confused*

You: yeah..almost killed me too if it weren't for this stupid wolfy in me...*falls asleep, snoring slightly*

Sasuke: 'so...she's like me' *takes off sweater and drapes it over you* Good-night Imizu.*vanishes off home*
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Oi Oi this is so cute!!
i love it!!
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