HS Foreign Language: Chinese or Japanese?
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Okay! Hi there and thanks for reading this.
Im about to enter High school soon (this fall)
To be able to take two foreign languages (Chinese and Japanese) I planned to take summer school P.E. but my parents disapprove and think Im just wasting money on extra classes that wont take me anywhere. I actually plan to be a linguist (which they also disapprove of) and I am positive that taking two language classes WILL have benefits.
But since my parents are the ones who provide with the financial support (lol) and Im currently broke, I may have no choice but to go along with their plans. So now, Im having a real difficult time of choosing a language to stick to for a year. Im currently into the Chinese culture but have been interested in learning Japanese longer. Im also part Chinese, and I believe that I should learn about my own culture before others. But Japanese seems more fun to learn >___<
To get to the point, im just requesting your opinions on what you think You would pick and why.

um, thank you all for taking the time to read and post. I know it may seem like a small dilemma, but it has been bothering me lately and I must clear up and make my mind soon. The registration form is due this Friday.

So, once again, Thank youuuuu!!
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Take Japanese it's a lot easier.
no personal threads btw.
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Yep.. sorry no presonal threads. Gotta lock this up.
You could ask the Languages thread though.

Also, I agree with blablabla... Japanese is much easier.
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