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Never let the things of the world overwhelm you. For the things of the material belong to the dust from the Earth, they will be restored upon physical death of man.

What does this mean? It's not surprising if we find ourselves stressed by the immediate circumstances in life. These immediate things we see, is like a wall of people in a crowd. You can only see the people around you shuffling, in a hurry. Caught in the middle, what do you do? Follow the flow to avoid being trampled?

In Singapore, it is often mentioned in media about a 'kiasu' syndrome. (Fear of losing out) A typified 'singaporean' behaviour would be instances whereby one joins a queue and have no idea what it is for. Of course, this is exaggerated, but it brings about the mentality to rush with the immediate things we see.

In fact, to see people frown and knit their brows in stress, it is almost like a marker for status of importance. The more important you are to the society, the more stressed you should look. The more restful you look, you must be less efficient.


Wait. Learn to see beyond your surroundings. The Lord is patient, and He is above all, yet He never rushes. "But but if I don't hurry and get busy, I won't get my things done! The world hangs on to this report! I MUST get it done!"

Yes, it should be done. But if you have the Lord as your savior, then your answer is simple. Learn to trust in Him. Rushing is of the world. Where are they rushing to? To success? To money? Scarce resources? Today, for a believer, our resources lie with the Lord. The different names of Jesus give a clearer idea. Jehovah-Jireh (The Lord IS Provision). What does THAT mean? I'll explain later.

God says clearly in Psalms 91:1 'Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you'. Seeking the Lord and his Kingdom includes his word. If you truly are interested in getting to know more about God, then hear what he says. For 'those who have ears, let him hear'. The secrets of the Kingdom of God is all in the Bible, but it takes the most righteous of man to seek it out.

As mentioned earlier, God's names give a clearer idea of the different sides to God. You may know him as GOD, or Lord or whatever, but his ways, do you know them? Jesus says 'if you've seen me, you've seen the Father'. Jesus speaks wisdom, but not all receive. As given in the parable of the sower (the father of all parables) seeds that fall on rocky ground will never last, thorny ground will get choked. Satan can take away things that is heard if they are not meditated and held close to heart.

We are to seek Him keenly and earnestly. For God reveals himself through faith, only by faith can you see His works in action. This faith, does not come from man. Whereas the flesh can generate some faith, it is weak and breaks easily when tested. Jehovah-Jireh 'The Lord IS Provision'. This is usually translated as 'The Lord our provider.' But this is different. In the original context, there is no separation from the Blessing and the Blesser. Jesus IS Provision. Therefore, there is the crucial reason why we are to seek Him and not his blessings, because they are one!

When you seek his blessings, it is no different from the worldly thoughts. The world is full of material wants. He has better things to offer. Riches is a small issue to God, but he loves us so, that's why he takes his time. Yes, you read right. For a long time I didn't get why. But God is patient. He knows our days. Many a times we accuse God of not working miracles in our lives when we need it.

Do you know what you're saying? First, it's trying to arm-twist God into doing things for you, which never works. Second, it's aiming low. Riches and material wants, God wants to give abundantly.

He never has problems giving. In fact, the feeding of the 5000 is a picture of God's gifts. They are in abundance! Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish with 12 basketfuls left over! This is not just some careless estimate. God wants us to know to trust Him! So what's the problem, asking for money and all? No problem. But if you don't have wisdom and understanding to use it wisely, how can you use it for God's purposes?

A man picks up $5000. He may use it on himself and spend $500 on charity. Yet he is giving out of abundance, an obligation because it does not belong to him. God cultivates in us wisdom, so that we may use it to glorify Him. Riches is no problem for God. The problem is our thinking. Money is a tool. Do you know how to bless others with it? Some people may break their relationships just beause they are rich. Man divorces wife or something like that.

Thirdly, it tells volumes about your lack of faith. Do you lose patience with God when it doesn't go your way. For he reveals himself in faith, do not be one of those weeping willows, that shakes wherever the wind blows. To have faith is to keep believing. To walk in faith is to disregard sight and immediate circumstances. Yet the Lord says faith comes from him also. Is this not another reason why we should seek Him?

Don't rush with the World. The things they go for, is perceived to be givers of happiness. Yet true happiness lies with Christ. It is freely given, but not all want to receive. Beloved, learn to hold fast his truth in your heart and forgo the flesh. For Jesus says 'if anyone should follow me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily'. I read a really good article that shows me what that meant. Crucifying the flesh means making it subordinate to the Holy Spirit. The flesh is selfish, the heart seeks sinful pleasures. The works of the flesh gives birth to lust of different things like, sloth, greed, doubt, anger and much more.

To crucify the flesh daily would be keeping the flesh in check. When we forgo the words of God, even if our previous foundation was strong, it is easy for the heart to run astray and seek sinful things. Doubt floods in, and robs us of the peace of Jesus. He says 'Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid'. These two are the things that rob us of His eternal peace today.

When you are troubled with the things of the world, you are straying from His word. Instead, be patient. Follow the Lord. Imitate Him. God never rushes, he never is caught off-guard. He above all wishes to extend grace and mercy to those who can never repay Him. He wishes for your joy and health more than we do. These things the Lord treasures, are not material things. Even in proverbs, God says that wisdom more precious than silver and gold, and happy is one who finds it.

Learn to detach yourself from immediate surroundings. Even if you can't see what is beyond, know that the clouds never mean the sky is gone. If you hold God's truth as tightly as you are certain the blue sky continues behind the grey clouds, peace will fall upon your heart. Stress is the opposite of peace. It seeks to maintain a lack of peace as a means to motivate or pressure one into getting things done. Yet stress causes major illnesses and diseases. It is destructive. The world functions upon stress. 'Stress' has been used by the devil to symbolize man's capability.

Who says that means success? Jehovah's other names are many, one of them is Jehovah-Nissi (Jesus IS Success/our Banner) Seeking the Lord, He will equip you with the things you need to work his will in your life! And God has a great plan for us, even the not so glorious things are planned out for the good and the best benefit according to our choices. Believe that 'in all things, God works for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purposes (Romans 8:28)

So seeking the Lord takes time out of your schedule. Are you willing to do so? Slow your pace down and sacrifice some things for Him? The tithing mentality is to reverse the curse of the ground, the earth for Him to sanctify. All belongs to the Lord, but when you sacrifice things to Him, he abundantly multiplies! Same with time! He promises to 'lengthen your days'. Therefore, worry not. Whatever time you put in for Him, he'll give you so much more! Seek the Lord!

Don't be discouraged by the dark clouds. If you have a situation in your life that isn't going smoothly, know that the blue skies are just beyond. The dark clouds will clear eventually, but you have to stick around long enough to see the sky clear. Don't be thinking of ways to get rid of the dark clouds, so you can rest. Rest, and wait for God to clear the clouds for you!
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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/8/08
Rest in the arms of God..... Thank you for the good news! i feel refreshed...
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