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Teacher's PET
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27 / F / Carousel
Posted 3/7/08
im a teachers pet. . . im not sure if im suppose to be proud bout that.
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28 / M / covina CA
Posted 3/7/08
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32 / F / ---mystic moon----
Posted 3/7/08
I was a teacher's pet....
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23 / F / Stupid F-hillz
Posted 3/7/08
I don't like to admit it allot, but i am a teachers pet. I don't even do it on purpose it just comes out that way. I was even nominated for teachers pet at my schools student choice awards, we haven't gotten the results yet.
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117 / F / SMILY♥LAND
Posted 3/8/08
Being a teacher's pet is a bad thing. You can be smart and get A's without being a teacher's pet so I don't wish to be one. ^^
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28 / F / Michigan, USA
Posted 3/8/08

mt4gt wrote:

Everyone automatically thinks that being a teacher's pet is a BAD thing...well mabbe it is..but if it gets you an A in a class..who's complaining?? lol I'll admitt that I do suck up to one of my teachers..and that is why I wrote this poem about all the teachers in my school! enjoy!

The teachers in my school must think
They're working in a zoo.
Their classrooms feature many a creature
Who never knew!?

Dr. Fahey has a chimpanzee.
It leaps out and wiggles.
It pulls his hair and bumps his chair
And gives us all the giggles.

Coach Miller has a mice killer,
Inside a case of glass.
When students get loud, he lets the snake out
To quieten down the class.

Mrs. Beutel has a cow with a bell
Who sticks out in sight,
On quiz days it moos and gives us clues
So we can get questions right!

Coach Leblanc has these, called mad, jumping fleas
They're in a jar on the window sill.
I wonder why, his students cry,
"Please sir, we can't sit still!!"

Mrs. Stallings' wish for her angel fish.
Is for them to help calm us down.
Their gentle glide, drifts deep inside
And smooths away each frown.

But Ms. Rose is so sweet, so nice and so neat,
And she has the best pet there can be.
You can bet, there's no other pet,
Because all she needs is ME!

(FYI, these r my teachers' actual last names!)

Hey! You need to learn to use the forum search haha. I've locked a lot of your threads cause they're duplicates. The forum search is at the top of the page. Just try a couple keywords before you make a thread to make sure no one made it yet~~!!
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