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Posted 3/8/08 , edited 3/9/08
just describe ure home....

No invincible homes....

My home is a indoor wall of flames near the pit of hell, and the staircases to heaven... If u touch my walls dont blame me... My house is like a flamin' fort. It has 7 towers with stone statues of 7 dragons each can turn into real fire dragons and bombard enemies with fire balls. If uve been a bad boy or girl and try to go to heaven, i wont snitch on you, but good luck
Posted 3/9/08 , edited 3/9/08
my home is a floatig fortress souronded on the outside by hordes of flying demons that obey my every command. it has high power missile lanchers ringing the outside walls. and a special bomb hiden in the base. the in side looks like a large military base. and theres a building with a teleporter beam so that people can go in and out of the fortess.all maned by the same deomns that gaurd the place
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