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Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
Heres how it goes: I'll start the story and then you have to continue, and the next person after you also...and so on...the main goal is to keep the story going k?

It's harder than it sounds


Zone X a city that never sleeps...a city with many clans in every district, great places where you can hang out and have fun with your friends. Even if you're not on your own district, the other clans won't mind, but only if u respect their rules that is...
Everything was just normal...Although that was 2 years ago. Nothing's the same anymore...
Zone X is different now. It all started when the other clans were beaten up badly for no reason, then suddenly some of them disappeared without a trace...most of our property has been stolen, some buildings were destroyed...we never saw who did it..trying to find out who did it..why they did it...but the worst part is that we blamed each other for it...


-Mon 8:00am-

Eeh?!! Where are my keys???? *rustle rustle* where is it! I really don't have time for this *sigh* forget it..
"Hey Kei-kun can I lend ur keys, I lost mine"
Kei: "Geez you've lost it again? *sigh* i told u many times already where did u lost it this time huh?"
"Err...i don't remember hehe (^_^")
Kei: "Eehh?!"
I lied...ofcourse i remember...that day...
Kei: "Oh *gives keys* try not lose this one k? I won't forgive u if u did...and one more thing..."
"What is it?"
Kei: "Why didn't u tell me...and i'm not talking about the keys"
"I don't know..i was afraid that if i told u, u might get scared of me"
Kei: "Bakaa...ofcourse not! vampires don't scare me..."
"Well i'm glad to hear that..."
Kei: "Hey you're gonna be late for class, better hurry and be careful k?"
"Hai hai wagateru stop worrying too much *walks out* itakimas!"
Kei: 'Iterashai"

As i walked through the neighborhood...

"Whats this...theres something someone's following me.."
*turns around* As i thought..i don't see anyone...
oh *looks at watch* I have to hurry or i'm gonna be late....not that it matters, this city is messed up anyway

-10 minutes later-

"Finally i made it! Zone X Academy..."
_ _ _:"Well well if it isn't Weixia..*grins*"

Now its your turn=)
who's this person? is he an enemy or a friend? Give this person a name k?
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Posted 3/13/08
"Hello Weixi!Im so happy that i met you!"
Who the hell are you?
"My name is Night.Im actually after you,im a vampire hunter"
Well well ive never seen one before.But now i must go,so dont bother me!!
'sigh'Night:"you will never change.Are you afraid of me?"and shut him with a gun.Weixi jump on a building so that he didnt get hurt.
I am not afraid of you.Youre to slow.In this moment im stronger so come later.
Night:"You...'angry' I will catch you someday.Just wait,and you will see.I will kill you with my own hands"

What will happen??please continue:D
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Posted 5/18/08
Weixia : "Hmph.......Don't get so proud.I won't let myself get caught so easily."
Night : "We'll see about that." *walks away*
Weixia : *looks at watch* "AH!! I'm already very late! That annoying Night person..." *growls and rushes off to class*

-Lunch break-(12 pm)

Weixia : "Hmm....." 'I wonder if Night is really going to come later...'
Shimuko : "Weixia?Why are you poking your food?"
Weixia : "Huh?"
Shimuko : "You seem very distracted."
Weixia : 'It's nothing..."
Kaile : "Cheer up! It's not like you to be so serious...and start eating your food,it's getting cold."
Weixia : "Oh.....OK...."
Kaile : "I told you to CHEER UP!" *Playfully strangles him*
Shimuko : "Hey stop that Kaile! He's going to choke!"
Kaile : "Argh..Whatever...I don't need a serious friend anyway!"
Weixia : *cough* "Gee that's nice." *cough*

Suddenly a strong wind filled the area knocking all three of them and several others off their feet.

Weixia : "What was that?!"

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