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Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/8/08
messages from TVXQ to Changmin on his b-day

I know you've grown up now but you're still my DONSEANG (little bro)
Sometimes we had an argument but it's becuz we love each other right?
I don't know what to write to you cuz we said it all already
You're gonna grow up this year and you'll surely be a nice mature adult.
I think the best gift for you is the fact that we're the happy DONG BANG SHIN KI
I promise I'll make this year a happier year for you. No matter what....I'll make it happen for you
I'm sure you'll make it through this year
You'll be our DongSeang for one more year right?
If you have something in your mind , just let us know cuz we're here for you.

Hey Changmin! You should stop eating that thing and read what I'm writing're gonna be one more year grown-up?
For me you're just like the very 1st day we met
I mean your innocence
But you've changed many things
I mean your muscles...yeah your muscles are the problem of DBSK
I'm sooo scared seeing you exercising everyday
One more thing you've changed...your smartness and brave
You're a good boy. A little sweet boy for us
If I were your MOM, I'd be very very proud of you
Changminah....I know you're gonna cry when you read this
Oh Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not crying? But I'm crying you know
You can be more grown up all right. You're too tall
So could you please give me your heights on my b-day?
And on your b-day I'll share you this beauty ((?))
You're thinking I'm writing too much right?
That's it....that's why you're not growing up cuz you gotta be touched with you
....I know I'm really writing too much
Happy b-day Changmin I dont know what to bless you
I believe whatever you want, you can make it
I'll be next to you to support you

Happy b-day Changmin
Thanks for always taking care of me
The more you've grown up, the more i realise I need to grow up too
You like to say I'm innocent and pure. You're the one who is purer than me
Though you are Model Shim or Prince whatever
You're always a little boy for us
We're gonna be lucky forever
Be happy Changmin
Ps. I bought a new game only for you! Don't forget my b-day all right!

Changmin I wanna do something better than this seriously
You're my real little bro no mattter what happens. Don't ever forget that!
I know I didn't try to do nice things for you but I'll try harder this year
But you don't have to do that cuz you're the best brother ever
When you're sad or have problems. I'm really glad you let me know
We're gonna share our feelings like this forever okie
Our Shim Changmin...please take care of your health
You're gonna have to stay strong like this and stop having that sorethroat cuz it sucks
Your Yuchun Hyung will smile happily if you're happy ok?
You're gonna have to eat more
And if you're afraid of JUNSU BITING YOU, let me take care of it all right
Are you waiting for your Hyung's gift? It's very very good
I just want you to love it. Are you gonna like it?
Happy b-day Changmin. I really love you

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Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/21/08
they are just so sweet! hahahaha jaejoong letter was funny! beauty ?????
Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
ahh.!they're all so sweet!..yeah..changmin's really their lil bro..
it would be so great to have a brother like them..haha!
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Posted 3/22/08 , edited 3/22/08
hehehe! so cute!
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