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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/8/08
01 "Shugo Chara Born!"
"Shugo Kyara Tanjō!" (しゅごキャラ誕生!) Kenji Yasuda Michiru Shimada October 6, 2007
The series opens with Amu Hinamori lamenting that her classmates see her as a "cool and spicy" girl even though her true character is really shy and timid. But when Amu decided to wish for the courage to be reborn as her "would-be", she is startled the next morning to find three colorful eggs — red, blue, and green — in her bed the next morning. Not knowing what to do, she takes the eggs with her to school where they are seen by Tadase Hotori, a boy whom Amu develops a crush on, and the other three members of the school's student council, known as the guardians. During a student assembly, Amu thinks to herself about how she likes to be more honest with herself and confess to Hotori, Amu experiences her first Character Change and blurts out her confession in the middle of the assembly. Hotori, however, admonishes Amu for her outburst and rejects her. Amu runs out of the assembly, embarrassed at what she just did, and falls into a pit at a construction site. The the red egg hatch and Ran, Amu's Guardian Character, is born. Ran and helps Amu out of the pit with another Character Change, but Amu then finds herself high on the building's scaffolding. Ikuto Tsukiyomi, and Yoru, Ikuto's Guardian Character, arrives tracking down the sent of an eggs. Amu falls off the building when she tries to stop Ikuto from steeling the other two eggs. As she falls, she cries for courage and the Humpty Lock, which Ikuto had stolen earlier, reacts and Amu goes through her first Character Transformation with Ran, becoming Amulet Heart, and is able to fly. However, when Amu begins to doubt herself and loose her courage, she returns back to normal and begins to fall again. Hotori and his Guardian Character, Kiseki, arrive just in time to see Amu's Character Transformation and also save her from falling to the ground.
02 "The Heart's Egg!"
"Kokoro no Tamago!" (こころのたまご!) Michiru Shimada October 13, 2007
Amu mopes at home about being rejected by Hotori the day before in front of the entire school and about how her classmates must now think of her as being "uncool". But as she enters her classroom, the other female students praise her for her courage to confess to Hotori and that they now feel closer to her. One of the guardians, Nadeshiko Fujisaki, arrives and invites Amu to the "royal garden" with a message that Hotori will tell Amu about the eggs. During P.E., Amu learns that normal people cannot see Guardian Characters. But Ran when forces another Character Change on Amu, Amu becomes furious and tells Ran that she can't do as she pleases. Unseen by both of them, the blue egg begins to hatch and Miki peers out from inside. However, when Miki sees Amu and Ran arguing, Miki runs off. During art, Amu is required to draw a portrait of a fellow classmate, Saaya Yamabuki, but Amu's drawing skills are very poor. Miki does a Character Change with Amu which Amu then blames on Ran, but then the two spot Miki outside the classroom window. They give chase after Miki and finally convince Miki to stop. Miki tells Amu that if Amu doesn't begin believing in her Guardian Characters, they will soon disappear.

After school, Amu goes to the royal garden where she meets with the guardians, Hotori, Nadeshiko, Kukai Souma, and Yaya Yuiki. Amu discovers that each of the guardians has their own Guardian Character and that they know her "true" personality. The guardians inform Amu about the heart's eggs, the Guardian Characters, and how the heart's eggs can turn into X eggs. They also invite her to join the guardians. Amu, embarrassed by the situation, refuses the offer and runs away. However, when an X egg from from a third-grade admirer who feels he is too inadequate admire her, Amu resolves to help people from giving up on their dreams, transforms into Amulet Heart, and purifies the egg.

