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Favorite Manga Writer
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42 / M / Hawaii
Posted 7/28/13
kenjiro hata: hayate no gotoku
ken akamatsu: love hina, negima
masamune shiro: ghost in the shell, appleseed
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25 / M / Massachusetts, Un...
Posted 7/29/13
Kōji Seo - Kimi no Iru Machi, Suzuka, Princess Lucia
Posted 8/5/13
Masashi Kishimoto and Takehiko Inoue.

Masashi for not only his well rounded story telling, he literally brings life into his characters that make them all stand out and they all feel like a part of him instead of just some other shōnen writer who tries to make his/her characters so overly cliche with mediocre goals and no real struggles that they carry that they carry. With his characters, you can feel this sort of struggle that they have with just the look on their faces or how they go about with their actions, even when they're dead. With Naruto having alot of plotholes aside,we can all say that characters are real and there really is something for these characters to develop from. Also his art is high grade art.

Takehiko. Where do I begin? He is an amazing and adept writer. He brings character development in colors, conflicts that are some of the most dramatic yet real, and philosophy that is written BEAUTIFULLY on a piece of canvas paper. How he writes the story's impact, how he brings difficult challenges to his characters that you just cheer on for them to overcome is amazing. He is seriously an inspiration of mine when it comes to writing a well written story.

If you have anytime, you should do definitely check these two out if you haven't already.
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M / オランダ
Posted 8/6/13
Masashi Kishimoto
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23 / M / Nashville, TN
Posted 8/6/13
Haters, free opportunity right here:

My favorite writer is Tite Kubo.
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34 / F / In a van down by...
Posted 8/22/13
Watase Yu
Bisco Hatori
Rumiko Takahashi

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24 / M / New Jersey
Posted 8/22/13 , edited 8/22/13
Yoshihiro Togashi, and Ken Akamatsu.
Posted 8/22/13
CLAMP (too many to name but one of my fav is Legal Drug and I do like Gate 7)
Yuu Watase (Absolute Boyfriend, Arata)
Ayano Yamane (Finder series, Crimson Spell)
Makoto Tateno ( Bloody Kiss Tonight, Hero Heel, Yellow, Angelic Runes and lots more)
Tadashi Agi ( Drops of God, Remote, Get Backers, Bloody Monday)

I also like Oh!Great for Tenjo Tenge and Air Gear, hope to see more from him.
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Posted 8/24/13
Yuna Kagazaki author of Karin (Chibi Vampire), Hekikai no Aion, and several other funny and/or messed up mangas
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21 / M / Valemount, BC
Posted 8/25/13
Sorachi Hideaki for me without a doubt. I really enjoyed 13 when it came out and Gintama is my all time favorite Anime/Manga =3 Anime for me wouldn't be the same without Gintama and I hope it comes back and I eagerly await the 2nd movie's release onto DVD and Blu-ray
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24 / M / Puerto Rico
Posted 8/29/13
Naoki Urasawa author of Monster, 20th Century Boys, etc.
Mori Kouji author Holyland, Suicide Island and Destroy & Revolution
Inoue Takehiko author of Vagabond, Slam Dunk, etc.
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22 / M / Poland
Posted 8/29/13
My favourite will no doubt be Ken Akamatsu. Love Hina was the first manga I've ever read, and while not the greatest, it brings back a lot of good memories. Negima was a very good shounen too and now, with its sequel, it only gets better (Can't wait for further chapters).
Also, Yukito Kishiro, for GUNNM.
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28 / M
Posted 8/30/13
Yoshihiro Togashi.
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23 / F
Posted 9/1/13
Who's your favorite manga-ka(s)? Why do you like him/her/them? What's your favorite work of his/hers/theirs? And why?

Morinaga Milk
She is ultimately one of my favorites because she writes most of my favorite stories, and just the flow of the plot is amazing and she wraps them up quite nicely She is also one of the few who write in the genres i enjoy ^^
My absolute favorite work of her's is Girl Friends, because this story really grew my manga choice immensely! I'm really glad i was able to pick this up and read it I could really imagine this story becoming a live action or anime (trolled of anime recently orz) anyways i would really recommend this to anyone who seems ready (most of my friends wouldnt understand and would stop in the first couple chapters)

Ando, Natsumi
I like how she keeps you guessing until the end, and everything wraps up to that one point.
I really enjoyed her Arisa story i was reading while it was being published and hated waiting a month for the new chapter to be translated, though when each month came i was beyond happy, even during classes!
I think i enjoyed this story because i started it back about 4 years now, and after a few chapters i was hooked! Though now that i reread them i keep thinking "boy i real didn't use much common sense back then to figure this out", i was really into cheesy suspenceful stories back then, like classic shoujo drama manga (: And towards the end i just wanted to see this story wrap up and end, though the ending was a bit off than what i would have preferred but oh well it was fun reading it ^^

Though i do like many other mangaka's and would just love to meet them, they didn't leave a big enough impact for me to read all their manga's ^^ Morinaga Milk did that for me i've read about every translated manga in my country
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23 / Australia
Posted 9/2/13
Ohba Tsugumi (Death Note, Bakuman)
Kumeta Koji

Illustrator: Obata Takeshi

: ) : )
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