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Posted 3/9/08 , edited 3/9/08
Ok then since I'm seeing people not roleplay right I want to fix it so its funnier.

Here is and example of a improper roleplay.

Um, Hi I'm Bob.

Thats wrong because a roleplay is a story made by different people try to put it in a story format make your post descriptive and easy to read with good grammar and spelling.

Example of a story format roleplay.

Bob was hesitant to greet this unknown stranger but Bob was a nice man. "Um, Hi I'm Bob." he said nervously.

See thats a lot better than the improper one now is it. There is also something called Script format which I have no problem with if you use it right.

Example of Script format roleplay.

Bob Looks at the strange man: Um, Hi I'm Bob.

I know some people have trouble with grammar and spelling. Thats why if you have trouble when posting first type it in Microsoft word where it will show you your mistakes.


Some people don't know what it means but Godmodding is when you make your character invincible or kill someone in one hit etc. People shouldn't do this because one its unfair and two it makes roleplaying unfair. To stop godmodding stop your attack in post in mid attack so they have a chance to block or parry.

Example of Godmodding

Bob appears behind George and stabs him in the heart before he can do a thing.

Follow the template.

The template is how you make your character I'm seeing people make half archer and swordsman that isn't the way to follow the template.

Example of following the template.

Name (Nickname): Koty
User(With link):
Age: 16
B-day: March 7th
Gender: Male
Type of warrior: Swordsman
Weapon of choice: two Katana
Picture with weapon:
Short intro on your character: His clan was destroyed by a wandering swordsman. He swore to kill that man if it was the last thing he does. He is very crazy/goofy when he isn't fighting but when he is he is a killing machine.

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Posted 4/5/08
hey thats lame!!
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