kittens and puppies to adopt!!
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Posted 3/9/08 , edited 3/9/08
Here are some animals that need a good home so here are some cute cuddley canidates to become good pets.

These are my twins(I adopted)

there names are Saddie(white) and Sybil(black).they were found snuggled together under a blanket in a little basket outside.

Shasta and Rei

the sweet and sassy duo love people and they are very well behaved they were found alone in a park with their
leashes tied to a tree.

Nomine(far left) Axle(top left) Sora(middle) Riku(far right) and Roxas(top right)

each ppuppy is special in its own way. and all of them are very playful(except for axle he is more solitare).

Luna(black) and Star(white)

If you want to would be more than happy to adopt any of these pets then pleases fill out the form below.

Your name/CR name
The pet(s) name(s)
Why you want to adopt them.
Thnx everyone
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