Post Reply Write down the best Opening themes and ending songs for different anime
Posted 3/10/08
DOnt be shy tell me some of the best ending and opening songs of different anime. This will help people find some good music to listen to while they are messin around and want to listen to music.
here is some good songs that i found. ENJOY

Wish OVA OP: Wish
CLAMP School Detectives OP: Peony Pink (Pianii Pinku)
St. Luminous Mission High School ED: Labyrinth
Noir OP: Coppélia's Coffin (Kopperia-no Hitsugi)
Avenger OP: Lunar Eclipse Grand Guignol (Gesshoku Guran Ginyoru)
Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Haru~ OP: Pastel Pure
Rozen Maiden OP: The Forbidden Game (Kinjirareta asobi)
My-HiME game Unmei no Keitouju OP: Princess Asura (Ashura hime)
Rozen Maiden Träumend OP: Domain of the Holy Girl (Seishōjo Ryōiki)
.hack//Roots ED: National Awakening - Catharsis (Bōkoku Kakusei Catharsis)
Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion ED: Chivalrous Youth Song (Yūkyō Seishunka)
Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre OVA OP: Rose Jail Maiden (Baragoku Otome)
Kamichama Karin OP: Dark Heaven (Ankoku Tengoku)
Kaibutsu Oujo (Monster Princess) ED: Kneel Down and Lick my Feet (Hizamazuite ashi o oname)
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed OP: Kotodama
Kamisama Kazoku OP: Brand New Morning
Kamisama Kazoku ED (by Miraku - Mai Mizuhashi, Mayu Kudō, and Fumika Iwaki): Toshokan de wa Oshiete Kurenai, Tenshi no Himitsu
Hitohira ED: Smile (Sumairu)
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl game ED: Message of the Wind
Dōjin Work ED: Girls Who Dream (Yumemiru Otome
Sailor Moon R ED: Otome no Policy
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar OP: Sugar Baby Love
Ai Yori Aoshi OP: Towa no Hana
Petite Princess Yucie ED: Ienai Kara
Gunparade March (aratanaru kougunka) OP: Shinjitsu no Tobira
Ai yori Aoshi ~enishi~ OP: Takaramono
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World ED: Natsuiro no Kakera
Ah! My Goddess OP: Open Your Mind (chiisana hane hirogete)
Shakugan no Shana 2nd ED: Aka no Seijaku
Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings OP: Shiawase no Iro
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M / If i told u then...
Posted 3/10/08
i like "Alones" by aqua times for the bleach 6th opening.
"White Reflections" for the Gundam wing Endless waltz ending
i don't have alot so i'll edit this post when i remember them XD
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23 / F / New York
Posted 3/10/08
wow zoecat you are really in to this but i love all theme songs and mermiad melody pitchi pitchi pitch's the best
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31 / M / California
Posted 3/11/08
I'm sure there are lots I'd like to add, but right now I can only think of the opening theme from Kino no Tabi.
Posted 3/11/08
lol i have white reflections on my ipod lol
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29 / F / in my own small w...
Posted 3/16/08
H2o: 1 winged icarus
Higurashi no naku koro ni: when cicadas cry

Thats all for now
Posted 3/16/08
thats a good song i dont have that on my ipod though i must get it now
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25 / M / Auckland, New Zea...
Posted 3/17/08
i only like nagareboshi (shooting star) its in naruto
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24 / F / At my laptop....
Posted 3/19/08
i like rolling star from bleach
life from bleach
jasmin from tsubasa chronicles
doubt and trust from D.Gray-Man
and i guess colours of the heart is good
from blood+
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28 / F / Seretei
Posted 8/5/08
i love Bleach's 1st ending Song- Life is like a boat [Rie Fu]

and Bleach's 6th opening Song - ALONES [Aqua Timez]
*Kon just looks so dramatic while singing. The modified Souls looks cute too especially Nova.
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