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31 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
An alternative Bingo Book. Different from its previous predecessor
Power Players, lets give a chance to the others who did not get a chance to post in the bingo book

1. The story must be convincingly correct or at least accurate.
2. The skills and specialties of the target such as(magic, weapons, abilities & experties) must be applied in the story
3. your character must also apply to the rules of its race (werewolves/Lycans are strong during full moon, Pure Vamps cannot walk under the sun, vamps cannot enter a home w/o being invited, Demons are bound to the divine)but there are exemptions
4. There will be no God Complex unless you are a God(creating a life, conjuring items out of nowhere,)
5. A Party is ok as long as all the members are members of the Mystical Community(not fictional char)
6. The best story wins of course
7. Any genres of story telling is ok
8. I dont know about a prize, I'll try and think of one.
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31 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 3/7/08 , edited 5/24/09
First four on the list. (clockwise from top) (if there are questions just post it on the wall)
(Ranking from high to low Class SS-Godlike-, S-Unstoppable-, A-Relentless-, B-High Threat-, C-Mid Threat-, D-Amateur-, E-Common Criminal-)
(have fun with your imagination)

name: Valadend
race: Unknown
class: Wizard/Necromancer
Rank: Class S
weapon: Staff
Spells/Abilities: Fire spells, Lightning/thunder spells, Life drain, can summon skeleton guards, illusions,
Geomancy(can turn ground to quicksand, conjure spikes to come out of the ground, golems).
Crime: Human sacrificing, Slave trading, Conspiracy against Mystic council
wanted: Dead or Alive

name: Robbs
race: human(probably damned)
class: Rogue
Rank: Class D
weapon: 2 daggers, crossbow
Spells/Abilities: can hide in shadows, beast mastery (hawk and wolf)
Crime: Murder, Rape
wanted: Dead or Alive

name: Rebecca
race: vampire
class: Mage
Rank: Class B
weapon: Sword
Spells/Abilities: commands plants, Can influence males to do her bidding, summon zombies
Crime: Corruption, Raising zombie farms
wanted: Dead or Alive

name: Esvin
race: Undead/Incubus(mostly an evil being)
class: Hellrunner/Knight/necromancer
Rank: Class S
weapon: none
Spells/Abilities: Curses, Black magic, Corruption magic(can make a person Insane), Chaos magick, demon conjuring
Crime: Hellrunner, Mass demon possession, Conspiracy of plague
wanted: Dead

Posted 1/3/09 , edited 1/18/09
I could say its a C+ the Valadend in this story doesnt seem like a class S. . . But it will pass
- blacksheep12

Takashi (Elementalist) vs. Valadend (Wizard/Necromancer)

“As if this Valadend could ever kill me.” I said, while looking at his wanted poster.
“But where the hell should I go to find him! I need the money!”
I continued walking down the path, still annoyed at the fact that I didn’t know where to search for Valadend, until I noticed some dead soldiers. I went to examine them up close.
“Severely burnt. Who the hell did this?”
I continued walking up the path noticing many more burnt bodies. I finally started running up the path to get the source of the problem until I saw this. A whole village was burnt down and there were corpses everywhere. There in the middle of a village stood a robed figure. I ran up to him and asked, “What the hell happened here? Are you okay?”
The figure took off his hood and I immediately recognized him. It was Valadend. He stomped the ground in a flash and a trail of spikes erupted from the ground. I jumped back immediately and countered with my own spiked of ice. They crashed into each other and his spiked stopped following me.
“Now is that anyway to greet someone you just met?” I shouted at him
He grinned and said, “Well this might seem be a fun battle. I am…”
“Yea yea I know who you are Valadend screw the introductions lets just start this.” I interrupted.
He chuckled and slammed the palms of his hand into the ground and the ground underneath me started to turn into quicksand. I jumped up and froze the ground beneath instantly and landed back on top of it.
“You’re quick.” Valadend said. He charged toward me, grabbed my head and slammed it into the ground. “But not quick enough,” he said laughing.
“What the hell is this?!” I said starting to feel weaker by the second.
“This is one of my abilities. Life drain.”
I struggled to get free but my arms felt weak and numb.
“There is no escape from this,” he said.
“Wanna bet?” I smiled. I took in a breath of air and blew out a blazing fire at his hand.
He screamed in pain and shot balls of lightning towards me. I rolled out of the way and retaliated with a beam of lightning from my fingertips. It hit him in the chest and he fell back. “How do you like this!” he screamed maniacally as he raised his arms. The skeletons of the dead villagers started to rise and walk towards me. “That’s not all!” he shouted as he struck the ground with his palms again. A golem appeared and grabbed Valadend and put him on its shoulder. I grinned and coaxed my hand with fire and slammed it into the ground. Suddenly Kouen, my fire dragon, appeared with devouring flames all around it. “Kill them,” I said. Kouen flew in the air and started shooting fireballs down at the skeletons and golem. Valadend was shocked and had his eyes wide open. The skeletons just reformed themselves every time they broke. While Valadend was watching the giant dragon I flew, using the wind element, swiftly around to Valadend’s back. I took my out my katana, flew towards his back, and pierced his back with my katana coming out of his chest. “Please just die quietly,” I said calmly. He smiled and shut his eyes. The skeleton and golem crumbled into pieces and I returned Kouen back to the dragon realm. I grabbed Valadend’s dead body and started my journey back to collect the bounty.