03 "Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Suu!"
"Saku to Fuwa to Sū ni Omakase!" (サクッとふわっとスゥにおまかせ!) Hiromitsu Kanazawa Kazuhiko Inukai October 20, 2007
The episode begins with Amu going to school as usual, but when she overhears the conversations of other students, she realizes that she hasn't been becoming closer with her classmates after all. Nadeshiko sneaks up and startles Amu and states that the two should play together and become friends, but Amu sees though it as a trick to get Amu to join the guardians. Nadeshiko tries a couple more tricks before finally convincing Amu to go together with her to Hotori's house. The two meet in the school's kitchen to make some snacks to bring with them. While in the kitchen Nadeshiko warns Amu not to call Hotori "Prince" when Hotori is around. When Nadeshiko leaves to get some fruit to decorate the tart, Ikuto appears in the window and attempts to steal the third egg, stating that it may be the embryo. Nadeshiko returns and she and begins to fight with Ikuto. During the fight, Amu's green egg finally hatches and Suu is born, but the tart that the two girls were making is destroyed. Using the leftover dough and a Character Change with Suu, Amu and Nadeshiko make cookies instead. At home, Amu writes a letter to Hotori to include with some of the cookies. But after wrapping it with a green ribbon, Amu has second thoughts and wraps a second gift with the remaining cookies and a red ribbon, but without a note. While Amu waits for Nadeshiko at a local park, Suu brings the first gift insisting that Amu give it to Hotori as well since the green ribbon is cuter. Amu is surprise when Hotori arrives instead of Nadeshiko, panics, and inadvertently gives him the cookies with the note. While sneaking into Hotori's house to retrieve the note, Amu learns more about the embryo from Kiseki and why Nadeshiko warned her not to call Hotori "Prince" in his presence. The episode ends with the guardians announcing that Amu has become their fifth member as the Joker's Chair, much to Amu's bemusement.
04 "I'm The Trump Card!?"
"Atashi ga Kirifuda!?" (あたしが切り札!?) Ryunosuke Kingetsu October 27, 2007
After the announcement of Amu as the fifth member of the guardians, the Joker, Amu protests to the other guardians that they didn't ask her permission. The guardians explain that the Joker is a trump card, and while the guardians have to do boring paperwork, the Joker's responsibility is to deal with her own affairs. The guardians give Amu the Humpty Lock and a pouch in which her Guardian Characters can stay in. But Amu still protests wearing the cape like the other guardians wear. While Amu relaxes at home, Ikuto drops by and gives her a bag of cookies and candies as a way to make up for the tart he broke during the fight with Nadeshiko. He also warns her to not search for the embryo or they will become enemies. The next day, the guardians informs Amu that part of her duties as Joker is to hunt for the X eggs and seal them, and if the worst happens, destroy them. However, Amu doesn't like the idea of having to destroy anyone's eggs.

Back at school, another X egg appears from a classmate who was leaving for America. Amu chases after it, but not before bumping into the new teacher, Yuu Nikaidou. Amu loses track of the X egg and discovers a planetarium. The X egg hatches into an X Character and finds Amu. But after overcoming her own fear of change, Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X Character.

05 "Shoot! Beat the X-Chara!"
"Shūto! Batsu Kyara o Yattsukero!" (シュート! ×キャラをやっつけろ!) Susumu Kudo
Yukie Suzuki Makoto Nakamura November 3, 2007
Nadeshiko invites Amu to watch the soccer team, which Kukai is the captain, practice. But soon Amu, with a Character Change with Ran, join in on the match. With the help of one of the other soccer team members, Yamada, Amu is able to score against Kukai's team. But when the coach announces the starters for the next match against last year's championship team, Yamada does not make the list. Later, Amu and her Guardian Characters see Yamada practicing by himself and quietly tell him to "Go for it."

The next day during the match, Yamada sneaks away while feeling that he cannot match Kukai's abilities, no matter how hard Yamada practiced. Worried about Yamada, Amu follows him. Nikaidou takes advantage of Yamada's feelings and extracts Yamada's heart's egg, which turns into an X egg and hatches into an X Character. Amu transforms and is able to purify the X Character just in time as Yamada is coach declares that Yamada will substitute one of the starters. With Yamada's effort, the team was able was able to tie the game.

06 "Character Transformation! Amulet Spade!"
"Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Supēdo!" (キャラなり! アミュレットスペード!) Kiyoshi Matsuda Tomoko Koyama November 10, 2007
Amu accompanies Yaya to the guardian's ballet class. While there, Amu meets with the class's prima, Maika Himekawa. During practice, Maika sprains her ankle and is unable to dance at the upcoming performance. Yaya is then chosen as Maika's stand-in. As a result, Maika becomes depressed and feels that she will not be able to accomplish her dreams. While thinking about Maika, Amu goes to the planetarium she discovered in episode four and meets with the planetarium's caretaker. The caretaker tells Amu that the planetarium is a place that most people forget about, but that for some reason it attracts the lost and uncertain. Nikaidou meets with Ikuto on the street and informs him that that Maika's egg may be the embryo, but it isn't, Ikuto will need to clean up the garbage.

During the dress rehearsal, Maika's mom drops by to help with the costumes, but Yaya is also having a hard time as the prima. Amu tries to cheer up Maika, but Maika chides Amu and tells Amu about how Maika's mother was forced to give up her dream as a prima after an injury. Using these emotions, Nikaidou extracts Maika's egg, which turns into an X egg and hatches into an X Character. Yaya Character Changes to combat the X Character only to have her attack reflected back to her. Amu does a Character Transformation with Miki and the two transforms into Amulet Spade. As Amulet Spade, Amu is able to purify the X Character.

