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Posted 3/10/08 , edited 6/3/08
Right now all members beside me(allsum),Aznpride4ever, and callahankenneth rank in Geeks Squad is a Baby Geek or BG. callahankenneth, steller_sean and i r OSG(Old School Geeks) we r the highest rank in Geek Squad because we ur the Leaders.Aznpride4ever is mt right hand man so he is a captain. the ranks go like this.........
OSG(highest) allsum, callahankenneth and steller_sean
Adult Geek
Teen Geek
Kid Geek
Baby Geek(the lowest)- all of u.
If u like to go up a rank these r the things u can do................

1.Recruit more people into geek squad.(the more people u recruit the higher the rank and when u recruit people post there here and say u recruited them)
2.Upload picks that have ur gang colors(black and white) or with a pic that have Geek Squad in it(not the company)
3.Me,Aznpride4ever, or callahankennethsee that ur a good enough to rank up.
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Posted 5/14/08
wat rank am i ???
Posted 6/3/08
luvyah123 said:

wat rank am i ???

Ur Bg(baby geek)
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Posted 6/5/08
this is pitiful Curt.
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