The crunchy drama! ^.^
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Posted 3/11/08

[lol! i do not know if those two chinese characters are correct.! lol! ]

crynchy peeps, now let's construct a drama here in crunchyroll.! ^.^
this'll be definitely fun.!
this is actually a story construction game.
now here are the guidelines:

1. you should continue the story or make your own scene even if it has nothing to do with the storyline.! ^.^
[sureness! to make it more comedic. ^.^]

2. you can create a character, and make sure that he or she is known. you can use, hello kitty, shaider, superman, rain bi, doraemon, or whoever just make sure you could make it such a comedy. ^.^

3. you can make fun of the story. ^.^

4. you don't have to make it long. a short and brief continuation can make it! ^.^

5. and to the others, it's up to you to make the story flow! ^.^

let me start the story. ^.^

"A young boy walked into the park, and..."
[it's up to you how will you make this story go! ^.^]

enjoy peeps!!

Posted 3/11/08
Met a beautiful young mysterious girl.
Then out of no where came.....

maybe this should be in the Games section.
as in forum games.
Posted 3/11/08
wrong section?
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Posted 3/11/08
"then out of nowhere came"........ sakura and naruto, who are on a date in the park. suddenly there was a boom.....
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Posted 3/12/08
then ichigo together with rukia showed up. All of them are looking at each other. Suddenly rukia asked "eh?are we lost ichigo?who are these people?". "why ask me?i don't even know! Icgiho said and puts out his weapon. "huh?your sword is so big! i wan't to touch it!" naruto said in a playful and childish voice. "moron! they are enemies!" sakura punched naruto who shouted because of the punch. "getsuga! tensh---" Ichigo didn't finished his first attack because.....

[haha..that's it...i just love bleach so i used Ichigo and Rukia as the characters. ]
Posted 5/26/08
oh. it's hard to put a continuation to the last one because i don't watch bleach.
Posted 5/26/08
lol the continuations are funny!!!
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Posted 5/26/08
sakura suddenly fell and he reached to catch her when he himself slipped and they kissed........
Posted 5/26/08
This should be moved to the game section.
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Posted 12/6/09
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