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Posted 3/10/08
ok i started watching card captor sakura and xxxholic @ the
same time... my friend said i have to read ALL of clamp's
books to fully understand whats going on... did any 1 notice
while readinf that Watanuki and Domeki has a kinda love - love
relationship now that they're sharing an eye and blood?
and that sakura and sayorn <-- sry cant spell;;; has the same
birthday as watanuki? dont you wonder whats gonna happen
in the end? we havta read ALL of clamp's books now 2 find out!
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Posted 4/1/08
well basicly in all of clamps books
there is a "forbidden love" thingy that goes on in all of dem
kurXfai if u read tsubasa (kurogane gives his blood to fai)
xxxholic doumekiXwatanuki....
u get all these parings...
i guess its just clamps style to realate to their previous works...
read it and ull kinda understand
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Posted 5/11/08
the creater of CLAMP . . . like yaoi maybe . . . ?
mostly all CLAMP artwork have a " forbidden love " . . . . . . . . like X . . .
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