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Posted 3/10/08
Recently there has been a huge increase in players who have discovered private realms, such as which is currently the best private server providers at the moment, They give you a world which defeats the purpose of the game BUT give u all that u want in the original game, u dont have to worry about leveling up , killing 1 mob will automatically raise you to level 70 no matter where u are, also a cool thing yet bad or good i dont know is that u can get to vendors who charge you NOTHING for ure epics like the raid sets or the pvp sets, The only BENEFIT that the players can get is by buying a membership allowing them to keep the server running and to make there self more overpowered, Now heres the question im asking this group.

Are these servers bad or just a lazy way of enjoying ure gameplay, please answer to this

OH AND BTW i play on Private Servers and on the original WOW so i take into mind whatever you may say about the servers so please dont hold back on comments for this topic !
Posted 4/12/08
I prefer PVP really

levelling is fun!!
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Posted 4/14/08
i dont mind private servers , i just hade the people in private servers who play maple story (fags) or any other on9 games ( not counting strategy games like starcraft , i mean MMORPGS) , ! PLEASE LEAVE WOW ALONE ! Plus some people in private server yalk like pros .. theyre not ... theyre not even playing ori wow..
Posted 5/1/08
You can gank on PVP so it's more fun!
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/5/08
ok playing on a private server DOES defeat the purpose of wow

HOWEVER if you are paying for original world of warcraft who gives a damn? plus those servers must get awful boring considering no raids will happen PVP would be a joke and alot of people on those servers (generalization but still) are retards. The people that bother me on that server are the ones who dont actually play wow and base their opinions of wow on the private servers (retarded i know but i know someone like that).

I would consider going on one of those servers, but only to get a few cool screenshots or see what my character is actually capable of

also Rina this conversation isnt about PVP servers vs PVE servers, its private (free) vs real ($) just so u know
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