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Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08
For those who don't know, Clannad also came in the form of an animated movie back in September 15th, 2007... Though it follows along the general plot, several story arcs, and characters are omitted. Despite that, it is still as for filling as it's anime counterpart, though I haven't gone through it's original visual novel format, I'm sure everyone will find pure enjoyment out of it.

It's finally on crunchy roll, subbed:

Despite omitting the several other girls from the love/harem style format, it focuses on the Nagisa arc. It deviates from original setting somewhat, but it was aimed towards those who haven't picked up on the Clannad storyline, thus to make sense to general public, meetings, and events are altered.

For me, it was touching. I dunno, but I haven't shed a tear for years now, but this story managed to make me break out my tear glands for a few seconds... A tragedy mixed with a happy ending, beautiful art work, the now familiar ballads and sound tracks, the ever so well made characters from Key, and to summarize: If you're eager to experience Clannad, watch it. It shouldn't spoil the anime counterpart drastically, more so it would probably help heighten the experience.

I hope everyone else enjoys it!
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Posted 3/18/08
I just, JUST finished watching it... It.. It was very, very sad. But I love it.
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