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Favorite Manga Writer
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28 / M / Suita, Osaka, Japan
Posted 1/3/09
Gosho Aoyama
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24 / F
Posted 1/5/09

melonsweet wrote:


she's the best artist! her stories are good too!:D
(24 Colors- Hatsukoi no Palette), (7th period is a secret) and the Like:)

yea she is awsome! ^^ love how she draws boys! must learn!

Yea dude, the way she draws the characters just makes fall damn inlove with them. Haha.♥
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22 / F
Posted 1/5/09
Nakamura Yoshiki (Skip.Beat!, Tokyo Crazy Paradise)
Skip.Beat! is one of my most favorite shoujo titles. Nakamura-sensei is the best! :D

Aihara Miki (Hot Gimmick, Honey Hunt)
She is the creator of my favorite manga of all time, which is Hot Gimmick. I have read so many shoujo series but Hot Gimmick is still my #1.

Makoto Tateno (Yellow, Hero Heel)
One of my most favorite yaoi manga-kas. Her great work, Yellow is what made me collect her other works.

Youka Nitta (Haru wo Daiteita, Boku no Koe)
Nitta-sensei hot guys are what drew me into her work in the first place. Most of the yaoi titles are shallow but Nitta-sensei's work are deep and have plot.
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Posted 1/5/09
-Absolute boyfriend
-Pajama's Wish

Miyawaki Yukino
-Lunatic HOney

Aoyama Gosho
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25 / F / In my own little...
Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
Takeshi Konomi - Prince of Tennis
Maki Minami - Special A
Peach-Pit - Shugo Chara,Rozen Maiden,DearS,Mizutama,Prism Palette,Zombie Loan
Matsuri Hino - Vampire Knight
Chiba Kouzue -24 colors Hatsukoi no palette
Kyou Shirodaira - Spiral

those are my favs. so far!
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F / Philippines
Posted 1/26/09
My fave manga writer is KURAHASHI ERIKA
She's the best
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32 / M / Aidoneus Island
Posted 1/26/09
Junji Ito. The scariest things I've ever seen in print came from his pen. Uzumaki haunts me, the Amara fault story is not for the squeamish, and Gyo is frighteningly bleak.

Eiichiro Oda. Best mainstream Shounen manga artist of this generation. To all you Narutards, read One Piece. See how you do shounen right.

Aoyama Gosho. Writes the most wonderful brain candy. Conan is nowhere near a great series, but it is a fun series.

Mukai Natsumi. +Anima is such a beautiful manga in both story and art.

Takei Hiroyuki. My favorite shounen manga artist. Pity he never did give Shaman King an actual ending. And no Princess Hao doesn't count. In the least.

Kitoh Mohirio. Narutaru is one of the most messed up manga's I've ever read. Perhaps more so than Junji Ito's. Bokurano is amazingly grim. Both are well plotted, well-written, and downright amazing experiences.

Shin Takahashi. Speaking of depressing if you do not tear up reading Saikano you have no soul. THEM reviews had it right, Saikano is the most emotionally flaying series in existence. Reading Saikano simply negates positive emotion for at least a day. And that takes genius.
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28 / F / USA
Posted 1/26/09
aihara miki
hino matsuri
maki yoko
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Posted 2/3/09

muchay wrote:

My fav of all time.....


i wish there are more.... :(

chizumi and fujiomi

How nostalgic! I read this long long looooong time ago!
What is the title name? I don't remember.....
Posted 2/3/09
My favorites are Akira Toriyama, because without him, we probably wouldn't have a lot of the shonen manga that's popular today; and Go Nagai, because he introduced many of the Super Robot motifs that we know today. Dragon Ball and Mazinger Z will never be forgotten.
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26 / F / (: ƃuoʞƃuoH
Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/8/09
1). HIGUCHI Tachibana... =) - she crated my all time favorite manga... GAKUEN ALICE... =)

2). Tomoko Ninomiya- for Nodame Cantabile

3). Kusuniko Kei- for Bitter Virgin and 100 ways of and exorcist
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25 / F / Nirvana
Posted 2/3/09
For me is Tsugumi Ohba with Death Note.
Although i really hate when he let L die, but... well, this manga is a masterpiece
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25 / F / Alabama
Posted 2/3/09
Kazuhiko Mishima - I like her because her characters are really cute and her art is really nice. She makes the besy yaoi manga. <3 My favorite works of her's is Love Neco, Miwako no Ringo, and Puchi Puri.
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30 / M / California
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Kawashita Mizuki (aka Mikan Momokuri) RULES ALL!!! im offended i havent seen her in any of the couple of pages i scanned! She is the author of great titles such as:

Ichigo 100%(one of my Top 3 fave manga)
Lilum Kiss
Akane-Chan Overdrive
Hatsukoi Limited

and many others, some of which im still trying to find.......But anyways, her focus is on High School romance/drama/comedy. And her art style is phenomenal! It is VERY easy to fall in love with her characters, and her stories are powerfull enough to bring a tear to yer eye! All in all, i would like to give her a hug :P

And of course Shin Takahashi, the mangaka of Saikano. Anyonewho can write a story that depressing, who has the ability to make you tear up, and ruin a perfectly good day, Like he does, is a genius. Also, he has had very bad things happen ot him because no normal human can be that sad, so i give him my condolences on whatever happened.....
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27 / M / Somewhere.... per...
Posted 2/8/09
Eiichiro Oda-- One Piece is one of my favorite... never got bored reading it...

Ikeda Akihisa... Rosario+vampire... have pretty nice storyline and the character is good looking ^_^
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