PC Gamers.
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34 / F / Washington
Posted 3/10/08
When did you start playing PC games regularly?

What game got you hooked?

How old were you when you played your first game?

What game was it?

Do you play casual or flash games too?

What was your first?

What about MMORPGs?

Do you know what an MUD is?

Have you ever played a Text Adventure?
Dungeon Siege.
The Oregon Trail.
Yeah, both.
Something from BigFish & something on NeoPets.
No, but I've tried Graal, Maple Story, & Sword of the New World for a couple of days.
Yes, but never played one.

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22 / M / totaly difrent world
Posted 4/4/08
when i was kid
5 or 6
some kind of racing game
dont play

wooh finaly finish heh
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32 / M / Seattle
Posted 4/4/08
Hmmm the only PC games that I have found worth my time are,
* Starcraft
* American Mcgees Alice

And there is one more that I cannot remember the title of ^^;;
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