My first story xD ive always wanted to do a kill in the first bingo book back then but i never had time or someone had already posted the kill i was working on i was searching through the forums and i just noticed this bingo book. pretty old and yet no one posted in it. If you could tell me how my story was
Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/18/09
I could say its a B++ It looks justified enough. . . But you need not to explain everything about your character in one fight. . . Its a good starting story, ours was the same
- blacksheep12

Takashi (elementalist) vs. Esvin (Undead/Incubus) & Robbs (Rogue)

In the midst of the silent night an ear-splitting scream of a woman broke out. I woke up grumbling to myself, “Couldn’t this have happened later.” I got dressed, still muttering to myself, and jumped out of the window. I flew around and searched the grounds to find where the bloodcurdling scream came from but it was too dark to see anything.
“Hey chief look up look up! There’s someone up there” I heard a voice say. “I’ll finish him off for you!”
I couldn’t see who was talking but I saw a fiery dot come towards me. I curved to the left just barely dodging the flaming arrow and knew where it had come from.
“You idiot! You gave away our position.” A deep voice shouted.
I flew down towards their location and landed on the ground in front of them.
“Hello there I couldn’t help but notice that you disturbed my sleep,” I said. “It’s pretty dark here so let me light up this place.” I cupped my two hands together and started forming little birds made of pure light element. They flew to the nearby trees surrounding us and brightening up the place. “Much better.”
There in front of me stood 2 men. The larger one had long white hair, bone wings, and a bone tail. The second man was small and had short black hair. He was holding a crossbow in his hands and I could see 2 daggers in his side pocket sticking out. Beside him was a large gray wolf. The smaller man was only a human so I could kill him easily. But the larger man might be a bit of a problem.
I looked behind them and I saw a pile of dead bodies of women. “I see you two were having yourself a fun time. But I’m sorry you’re both going to have to die now. May I have your names so I can report you in after I kill you? I am Takashi, elementalist.”
The larger man laughed and the other man laughed along. “I am Esvin the undead incubus. This is Robbs my apprentice. He is learning the way of black magic. Enough of this talking. I know you won’t let us leave in peace so we will end this quickly for you.” Esvin snapped his fingers and Robbs along with his wolf charged at me. I pulled out my katana and readied myself. Robbs and the wolf separated and both dashed at my sides. Just as the wolf was about to attack I jumped over it, extended my arms, and an ice cage trapped the wolf inside. I looked around for Robbs but he was nowhere to be seen. “He must have been scared of me and ran away.” I said to Esvin.
“Gotcha!” Robbs shouted as he jumped out of the shadows. He shot arrows rapidly at me and I jumped and dodged most of them. 2 of them had gotten my left leg. “Ha! I’m so awesome with my shadow hiding ability! My master taught me that trick” he smiled.
I pulled the arrows out, lit them on fire, and blew them back towards Robbs. He didn’t seem to notice them and got hit right in his left arm. He screamed in pain and cried, “I’ll kill you, you bastard!” He threw his crossbow to the ground and took out his 2 daggers and darted towards me, swinging wildly. I charged towards him too and slashed him across his chest till it started pouring out blood. He stared at me, then his wound, and screamed until he fell down. “Well it seems I’m finished with your friend so I guess it’s your turn.” I said turning back towards Esvin. “Don’t speak of that fool. I only used him to analyze your abilities.”
Esvin flew in the air and blasted down black spears towards me. I dodged them and jumped him soaring into the sky. I rushed at him with my katana and just as it was about to make contact his tail shot out and wrapped my hand along with my katana. I tried punching his face but his boney tail extended even longer and wrapped both my arms together. He placed his palm a few inches away from my heart and started to chant. “Olra, saigo, tes….”
“I guess I have to use this.” I sighed. I closed my eyes and one of the four golden bracelets on my left arm shattered to pieces. My eyes grew bright yellow and power started running through me. Esvin drew back his tail and jumped away from me. Black wings shot out of my back and 2 dual katanas appeared in my hands. Goddess of the sun is my black katana and god of the moon my white katana.
“What are you?” he questioned with a shocked expression.
“This is my elemental demon form. Almost every elementalist has one.”
“Makes no difference I’ll still kill you,” he screamed. “DEATH’S CALL! Prepare to suffer from this curse for all eternity!” He shot out a beam of darkness at me and I ran towards it. “Too scared to dodge?”
I charged at the beam and ran right through it and stabbed Esvin in the stomach with the black katana.
“What? How did you go through my magic?”
“In my demon form I am immune to curses and any mental abilities. I’m amazed you haven’t screamed anything about the burning stab I just put into your stomach. As you can see my black sword has the ability to make the person it stabs feel intense heat.” I swung my sword, with him still on it, at the ground and he crashed down. I flapped my wings and feathers came shooting down at him. He shielded himself with his own bone wings but a few of my feathers broke through and pierced him. Blood was dripping everywhere on him but I wasn’t going to stop there. I shot down like a meteor with my white sword extended and impaled his chest. “This is the power of my second blade. It creates illusions to whoever it stabs.”
Esvin struggled to get up and stabbed me with his tail. “That wasn’t me.” I said, “That was one of the illusions created.”
“You bastard! I’ll tear your fucking head off!”
Esvin stabbed himself in the neck with his tail and something seemed to be pumping through it into his neck. “Much better.” He sighed in relief. His skin started melting off and a skeleton holding a broadsword arose. He had huge horns and his tail had a face. “This is my ultimate form, bone knight. Even if I can never return to my normal self again destroying you shall be worth it!”
He dashed towards me and tried to create a barrier with my white katana’s second ability but he was too fast and stabbed me in the side with his broadsword. I winced in pain and froze the area to stop the bleeding. “You have pissed me off long enough its time we end this.” I said. I closed my eyes and the bright birds that I summoned before the battle exploded into bright flashes of light. I ran towards the blinded Esvin and slashed off his head and arm holding the broadsword. His body fell to the ground near his arm and head and he screamed, “I can simply reattach my skull you!” His tail started to extend and try to grab his head. I raised my hand and a bolt of lightning shot down breaking his body and tail into pieces. “YOU FUCKING BASTARD I’LL BITE YOU TOO PIECES…” I froze the annoying skull and stabbed my white blade into his head. “Suffer from the horrible illusions as long as you shall live.”

