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Posted 3/9/08

Asatte No Houkou
in english "A chance Encounter"...
there are two protagonists in the story, Karada Iokawa & Shouko Nogami. They are two different people who had a chance encounter on a provincial shrine that leads to a change of fate. Karada, a girl who wishes to be a grown-up for the sake of helping his only older brother, Hiro prays everyday at the local shrine. Shouko, a woman who returns to Japan from studying abroad sees a girl praying at the shrine.

So, karada-chan turns into a full-grown lady and shouko-san turns into a child. They hid it from everyone and decided to live together. People like Hiro and Amino kept on looking for Karada but of course they wouldn't find her and besides Karada-chan kept on running away (she pisses me off most of the times but can't really blame her since she's JUSt a child)!!!
In the end, they turn back to theirselves again and everyones happy. I guess giving it a second season wouldn't be's a good story but it's inferior if you compare it to other heartfelt animes.

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