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wat is ur favorite anime song ?
Posted 3/9/08
Sorry I know u only said one .. but what can I say I don't have a specific favorite one I have alot ... so like im bored I'll be throwing in alot xD ... I have way more than this

Berserk - Behelit
Berserk - Forces
Berserk - Gatsu
Berserk - Murder
Berserk - Tell Me Why
Beserk - Waiting So Long
City Hunter - Angels Night
Cowboy Bebop - Ballad Of Fallen Angel
Cowboy Bebop - Clutch
Cowboy Bebop - Jupiter Jazz
Cowboy Bebop - Mushroom Hunting
Cowboy Bebop - Tank!
Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues
Devil May Cry - DMC (Opening Theme)
Get Backers - Barairo No Sekai
Get Backers - Bloody Rain
Get Backers - Namida no Hurricane
Get Backers - Stardust
Grappler Baki - Child Prey
Grappler Baki - Reborn
Grappler Baki - Ai Believe
Great Teacher Onizuka - Cherished Memories
Great Teacher Onizuka - Drivers High
Great Teacher Onizuka - Hitori no Yoru
Great Teacher Onizuka - Last Piece
Great Teacher onizuka - Shizuku
Hajime No Ippo - 360 Degrees
Hajime No Ippo - Inner Light
Hajime No Ippo - Tumbling Dice
Hajime No Ippo - Under Star
Hellsing - Logos Naki World (Opening Theme)
Inuyasha - Fukai Mori
Inuyasha - My will (full)
Kenichi - Be Strong (Opening Theme)
Ninja Scroll - Jubei’s Theme
Ninja Scroll - Shigure’s Theme
Outlaw Star - Hiru no Tsuki
Outlaw Star - Through the Night
Outlaw Star - Tsuki no le
Outlaw Star - Twilight Suzuka’s Theme
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M / nyc
Posted 3/9/08
^^^ no worries popcornpuffs, we all have many songs we like Good selection btw
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37 / M / UK, London
Posted 3/9/08
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze.
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25 / M / Destiny Islands
Posted 3/9/08
air and kanon 06 op
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24 / F
Posted 3/9/08
I love the Clannad opening
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26 / F / Canada
Posted 3/9/08
All the openings and endings of NANA! Sooo nice.
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27 / M / Sj
Posted 3/9/08
any hayate no gotoku song, any gundam 00 song, howling (darker than black), innocent sorrow (d gray man), doubt and trust (d gray man), alones (bleach), rolling star (bleach), hikari sasuhou (murder princess), chain (air gear), any shakugan no shana song, and hirari (digimon savers)

i know thats a lot =P
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27 / M
Posted 3/9/08
Mai-HiME soundtrack !
I love it !
Posted 3/9/08
LONELY IN GORGEOUS X____x is the best song in the worldddddd babyyyyyyyyyy <3 i love it anyway -.-

Tommy heavenly 6 - Lonely in Gorgeous (from Ai Yazawas Paradise Kiss)

Its my fave song in general X]

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22 / F / sOmEwHeRe LoSt In...
Posted 3/9/08
touka gettan opening song
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26 / M / The Netherlands
Posted 3/9/08
Hare hare yukai, God Knows - The Malancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Eternal Blaze, Brave Phoenix - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Posted 3/9/08

My joint fave song in the world ever. Which made my cry my eyes out when i first heard it -

A Little Pain - olivia (trapnest) (From Ai Yazawas NANA)

Seriously the most beautiful song i have ever heard in my life..

Also from nana, either by ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi NANA BLACK STONES or OLIVIA inspi REIRA TRAPNEST :

zero (<3!)
wish (<3<3<3!!!)
starless night
winter sleep (;/;)

i love all those too <3<3<3 ai yazawas animes always have good music o.o i even like gokinjos opening song XD dunno what its called though ;.; so i just call it the 'HAPPYYY!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!' song XDDD

(oh and i know its not an anime but the dmc3 ps2 game theme song is friggin awesome x.x)
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23 / F / where i want to be
Posted 3/9/08
I like the ending to Rosario+Vampire
the first op and ending for Naruto Shippuden
the new op for Bleach After Dark
the op for Karin
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29 / F
Posted 3/9/08
Sakura Kiss from Host Club, First Kiss from Zero Familar, and the song from Lovely Complex
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30 / F
Posted 3/9/08
well, i like anime songs. Specially when the characters sings their own songs released on cds. I love them
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