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Major Disappointments
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Posted 9/13/12 , edited 9/13/12

MikiSayaka wrote:

AshRandom wrote:

MikiSayaka wrote:

We're amazing creatures. Capable of inventions, communication, and progression.
That being said, do we ever truly progress?

We? No.

Technically it has only ever been a tiny fraction of humanity that has ever invented anything, or made any form of progress, or social reform.

It's that tiny fraction of 1% of the human population, which is still to this very day, tiny and fractional -- that ever does anything. The rest of humanity, the giant swath of the majority public, the 99% is completely obsessed with sex and whatever their bullshit religious dogmas say about some imaginary afterlife.

The world is still overly populated with worthless people, it may very well always be. But take heart, your individual contributions can help drag these helpless, hopeless, delusional primates -- kicking and screaming into the gleaming technological future.

My point exactly :)
While we are capable of it, few ever do anything about it. Few people push themselves. Most are content to watch.

On the positive side, our genes, my genes, your genes, are not exclusively ours. We share them with all of the individually worthless half starved people spread across the globe. All of the altruistic efforts we make in this life, promote the essence of 'us' regardless of if we have large families, or none at all. There's nothing completely and utterly special about me, that lead to my obsession with information and its application. Had my parents been killed in a car crash, had they not influenced me so profoundly, I probably wouldn't have. So, in that same sense there won't be anything particularly special about any of my offspring either, except that they'd have my particular set of dynamic influences governing their behavior. As a group, we share the ability to gain and express clarity of thought. So, I could make an equal impact if I simply adopted. With that in mind I go one step further and dedicate myself to teaching everyone's children.

I take heart in that the truth of our selfish genes has nothing to do with altruistic individuality. The essence wants to, and will continue, even if we make the ultimate sacrifice and die trying to help the vast swaths of confused, deluded, caveman like imbeciles that compose the majority public. Actually, it can only help ensure continuation.

So... Perhaps it's best not to worry about collective progress -- individual efforts are the supreme form of progression for a species like ours. Then again, perhaps it's the only thing we should worry about.... There's no reason to expect to survive the meeting of 21century technology and religious fundamentalism. They have no fear of mutually assured destruction. So, chances are there will probably come a generation which inherits our vast arsenal of warheads, while lacking the proper and necessary fear of its use. I start to feel morbid when I consider that a potential extinction event of our own making is almost unavoidable....

Then I come up with darkly humorous responses like: "Is it not evident? As part of the unspoken plan to rid the world of religious people, scientists have been excitedly constructing more and more lethal weapons every year."


We came from a prehistoric rat. The rats will likely survive a future holy war. Mammals will probably continue to dominate the future of the earth even if our particular set of mammals melt their own faces off... Still, I'd rather it was us. Then again, same exact kind of people might form out of modern rats. They might even be exactly the same in every way, worshiping Rat-Jesus, burning people alive for taking his rodent name in vein. The only real difference might simply be that we'd have women with six nipples. Heh!
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Posted 9/13/12

abel89 wrote:

I was even prepared to kill or be killed in the service of my country

But one thing screwed me over before I could get processed, because my albinism, makes my eyes sensitive to extreme sunlight, doctors felt I wouldn't be effective or safe when shooting on the range, so now I'm destined (cursed) to, while I, who was Gung ho about it, can't do so because of one little genetic defect, The bitterness will never leave me for as long as I live

Get a grip

I am not one of the huddled masses who cower in fear. I did serve my country, and am proud of it. I am proud of all those who have serve

I think you should be careful not to spout off like this to a battle-seasoned Marine like you have here. You will be surprised on the response.

"walk the Earth as a freakin, lowly civilian, and hang around a bunch of lame cowards, who have ALL the qualifaications, to be Marines, but are too cowardly to do so" really pissed me off and is your big flaw. Grow the hell up. You lost your chance at GLORY? SO WHA

You still have opertunities in your life, don't let them pass you by or you will spend the rest of your "worthless life as a lowly civilian" and I mean that. You just might end up in jail
Posted 9/13/12

AshRandom wrote:

My dear, once exposed, none of us can hope to hide in subtleties.

Your childish attempts to deny your attack was itself a concession.

Anyone who read it can plainly see it. If you had no malice in you, you wouldn't have said anything mocking in the first place.

But, it just burns you up that people can be good without God doesn't it? It burns you up that I'm beyond character assassination. Seeing the same anger toward fundamentalists in another man, equally devoted to the good of others, must make you question your religion and drive spikes into your mind you cannot avoid.

Not only is it possible to be good without God, it is often quite necessary, for without the division the endless lines of unjustified bigotry and homophobia from your dogmatic texts would have influenced us to the point of equal, unethical nastiness. We rise above such petty brainwashing and stupidity. Try it yourself some time.

...Oh man, you got me. Was my motive so plain? I am ashamed.
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