elemental demon form =]
Esvin's Bone Knight Form

yay my second story o_o If your wondering about the caged wolf he was released into the wild and lived happily ever after Hope this story was good though i never got good grades for language arts i would have written a bit more but too much distractions and they make me lose my mood to write xD
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Rebecca was running through a forest near Sibilis. In her hand was a slip of paper she stole from The Cell.
"Come out, come out, where ever you are," mocked a voice in the distance.
Rebecca knew that voice. It belonged to Voz, a visitor to The Cell.
A person behind a tree put out his foot and tripped Rebecca. Rebecca tripped and scrapped her knee. The piece of paper went flying on to the ground nearby. A masked scientist walked over and picked up the piece of paper.
"This is a file from the Wave Project," said the scientist, Zwei. "This could be very incriminating towards me if given to the Mystic Council."
"How are you," spat Rebecca.
The person from the behind the tree slapped Rebecca across the face.
"Disrespectful woman," cursed the man, Leviat, "after all I've done for you."
"Done for me? Don't make me laugh," snapped Rebecca.
Voz came into view.
"Thought you could outrun me," asked Voz, "that's impossible for anyone to get away from me. Spread the word."
"Soon she won't be able to say anything at all," said Leviat. He reached for the sword at Rebecca's side.
"No," said Zwei, "take her to Vaquero's ranch."
"What? Why?" demanded Leviat.
"She'll be useful for later experiments."
"But the authorities-"
"The authorities think she is dead already. Don't worry, as long as you make sure Tobiya is kept under control and the secrets hidden at The Cell don't become public, then the Fallen Order is safe."
There was an explosion.
"Did that come from The Cell?" asked Voz.

(This takes place during Dante's escape from The Cell)
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