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Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08

UFO: I'm not going to be a fan anymore, it's oppas' fault for not replying..... From now on I'm going to be a stalker!
ChangMin: I'll say this in a nice way, come back to being a fan.

UFO: If oppa teaches me how to dance, I'll think about it.
ChangMin: Just be a stalker [ XD ]

UFO: Ok I'll be a stalker. Look behind you.
ChangMin: A refrigerator is behind me.

UFO: Liar, I'm there
ChangMin: Are you the refrigerator or JunSu-hyung? [ homaigod SOOO cute! ]

UFO: If you don't reply this time your voice will crack today!^^
YooChun: Replied^^
JunSu: If my voice cracks I'm going to think of you (blame) first
JaeJoong: (My) voice is (probably) going to crack
YunHo: Memories of the f-concert comes up..
ChangMin: Do you want to die?^^ [XD]

UFO: Oppas... Please reply... I'll be happy with a single dot...
JunSu: Ue kyang kyang kyang kyang!! ^^

UFO: JaeJoong oppa why do you like ChangMin oppa?
JaeJoong: Because he's pretty. Although he hasn't been listening to me lately...

UFO: がんばってください^^ (ganbatte kudasai^^/Please do your best ^^)
YunHo: It's Japanese!! Ganbarimasu^^ (I'll do my best^^)

UFO: Jagi-ya (It's like a nickname = Baby, Honey, Sweety, etc) what are you doing?
Changmin: Among the members, there's a member with the name of Jagi?? [T_T;]

UFO: Jaejoong Oppa! Is ______ (She used a string of random letters) more handsome or Yoochun Oppa?
Yoochun: Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UFO: I asked you to write some sentences in English
Changmin: Junsu hyung will.. (7 minutes later)
Junsu: Changmin-ee will..

UFO: it's raining man~ (typed it in English) If there are raining Changmin's in the sky, Nuna will be so happy~
Changmin: Isn't it scary?


UFO: I love you (she wrote romanji) I love you (in korean) this is what I can only say.
Yunho: Those are said when two separate, but we won't break up.

UFO: This is a secret but...I really like Dongbangshinki's U-Know Yunho
Yunho: This is a secret but... Thank you and I will try to never let you regret that you like me. ^-^

UFO: Jaejoong-ah whenever I see you, I don't know why I cry. Sing to me forever/
Jaejoong: Because I want to thank you always, I sing..^^

UFO: I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life (She translates it in Korean here)
Yoochun: I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life (He translates it in Korean here) [XD aww]

UFO: Oppa what do you think is honey (she wrote honey in English)
Yoochun: Jagi-ya~
Changmin: Honey (he translated it into Korean, meaning the food rofl) [XD foodmin!~]

UFO: Oppa is mine.
Jaejoong: Jagi is mine. [T.T sweet-talker!]


UFO: Oppa, how about a hot night with me?
Jaejoong: Oppa has already promised with U-Know!!

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Posted 3/10/08
OMG!! this is so sweet!! hahaha! love it!
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Posted 3/11/08
xDDDDD Lmao I died at the heart melting ones xD
Honey, Changmin's a food monster that's why I love himm xD
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F / Malaysia
Posted 3/12/08
this is great! thanks for posting it
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26 / F / Earth
Posted 3/21/08
hahah yunjae in the end!yeah!!! i'm so happy now! yunjae!!! yunjae!!!
i love it!!! hehehehe now i'm high!! weeeew~~~~~!!!!
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27 / F / Nz
Posted 4/29/08
Wait where do people get these "UFO" things from? What is "UFO"? How's it possible that they talk to DBSK/TVXQ!? Lol

I'm confused!
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25 / F / Malaysia
Posted 8/11/08
sweet oppa ne~
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Posted 8/11/08
i LOLed in real life at the one where DBSK really replied with a '.'
and changmin's replies as enjoyable as always
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25 / F / United Arab Emirates
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
wah!!!!!!!hahaha DBSK are so funny always with their replies!!and also the UFO something!!haha i wish i could chat with them too!!hehehe

i love DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/3/08
they sound sooo any1 know da ufo website
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