07 "The Small Egg!"
"Chiisana Tamago!" (ちいさなたまご!) Masayuki Iimura Michiru Shimada November 17, 2007
Amu is forced to take her little sister, Ami, with her to a guardian meeting. But Amu also finds out that Ami is also able to see the Guardian Characters. The Guardian Characters play with Ami while the guardians hold their meeting. While playing in the study Ami find a treasure map to a magical egg protected by a dragon. On the roof of the Easter Company building, Yoru leaves Ikuto to look for the embryo himself. Utau Hoshina hugs Ikuto from behind asking if Ikuto was thinking of the girl who holds the lock that will fit Ikuto's Dumpty Key and that Utau will do anything to find the embryo for him.

Ami and the Guardian Characters sneak out of the royal garden in search for the magic egg, and along with Yoru, get into a lot of trouble at the school and mistaking a balloon for the magic egg. When the guardians discovered that Ami and the Guardian Characters are missing, they run off to look for them. Ami finally spots a tree that looks like a dragon and she and the Guardian Characters begin digging and uncover an egg-shaped time capsule that was originally buried by Hotori's and Nadeshiko's class when they were in the first grade. Amu and the guardians eventually find Ami at the dragon tree. As they open time capsule, they discover among the contents the essays that each class member wrote about what they dreamed of becoming, including Hotori's dream of dominating the world.

08 "I've Fallen in Love with Your Eyes!"
"Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru!" (君の瞳に恋してるっ!) Kazunobu Shimizu Kazuhiko Inukai November 24, 2007
Amu meets, Misaki Watarai, an energetic girl who is also in love with Hotori. Misaki suggests that the two should team up to have a better chance for Hotori, but also reminds Amu that she was "safe" since Hotori has already rejected her in front of the entire school. At lunch Amu and Misaki scope out the competition, including Saaya, head of Hotori's fan club, and Nadeshiko. But when Misaki meets with Hotori, she becomes extremely shy and runs away.

After watching Nobuko Saeki program the night before, Misaki is determined to capture Hotori's hear though a love charm that Saeki demonstrated. Misaki and Amu frantically run around the school campus searching for Hotori until they finally find him. However Misaki accidentally calls Hotori prince and Hotori Character Changes into his world domination personality. Saaya confronts Misaki and chides her by saying that Hotori doesn't like energetic girls. Misaki also overhears Hotori's conversation with Nadeshiko, but mistakes his comment about not liking the energy that results from his Character Change as not liking energetic qualities. Misaki becomes heartbroken and Nikaidou is able to extract Misaki's egg, but it hatches into an X Character. As Hotori provides cover, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and purify the X Character. Afterward, Amu and Hotori tell Misaki that they like her energetic character which cheers up Misaki.

09 "The Seven Wonders of the Fujisaki Family!?"
"Fujisaki-ke no Nana Fushigi!?" (藤咲家の七不思議!?) Hiromitsu Kanazawa Ryunosuke Kingetsu December 1, 2007
Nadeshiko invites Amu to a sleep over at her house so that the two can get to know each other better. Amu also learns that Nadeshiko's family runs a school for traditional Japanese dancing. Ami also wants to go, so to keep Ami at home, Amu makes up the story about the Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki house. When Amu arrives at Nadeshiko home, she finds that it is a traditional Japanese style mansion and starts to believe in her own story. This is especially reinforced when the housekeeper greets her wearing a mask of a demon. Amu and Nadeshiko enjoy their time together, but after Amu takes her bath, she gets lost inside the mansion. The Guardian Characters also chase a mouse around the mansion and the noise they create scares Amu into believing her story about the seven mysteries. At night, Amu tries to sneak out, thinking that the houses occupants are not human and will kill her in her sleep. However, she gets lost again and comes across the dance hall were Nadeshiko is practicing for the upcoming performance. Amu thinks that she is a failure as a friend for being selfish and coming over so soon before the performance, but the housekeeper tells her that isn't true and that it was Nadeshiko who insisted that Amu spend the night, which was the time Nadeshiko put a friend before dancing. The housekeeper also tell Amu that this is the first time she has seen Nadeshiko be so beautiful and that it is Amu who is helping Nadeshiko shine. The next morning, Amu is happy that her first sleepover was with her friend, Nadeshiko.
10 "Character Transformation! Amulet Clover!"
"Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Kurōbā!" (キャラなり! アミュレットクローバー!) Makoto Nakamura December 8, 2007
Christmas is coming early at the Hinamori household as Ami want to decorate a Christmas three with Amu. After school Amu and the guardians shop for decorations. But as the group leaves the store, Yoru steals Suu's decoration and runs off with it with the assistance of some cats. Suu chases after then and gets separated from Amu and the guardians and ultimately lost in another part of town. Amu and her other Guardian Characters search franticly for Suu, but eventually go home because it is late. At the park, Ikuto questions Yoru what he has been up to and after some mild torture, Yoru confesses to playing a trick on one of Amu's Guardian Character. Ikuto goes to Amu's house to inform her that Suu is probably in the next town. Amu attempts to sneak out of the house, but is caught before she can get down the stairs. Meanwhile, Suu runs into a white shaggy puppy that is also lost and the two decide to team up.

