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Gundam Seed Destiny
Posted 3/29/09 , edited 3/29/09
GSD was a horrible ver of Zeta. Shinn was more bitchy than Kamille(Kammile>Shinn). Orginal SEED along the way. Games of GSD wern't bad but story was horrible. etc. breakin up AsuCaga, nearly killing off Kira n Athrun, Gundam of too much plot armor, not being able 2 c kira until ep 5 or watever, y use a rip off of archangel? first of all we start wif strike gundam(not ad but not too cool but alright) Freedom(cool). teh original Freedom had no plot armor.\ in the SEED story. GSD is like a retell of SEED. adn athrun is good enough wif caga. maybe he did not tell he was out of engagement wif lacus. kxl suits me coz asu was meant 4 caga. dam, i thought kira and athrun were gonna b bros wen kira's sis marries athrun. if athrun marries dat bitch meriyian, im goona critic the SEED movie teh same way i did wif GSD.
Posted 3/30/09
i'm gonna tak a break from SEED 4 now. im focoused on Gundam 00 n Gravion, dont bug me about u seedlings gettin bullied by hardcore fans or Shinn fans(4 shinn haters).
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Posted 4/5/09
i jus wan cagalli and athrun to end up together
Posted 4/6/09

allenephilim88 wrote:

There is one thing I do like about gundam seed destiny, the gundams, jajaja. Everyone thinks that strike freedom is the best, but I actually think the Destiny is the most powerful (Shinn sucks as a pilot). Think about it. Strike Freedom´s DRAGOONs are only functional in space, leaving it without its most powerful weapon against multiple targets. Also, shooting at the DRAGOONs and taking them out is fairly easy (for a good pilot, not for Shinn), leaving the Strike Freedom in disadvantage (again). The only thing difficult a Destiny pilot must do is getting close enough to touch the Freedom with its palms, but again, if a pilot is skilled enough to have a sword fight with the Freedom, destroying it shouldnt be imposible. Besides, Destiny should be faster than the Strike Freedom (because of the Wings of Light).

it aint faster. Sf is the ultimate CE MS. SF has wings of light wen it deploys DRAGOONS. And Destiny sucks.
Posted 4/6/09

andydono wrote:

Okay the discussion that's going is messed up...

The Freedom is indeed older than the Impulse and its 3 other packs, however its technology is not freaking lower than Impulse. How the heck do you come up with a conclusion that Freedom's spec is crappier than Impulse when Jesus Yamato's almighty Freedom runs on fission reactor compare to to faggat Shin's Impulse that runs on crappy battery packs.

I give credit to faggot Shin beating Jesus Yamato for the first and last time. Technically he wouldn't really won if Rey didn't point out the obvious that Kira's fighting pattern did not involve shooting to kill, rather disarming and blowing up the limbs of his targets. Forgot to mention that Kira wasn't 100% into the battle since he was worried about the Archangel (I'm glad he finally got his butt whoop for once).

same here, kira had 2 b defeated 1nce. coz in the original SEED, he was defeated and they repeat in GSD. which means again in the movie.
the way is like this:
kira goes on pwnage
kira gets defeated
kira gets new MS.
and wat u said Ray helped shinn was like this: kira and shinn play battleship, shinn's helper looks at kira's watever, shinn beats him.
Athrun beat kira in SEED fair and square. athrun just chargeeeeeee at kira. kira uses plothax 2 beat everyone. i dun know if he used it in strike as well. and i think dat the sequel of GSD will b a fail!
Posted 4/6/09

666monster wrote:

Seed is great but Destiny.....

agreed! Shinn used a stupid bitchy plothack called I-wanna-be-the-new-main-character.
Posted 4/6/09

Marato wrote:

It was the upgrade, so naturally it was better. The HIMAT system alone was improved greatly with the introduction of the Super DRAGOON (8-bit) system allowing 360 degree attack as opposed to 1 degree of attack. Not to mention it went from the 2 shoulder mounted plasma cannons to the 8 bits. The energy rating (in megawatts) was more than doubled respective for each side.

The ability to switch out the rail guns with the double beam rifles was a great thing for pre-phaseshift-down attack because while PS/TS/VS armor was active the railguns were only usefull for stalling out the enemies thrust momentarily.

