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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/8/08
Just i want too see what u gonna say each of Negi's students.

1. Sayo Aizaka - i like color of her eyes(red). i think of her she's Asakura's sidekick. And possible Konoemon crush since that day. good thing she's have a good part of story on Mahou Sensei Negima.
2. Yuna Akashi - one of the energetic among sports club group.if Mana's a pro sniper,she's rookie and have a potential gunner too.
3. Kazumi Asakura - one thing i like its her confident smile.good thing she's not Haruna, a rumormonger.
4. Yue Ayase - i think she's genius althought she's have that (hate to study). one of the fastest quick thinker and a good adviser.
5. Ako izumi - one of my favorites. base on manga, i really like color of her hair. its cool when she's using bass guitar.she's have a long-part love story on manga.
6. Akira Okochi - a quite one. she maybe not famous but interesting character.
7. Kakizaki Misa - good looking hair style.
8. Asuna Kagurazaka - one of my favorites. the only make me curoius about her its her heterochromic(2 eye color). a well good balance, being a main character(+35% fame), audience impact(+15%), personality(+10%), story background(40%).
9. Misora Kasuga - a hilarious one, i think she's more funny than Makie. i like her artifact. when i look her,something funny gonna happen.
10. Chachamaru Karakuri - why is there a robot in the class? but i like being her obedient.
11. Madoka Kugimiya - i like her personality althought we almost shares our birthday XD.
12. Ku Fei - she's so secretive if its talk about her. a frank one and good personality arune! i like style of her speech arune!
13. Konoka Konoe - an airhead and naive. being close to setsuna makes them popular.
14. Haruna Saotome - her rumormonger gives me excited. she does looks like an insect.i think her artifact is powerful one.
15. Setsuna Sakurazaki - one of my favorites. It's really cool when she show up her wings.
16. Makie Sasaki - a funny one and a pinkaholic. she does have a good role in Negima!?
17. Sarurako Shina - on any version of negima, she always change color of her hair.she does have other style of her speech. she is always happy every part of manga.
18. Mana Tatsumiya - her eyes gives me creeps. i like her background and a interesting one.
19. Linshen Chao - she is so cute when she's in evil-serious mode with a little smile.
20. Kaede Nagase - strong, hot and sexy! she's have diff. style of speech de-gozaru!!
21. Chizuru Naba - she's very kind and very scary.
22. Fuka Narutaki - they more childlike than Negi. good thing they have opposite attitude.
23. Fumika Narutaki - same as Fuka.
24. Satomi Hakase - good for her she created Chachamaru.
25. Chisama Hasegawa - a reality check on the class. akamatsu's favorite. i hope she stop that bad expression on her face.
26. Evangeline A.K. McDowell - i think she is love with Nagi. she's cute when Colonel Sanders playing her XD.
27. Nodoka Miyazaki - people's choice. she's no.1 negi love ranking. story background(+5% fame), personality(+35%), audience impact(+50%). she does have cool artifact.
28. Natsumi Murakami - why she hates herself? her freckles looks cute on her. and possible Kotaro's couple.
29. Ayaka Yukihiro - when she in the role, what's with those rose on her background? she is pure Negiholic.
30. Satsuki Yotsuba - shell be a good member on a party, a healer on other way.
31. Zazie Rainyday - taciturn and a mysterious one. being mysterious gives me some interest on her.
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