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Posted 8/2/09

BlackMagic98 wrote:

Lol love that one!

I have a whole page on my profile, devoted to YGOTAS quotes, here's the whole thing. (These aren't all of my favorite quotes, just the ones I've bothered to write down.)

These are not in any particular order. Also, the ones without names in front of them with a colon (:) are said by Kaiba.

Seto: I'm here for your Blue Eyes old man, and I won't take no for an answer. Now give it to me.
Grampa: No.
Seto: Curses. Foiled again.

Your own personal dueling deck: $10, a brand-spanking new duel disk: $30, bribing the school bully so he won't beat you up for playing card games: $50, acitivating Swords of Revealing Light so your opponent is unable to attack your life points directly, leaving him open for a frontal assault on all his monsters: Priceless. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's Kaiba Corp.

Time for a trip to the Recycle Bin, Phantom! And then once you're in the Recycle Bin, I'm going to right-click on it and select "Empty Recycle Bin", because otherwise you'd just be taking up unneccessary space, in other words I'm going to kill you!

I have an apology to make, it was wrong of me to force all of you to work over the Christmas period. Instead, I've decided to fire all of you. Happy Hannukah!

With this children's trading card, I will totally rule the world! *cue evil laughter*

Seto:Are you trying to tell me that Yugi and I are destined to play card games with each other for eternity?
Ishizu: Yes.
Seto: Best. Destiny. Ever!

Seto (Past Self): Pharoah you're reign of tyranny ends now! We demand that you wear a shirt that covers your manly chest! You're making us all look out of shape!
Random Sorcerer: Our Pharaoh can wear whatever he wants. He worked hard to get that physique!
Seto (Past Self): Why don't you marry the Pharaoh, if you love him so much?
Random Sorcerer: Maybe I will!

Seto (Past Self): Blue Eyes White Dragon! Destroy all his monsters!
Seto: That guy looks just like me! And he has a blue eyes, just like me! And he's an ***hole, just like me!

Ishizu: Unfortunately, we'll never know who won that duel because their name is hidden by Ancient Egyptian spoiler tags.

Ishizu: Now do you believe me Kaiba?
Seto: Since I'm the most skeptical person on the planet, I'm going to say no.

Ishizu: Behold Kaiba, the 3 Egyptian God Cards. Obelisk the Tormenter, Slifer the Executive Producer, and Mega Ultra Chicken.

In the four months since the last episode aired, I have created a brand-new ultra efficient, technologically advanced DUEL DISK SYSTEM. And thats not all, I also have a sexy new outfit. Also, I have a god card.

No one would take me seriously if they knew I was once.....cute.

Seto: I never take off my clothes.
Mokuba: Never, Seto?
Seto: Hey, if you had an outfit that made you look this good, would you take it off?

Mokuba: Where do babies come from Seto?
Seto: Mokuba, we've gone over this! You buy them in a store, just like everything else!

Seto: I kidnapped your grampa, Yugi, and then I dueled him into submission. So could you get over here and call an ambulance for him? I have far too much money to be expected to do it myself.

Seto: How? How could you summon Exodia?
Yami: Kaiba, if you really wish to know...then talk to the hand!

Yugi: By the way, my grampa has a super rare card.
Seto: Rare card? That sounds vague enough to be the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and since I'm a child billionaire in charge of a huge gaming company, I obviously have nothing better to do than check it out.

Seto: Ah! Exodia! Its not possible! Nobody's ever been able to summon him!
Yami: Really? Is that because its so rare?
Seto: No its because this game makes no sense, nobody can figure out how to do it.
Yami: Nobody except me!

Yami: He's right. How can I hope to defeat an Egyptian God Card?
Seto: Quit your snivelling Yugi.
Yami: Huh?
Seto: Just because this guy has an Egyptian God Card, it doesn't mean he's going to win. You and I both know that there's more to card games than having the most powerful monsters. A true duelist doesn't rely on his cards alone. If you want to win this match, you're going to have to take a page out of my book and screw the rules!

Seto: Yugi, you took advantage of a glaring flaw in the Duel Monsters rulebook. Clearly you are an honourable duelist.

Tea: Look at him undressing me with his eyes, I wonder what he's thinking.
Yami:"Man I hate milkshakes. Die, milkshake, die! Thats right milkshake you have been defeated! Now you go to milkshake prison!"

Yami: Yugi you little *bleep* You son of a *bleepin* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* I'm going to tear off your *bleep* and shove them right up your *bleep**bleep**bleep* And then *bleep* *bleep* *bleep**bleep* on your *bleep**bleep**bleep**bleep**bleep* with *bleep**bleep**bleep**bleep* in the *bleep**bleep* and *bleep**bleep**bleep**bleep* and *bleep**bleep**bleep* So then you'll have to *bleep* sideways! *bleep* Hmm? Hi there.

"Yes! You see Pharoah, with my Millenium Rod, I can force people to break-dance!" - Marik

Grampa: Wai-wait a minute, I've been injured so you're going to steal my deck and go play cards with your arch rival?
Yugi: Pretty much.

Grampa: For some reason, playing a card game has caused me to become severely injured.

XD lolz! another one of mine is the Mr.Tweetums thing

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Posted 1/31/10
well they are good i like it when mokuba says : every time seto smiles a puppy dies.
and then you see the puppydiedcunter with the increasing nummber of dieing puppys XD
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Posted 2/8/10
Could i get a Hug?..
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Posted 2/11/10
Bakura: No ! im not going to hug you!!
Yami-Marik: HUUUGGG..
Posted 8/16/11
warning: most of this will be from the vagina monologues~*

"well that means you'll have to tear up every vagina in the world?!"
"Well i can only posses people with the name steve"
"after this lets go home and make sweet hatred with eachother, all night long..."
"Whoever quotes things not from YGOTAS will get there kneecaps broken with a wrench..specifically this one :D"
"holy rahhhh! real vaginas!"
"Are brothers supposed to touch eachother like that?"
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