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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/8/08
In Japanese, there are many particles, like は が を に and many more...

What each particle means and how to use it is a large part of learning Japanese grammar.

When I search online I find a good website...

The Particles covered in the website are all written in roman characters, so I will write in hiragana for you (particles is always hiragana)

は wa (you write "ha" in hiragana for the wa particle only)
が ga
を o (you write "wo" from the "wa wo" line in hiragana, but most people when roman character it, write "o")
に ni
へ e (you write "he" for the e particle)
で de
の no
と to
や ya
も mo
か ka
よ yo
ね ne
な na
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