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Posted 3/7/08
Itachi explains that Susanoo is the third and final Mangekyou technique. He then offers that if Sasuke has any more techniques, now is the time to use them. Zetsu sees the sky clear and figures Kirin was a onetime jutsu.

Spectral muscle and armor begins to take form around Itachi. Sasuke suddenly winces and hears a voice in his head. The voice offers to lend Sasuke his power. And if he is unleashed, Sasuke can finally find his revenge. Sasuke goes to his knees in pain and suddenly a gigantic white, eight headed snake grows out of his cursed seal. Itachi recognizes Orochimaru's technique and Zetsu figures Orochimaru broke free since Sasuke didn't have the chakra to hold him back any longer.

The snakes strike out against the spectral form, but a sword takes shape out of the sake gourd it holds. Quickly all eight heads are severed from the main body. From one of the mouths of these heads emerges Orochimaru. Orochimaru opens his own mouth to withdraw Kusanagi. Orochimaru gloats that his time to take Itachi's body has finally come. In an instant Susanoo's sword impales Orochimaru and Itachi asks his brother if he has anything else.

Orochimaru begins to gloat that the sword cannot harm him... but he is suddenly frozen and begins to be sealed away into the sword. He states Itachi couldn't have had the Sword of Totsuka, could he? Zetsu comments that the sword has no physical form; it's a legendary blade with sealing powers. Anyone stabbed by the sword is sealed away into a dreamlike Genjutsu for the rest of time.

Orochimaru had long coveted it but Itachi acquired it first. The snake head continues to be absorbed by the sword and Sasuke returns to his normal form. A weary looking Itachi then offers to Sasuke that it's time to end it...

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