As well, going from 1 to 2 beam rifles is great. Let alone the fact that they could be linked to create an anti-ship cannon.

The use of energy shields was a vast improvement. It didn't require a physical shield which saved weight and bulk while increasing in-flight aerodynamics. Not to mention it helped with the overall balance control of the mobile suit in tandem with the fins. Since it was running off a nuclear reactor, it didn't really have to worry about energy supplies. The shields themselves worked far better than a conventional shield without having to spend vast amounts of money, resources, and time of re-applying the anti-beam coatings after every battle.

As well as my prior point that it did have a variant version of the Akatsuki's mirror armor on the joints and hands. The skinny was that the Akatsuki would absorb and send the beam directly back to the source that it was fired from. The Strike Freedom would deflect and the beam would go in the direction that the deflection took it. They both work off similar principles.

And the addition of Variable Shift technology over the outdated Pseudo-Trans-Shift technology that Freedom was outfitted with. Though it did go to full Trans Shift at the beginning of Destiny after Freedom is destroyed at the end of the first season.

Higher output of power, higher output of speed, better sensors, way better quantum controller. Not sure how anyone could think the Freedom was better than the Strike Freedom. Except visually where I liked the overall design of Freedom over Strike Freedom.

Freedom looked more traditional. etc. shield and rifle. SF, 2 rifles and 2 shields(not even close to traditional). also, Freedom had grey joints(normal gundams have it, but SF has golden joints)
Posted 4/6/09 , edited 4/7/09
GSD sucks coz kira had 2 much plot armor. in SEED, he nearly got pwned by natruals(the druggies(i hate drugs!) nearly pwned him). in Destiny, Kira seems 2 pro like a walking tank. in SEED, it dint seem he had plothack in the Freedom. and does anyone have the right 2 say dat impulse outclasses Freedom and famous SEED suits? no! Impulse was a cheap version of Strike wif a panic button! if u dont believe me, go play Rengou vs ZAFT plus. implse is a 450 cost and Jesus Yamato's Freedom is 560 cost! Original SEED pwns SEED Destiny in story! how is Mitsuo Fukuda gonna make the SEED movie when GSD was a total fail!
Kira=Good to see u being manlier!
Athrun=Good looking and i like ur Justice(RED MS R COOL!)

great pic i found!
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26 / M
Posted 9/8/09
wew seed is the best of the gundam series in terms of their machines. they are really magnificent units!!!
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25 / M / Osaka, Japan ★
Posted 9/8/09
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28 / M
Posted 9/8/09
idk about all you but shinn to me is the best charactor in GSD period lol kira gets way to much attention and well that was for GS and now shinn is the best and destiny is way more cool then SF any day =] i love using destiny on dynasty warriors gundam 2 =p
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39 / M / From Me to You
Posted 9/8/09
Worst gundam ever

Character development and continuity was a ducking train wreck. I hate how they powered up Kira whilst nerfing Athrun with no real justification apart from to appease the fanbois (imho).

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32 / M / Where the future...
Posted 9/9/09
I loved Gundam Seed and Destiny, they're my favorite of all the Gundam series along with ZZ and Zeta. I couldn't get into 00, however. There's only so much political preachyness I can handle before it just turned me off. Still, the Clamp character designs and some of the mech suits were cool but I found the show to almost have no real heart like the original series and got caught up too much in machines and specs.
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57 / M / U.S.A. (mid-south)
Posted 11/8/11

TobiaSR32 wrote:

I loved Gundam Seed and Destiny, they're my favorite of all the Gundam series along with ZZ and Zeta. I couldn't get into 00, however. There's only so much political preachyness I can handle before it just turned me off.

I take it you have not watched Gundam Wing, otherwise Relena Peacecraft would have driven you to drink. Granted, it has been a decade since I saw it, but I think any political preachyness in Gundam 00 (which I literally just finished watching the first series of this morning) was subtle by comparison.

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30 / Canada
Posted 11/8/11
Jeez, destiny. I get so annoyed every time I think of this piece of crap. The first season was good, but this crappy sequel ruined everything. Particularly Cagalli's character and her relationship with Athrun. WTF happened?
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