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Posted 3/9/08
So post your favorite character and give some reason why and what anime the charater is from. i'll go first....

sorry for the picture i couldn't hold myself back.
Anyway Neji Hyuga is my favorite character from naruto. The reason for that is his looks lol just kidding well actully is the way he fights with his Byakugan and the use of his 64 palms.

My other favorites Sasuke Uchiha and the reason for this is the way he act with other people also the use of the cursemark in level 2 and the use of chidori.
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Posted 3/9/08
i like neji best too! and i like shika, itachi, deidara, and temari. theyre all strong and cool.
Posted 3/16/08
u know what would be cool 8 trigrams 64 CHIDORI OR RASENGAN OMFG PWN
i like shikamaru cause we both are lazy
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