The next day, Suu is still missing and Amu is worried sick about her. The guardians agree to help look for Suu and the Guaridan Characters take off in search for her. Suu and the puppy find a lost wallet and take it to a nearby please station, but leave the decoration behind. On the way back, they come across an X egg. The two chase the X egg but the egg is caught by Ikuto. Yoru tells Suu that they are going to break the egg for it is there job to do garbage cleanup. Suu prevents Ikuto from breaking the egg, but before the confrontation escalates, they are interrupted by Utau. Utau uses a Character Change and steals the egg back from Suu and is about to destroy it when Amu arrives. Amu does a Character Transformation with Suu, becoming Amulet Clover and purifies the egg. The two also clean the lost puppy's nametag and finally brings him to his home.

11 "A Holiday on the Snow Mountain!"
"Yukiyama no Kyūjitsu!" (雪山の休日!) Susumu Kudo Tomoko Koyama December 15, 2007
The guardians go on a winter training camp at Kukai's grandfather, who is the priest at a temple near a ski resort. But when the guardians return to the temple after dark, they are required to clean the halls and cook for themselves as punishment for being late. The priest also tells them to not look for a simple solution, but that all journeys must begin with a simple step. The next day, the guardians eagerly enter a snow sculpting contest, each building a part of a snow castle. However Amu becomes discourage with her gate and states that it is no her character. When Amu asks Miki to do a Character Change, Miki refuses. Miki explains to Amu that Character Change and Character Transformation are potentials that sleep within Amu. But if Amu continues to say that she cannot do this or she is not use to it, those abilities may disappear.

On the way back to the temple, the other guardians leave Amu and Hotori by themselves. As the two continue towards the temple, they end up holding hands. Half panicking, Amu ask Hotori about the person he said he already liked when he first rejected Amu. Hotori explains that he was referring to a dog his family had owned. He also explains that he is not good at receiving confessions so he Character Changes with Kiseki and has him refuse. Hotori then confesses that he has come to like someone who is bright, positive, and strong, Amu's alter ego, Amulet Heart.

That night, Amu is unable to sleep. She talks with Ran about how Hotori likes Amulet Heart, but that Amulet Heart is not her. Ran reminds Amu that Amulet Heart is Amu's would-be self and that Amulet Heart exists within Amu. Amu remembers to what Miki and the priest said earlier and become determine to work towards becoming her would-be selves.

Before dawn, Amu returns to the snow castle to fix what she could not do yesterday. She is soon joined by the other guardians. Thought the finished castle did not win the contest, it did win the prize for best effort.
12 "A Sad Christmas Eve!"
"Kanashimi no Kurisumasu Ibu!" (悲しみのクリスマス・イブ!) Keisuke Onishi Kazuhiko Inukai December 22, 2007
Amu prepares to go shopping with Nadeshiko and Yaya for a Christmas party, but she sees a music video by Utau. Yaya tell Amu that Utau is a new idol singer who had recently been a model. Amu also thinks back to her first encountered with Utau in episode 10. Elsewhere, Utau is practicing her performance, but the choreographer criticizes that that Utau's dancing has no soul. Utau is disheartened, but when her manager, Yukari Sanjou, brings up Ikuto, Utau is determined to work harder.

Amu hurriedly runs home because it is getting late, but when she attempts to take a short cup, she ends up getting lost instead. She comes to a park where different groups are performing music. Amu hears a sorrowful melody and when she follows it, discovers that it is Ikuto playing his violin. The two have a short chat. But when Amu tells Ikuto that though his notes were a little sad, they were really pure, Ikuto reminders her that they enemies. He also warns her that those from Easter are beginning to move seriously, and if Amu doesn't want to get involved, she should quit now.

