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Regular Strangers
Posted 8/19/07
On my way to school I would catch the tram.
I usually caught it at the same time each morning, about 8:25.
There were a number of people I saw very regularly, at least twice a week probably.
I still have no idea who they are, they are my "regular strangers".

They are;
=> The guy with a long black coat and a red inside collar.
=> The 20-something girl who seemed always to have hay-fever or a cold or something.
=> The slightly balding man with his curly haired son in a pushchair.
=> The lady with the nordic-walking sticks who never seemed to be using them properly.
=> A considerable number of other people. (those are just the ones who spring instantly to mind.)

Who are your regular strangers?

Where do you see them?

Do you ever (like me) have the urge to just go up and introduce yourself?

Why wouldn't you (usually) introduce yourself to someone you just happen to be sitting opposite on a train or some-such?
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59 / F / Melbourne
Posted 8/19/07
I haven't got any "regular strangers" atm.

In the past I have had them and whereas I rarely introduced myself to them on the train etc where I saw them every day, if I saw them "out of context" I would say hi or good morning or something. Then we would say hi to each other next time we saw each other "in context".

If I always see someone when I am out walking I say hi to them if they look like a nice, non-scary person.

In general people don't introduce themselves to strangers on a train because:

1. Who would trust every stranger on a train enough to start talking to them?
2. They might think you were trying to hit on them.
3. You might feel like you were invading their privacy.
4. If you start talking to them and they are a creep or boring or something you may be stuck with talking to them every time you see them on the train.
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25 / M / somewhere in the...
Posted 8/19/07
well,there is a mentally retarded man near the road,and i meet him everyday whenever I go to school or somewhere else,nobody bothers him.and I don't bother him either.
Posted 8/19/07
Who are your regular strangers?
- The girl who walks past me every morning on the way to school. She always wears a pink hat when it's cold.
- The boy who comes out of his guitar lesson every Saturday in Bruce Millers (music shop)
- The guy who works in Starbucks who seems to be bored out of his mind.
- The girl who I have seen in numerous piano competitions and performances and who needs to work on her pedalling.
- The old lady who walks her massive dog, who I see every Wednesday lunchtime, who says hi to me every time she sees me.

Do you ever (like me) have the urge to just go up and introduce yourself?
Sometimes. Although when I see them it just becomes part of the routine..but sometimes when I don't see them when I should I kind of wonder where they would be.

Why wouldn't you (usually) introduce yourself to someone you just happen to be sitting opposite on a train or some-such?
Don't know actually. I've never thought to introduce myself. What if they don't notice me like I notice them?
Although I started talking to this girl who takes the same bus as me when I go into town most Saturdays. She goes in for work and I always see her.
And this one day it was absolutely chucking it down with rain and we both just kind of started complaining about the weather (as you do in Scotland).
And when I see her we just kind of carry on the conversation...^^
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31 / Ronald McDonald's...
Posted 8/19/07
Some bums who hang out in my street, but they seem to switch with other bums when the seasons change and the people who work in the 24 hour shops where I drop by a few times daily. Apart from that, I'm always late for school, so I never catch the same train and thus don't have any regular strangers on the train.

I can't remeber any regular stranger who'd catch my interest enough to make me want to introduce myself.

I sometimes have conversations with strangers on the train. I like it when elder women give me candy and it's sometimes fun to pass the time on the train by smalltalking, however, I usually get bored after a few minutes and then I actually just want to get out =/
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33 / M
Posted 8/19/07
the truck driver with a truckload of pigs every other evening.
the old man pushing a cart full of cans every morning(sometimes i donate).
the mentally retarded people who stop by to play mini golf a few times a week with their nurse.
the milf who loves to flirt while sitting on the bench waitin for her son to finish a round of mini golf.
the coca cola guy who refills the pop machine.
the girl who works at the library.
everyone on crunchyroll(hi everyone).
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24 / F
Posted 3/30/08
my "regular strangers" are my neighbors.
i see them almost everyday, but i barely talk to them. i dont even know their names. lol.
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70 / M / Limbo
Posted 3/30/08
Regular strangers? I guess some regulars that come into the store where I work...

...fucking weirdos.
Posted 3/30/08
My town is really small so I mostly know everyone besides these new people who just moved in
Posted 3/30/08
..regular stranger!?
let see...
my neighbors
they people i see at the bus
the ppl i come across at my moms work
some student at skull...
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116 / F
Posted 3/30/08
I don't usually see any "regular strangers"
Hmm..at least I dont think so.
Posted 3/30/08
I don't really have any because I rarely notice the people around me honestly.
In class I only talk to the people around me then when I look around and see new faces
Im like woah.

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23 / F / USA
Posted 3/30/08
-this kid with a really red face
-an old woman
-a really tall butch girl that wear short shorts alot *your legs are too thick! X(*
-an old man thats always in his garage that stares at passerbyers (creepy much?)
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Posted 4/1/08
- Neighbors
- My friends sister (I never talked to her for some reason)
- This white guy with a huge afro
- This guy at my gym I go to every 3 times a week (usually)
- 2 little korean kids that stare at me whenever I walk home
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32 / M / San Francisco CA...
Posted 4/1/08
in the bus, I have my "personal" chair

In front of me was a woman who works in starbucks,

in front of the woman is a construction worker.

beside me is a bum

infront of the bum is a drunkard.

A hooker from our town's local strip club doesnt hesitate to sit down so she always stands in front of the exit

A stressed office worker behind her.

...and ofcourse my bus driver named Tom who loves his Filipina wife named Mayla.
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