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Posted 3/11/08
After u read mahou sensei negima manga or watch mahou sensei negima and negima!?, u want to read/watch again.. and again and until u want some more. What are those part of chapters/episode of manga/anime u really want to repeat it again?

this is mine on manga
chapter 42 - The Bodyguard is Shinsengumi
chapter 43 - Bewitching! An Actor Troupe with 8 Beautiful Girls
chapter 85 - What Does an Adult Kiss Taste Like
chapter 100 - Hidden Memories
chapter 101 - The True Power of the Brute Strength Baka
chapter 102 - Asuna Overflow
chapter 122 - An Ordinary-entegreen Love Story
chapter 123 - The Big Commotion Right Before The Main Event!!
chapter 124 - The Wonderful Effects of the Magic of Love
chapter 125 - You're the Main Character
chapter 162 - See you in a better future!
chapter 166 - Silence Be Kind
chapter 171 - Death Study
chapter 187 -
chapter 188 - We're Strong, Negi Team
chapter 199 - Ako's ER of Love

on Mahou Sensei Negima anime
episode 19 -
episode 23 - Remember mortality

and Negima!?
Episode 6 - "Forgive me…… Would it be Acceptable if it Was on the Forehead or Cheek?" by Setsuna"
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25 / M
Posted 3/25/08
when negi fight Fate Averruncus.....donno wad episode~
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Posted 3/25/08
I don't remember the exact chapters or episodes, but here goes: and I'd better put it into a spoiler for people who haven't read/ seen that far yet xD

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Posted 3/30/08
Hmm just quickly dropping a reply before I do my current review. Particular chapters and episodes are tougher for me as I evaluate better with arcs, but I guess each time Eva first appears in any form has been well done overall.
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Posted 4/1/08
in the manga... wen eva-chan fyt wid the wyt haired boy.....
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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
well here i got
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