After the guardian's Christmas party the next day, Amu returns home. But the Guardian Characters feel the presents of X-eggs. They soon go back to the park and find that everyone's eggs have been extracted en-mass and have all turn to X-eggs, in the middle of them stood Ikuto. Then, in a burst of wind, Ikuto and the eggs disappear.
13 "Big Disturbance! New Year Live!"
"Dai Haran! Nyū Iyā Raibu!" (大波乱! ニューイヤーライブ!) Mamoru Enomoto Michiru Shimada January 5, 2008
Amu and the guardians go to a New Years live concert were Utau will be performing. Wail waiting the guardians realize that the Easter Company is the sponsor of the concert. Amu also see Ikuto and follows him into a back area were she inadvertently hear a conversation between Nikaidou, Yukari, and another person discussing the events that took place on Christmas Eve. As the concert being, everything is going well until Utau sprouts tiny batwings and four X eggs appear. The concert ends when part of the scaffolding above the stage fall due to the shenanigans of the Guardian Characters. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and purifies the X eggs, but not before Ikuto shatters one of them. Amu learns what happens someone's heart's egg is destroyed.
14 "Shugo Chara at the Ski Slope!? Snoppe Appears!"
"Gerende ni Shugo Kyara!? Sunoppe Tōjō!" (ゲレンデにしゅごキャラ!? スノッペ登場!) January 12, 2008
The 5th and 6th graders are being taught how to snowboard by a famous professional 11-year-old snowboarder. She actually gets stage fright a lot, and when she makes a wish to be calmer, her Guardian Character, Snoppe, appears. Nikadou puts pressure on her and Snoppe is turned into an X Egg.
15 "The Battle at the Snowfield! Save Snoppe!"
"Setsugen no Dai Kōbō! Sunoppe o Sukue!" (雪原の大攻防! スノッペを救え!) January 19, 2008
Amu and the Guardians go out to find Snoppe, and restore her just in time for the championship. Amu spots Nikaidou coming out of the X Egg's cabin.
16 "One Two Three☆Heart's Magic!"
"Wan Tsū Surī☆Hāto no Majikku!" (ワン・ツー・スリー☆ハートのマジック!) January 26, 2008
Amu meets a famous magician, who secretly attends the same school as Amu. He tells the Guardians about how the tricks were real at first, but the audience wanted more realistic magic, so they used computers. He mentions having an "imaginary friend" (who is actually a Guardian Character). Nikaidou turns his egg into an X Egg.
17 "The Breathtaking Speech Contest!"
"Supīchi Kontesuto Kiki Ippatsu!" (スピーチコンテスト危機一髪!) February 2, 2008
Amu is chosen as the class representative for a speech contest. Nikaidou uses Saaya in order for her to give Kukai a false diary entry from Tadase, believing Tadase thought he wanted to steal the position of the King's chair. This springs an argument between the two. In the end, Kukai and Tadase knew what was happening and were just acting all along. Amu transforms into Amulet Heart and uses the Heart Rod for the first time.
18 "The Delightful and Embarrassed First Date!"
"Ureshi Hazukashi Hatsu Dēto!" (うれしはずかし初デート!) February 9, 2008
Amu goes on a date with Tadase to an aquarium, after realizing the rest of the guardians are unable to attend. A girl name Chiisa interrupts the date, and prevents Tadase from chasing the sudden X Egg with Amu. Yoru shows up with the Dumpty Key, but it is stolen by the X Egg. Ikuto comes back for it and encounters Amu.
19 "Dad and Mom's Memories!"
"Papa to Mama no Omoide!" (パパとママの思い出!) February 16, 2008
Story of Amu's parents meeting and the arguments that followed. Precious picture that Yoru steals at one point.
20 "The Present for You!"
"Kimi e no Okurimono!" (君への贈り物!) February 23, 2008
Amu sees Kukai hanging out with a girl who plays the piano. At the mall, that girl's chara egg is stolen by Utau who is singing so Amu resovles to get it back.
21 "Kidnapping of Shugo Charas!"
"Shugo Kyara Yūkai Sareru!" (しゅごキャラ 誘拐される!) March 1, 2008
Amu is home alone. She goes to a restaurant after a bad encounter with a crab (that was supposed to be her dinner). At the restaurant waiting senter for seats, Amu's chara are stolen by Nikaido. She looks every where for Ran, Miki, and Su but cannot find them. She then gets help from Yoru, promising him 4 things and almost fell of a tall wall. Ikuto saves her and takes her to confront Nikaido. They are both defeated and Nikaido gets away.
22 "Shugo Charas Rescue Mission!"
"Shugo Kyara Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!" (しゅごキャラ 救出大作戦!) March 8, 2008

23 "Remake Honey! My Would Be Self!"
"Rimeiku Hanī! Naritai Jibun!" (リメイクハニー! なりたい自分!) March 15, 2008

24 "Sketch of Heart!"
"Kokoro no Suketchi!" (心のスケッチ!)

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