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Posted 3/10/08
In my opinion I like the old NightWish better than the New NightWish because of the singer.
I still love and listen to New NightWish and Annete Olzon is a very good singer but what I am trying to say is that Tarja Turunen was better. She had a better voice. She was what made NightWish a truly awsome Symphonic Metal band. That combination of Metal with that Symphonic Opera was magnificent. New Nightwish is Metal with a singer with a good singing voice and there is not as much Symphonic Opera as there was when Tarja was in the band.

Oh NightWish, why didn't you just give Tarja one last chance to gain your faith once again, I am pretty sure that she would not have let you all down because after working with NightWish for about 10 years she knows that NightWish is a band that plays music from the heart for other hearts and not for the money and their performance being appreciated is the only kind of pay they need from their fans to be happy.

Tarja and her voice will live on forever in our memories and hearts forever and we will all get past that emotionally tragic brake-up.

Tarja was truly the best singer NightWish ever and would ever have had.

Tarja Turunen 4ever

Favorite Songs with Tarja: End Of All Hope, I Wish I Had An Angel, Wishmaster, Nemo, Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, Moondance, Stargazer, Phantom Of The Opera, Planet Hell, Sacrament Of Wilderness, Gethsemane, The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
Favorite Songs with Annete: Amaranth, Bye Bye Beautiful, Master Passion Greed, Whoever Brings The Night, Last Of The Wilds, 7 Days To The Wolves

Check em out seriously great music
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Posted 3/10/08
Yeah, Tarja is much better but Annete is pretty good too, just not as good, see how I get you hooked on Nightwish? xD Well anyway, I hope they keep up doing the good lyrics for new albums of their music, even though Tarja is gone I hope Annete will keep up the good job and keep Nightwish running...
Posted 8/22/08
I like Tarja more because when she was singing it sounded like opera and that was great and now when Annete is singing it sounds like pop
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Posted 11/30/08
Eh dosent matter a real Nightwish Fan wouldent care as long as all the member are not changed and its Melodic Metal
Posted 12/7/08
I think they're both great.
Annete and Tarja,have different types of music kinda thing
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