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your top 5 fave manga characters.
Posted 11/23/11

Posted 12/20/11
1. Akatora (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin)
2. 23 (Inugami)
3. Uzumaki Naruto
4. Fumiki (Inugami)
5. Sooma Kyo (Fruits Basket)
Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/28/11
1.Sana Kurata(Kodocha!)
2.Shogo Narumi(Beauty Pop)
3.Hana Suzuki(My Heavenly Hockey Club)
4.Akito Hayama(Kodocha!)
5.Ushio Amamiya(The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross)
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23 / F / Germany
Posted 2/2/12
1. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
2. Ryuukou Mouten (Juushin Enbu)
3. Gilbert Nightray (Pandora Hearts)
4. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
5. Tamaki Suoh (OHSHC)
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20 / F / Alabama
Posted 2/12/12
1. Fai from Tsubasa
2. Koshiba Kiri from Beauty Pop
3. the 2 Mokonas from Tsubasa and xxxholic
4. Eichi Uozumi from Venus in Love
5. Yuki Ikeuchi from Venus in Love
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F / U.S.A.
Posted 2/14/12
1. Kuroshitsuji- sebastian
2. Beelzebub- Oga
3. Naruto Shippuden- Naruto + Gaara
4. One piece- Lufffy
5. Soul Eater- Soul
Posted 5/23/12
1.Staz from Blood lad
2.heike from code breaker
3.tasha from witch hunter
4.crow(Senji Kiyomasa) from deadman wonderland
5.kumagawa from medaka box
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24 / M / Whereabouts of Smile
Posted 5/26/12
1. Chainsaw Man (Happy Negative Chainsaw Edge) Come on, we all know we read that manga just to see him.

2. Satanister (Satanister) SINNERS BEWARE! Justice is a swift spiked fist to the face and maybe followed up by a german suplex.

3. 4 way-tie between: Han/Juu/Jin/Mugen (Burning Hell and Samurai Champloo) Pretty much two sets of the same characters (one cold and deadly while the other is crazy yet powerful) in two different anime/manga

4. Izumo (Skyhigh) All powerful guardian of the Gates of Rage. And she's a frog sometimes!

5. Bobobo (BoBoBo-Bo-Bo-BoBo) Fist of the Nose Hair... all that's needed
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Posted 6/20/12
1. Saki Episode of Side A- Shizuno
2. Infinite Stratos- Laura
3. Saki Episode of side A- Toki
4. Hidan no Aria- Shirayuki
5.Higurashi- Hanyuu

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18 / F / California
Posted 7/6/12
Gilbert Nightray- Pandora Hearts

Echo- Pandora Hearts

Ciel Phantomhive- Kuroshitsuji

Yukina Himuro- Watashi Ni XX Shinasai!

Soshi Miketsukami- Youko X Boku SS

Posted 7/7/12
hmm...oh god the decision is tough

in no particular order
Guts from berserk - he is the very personification of the strength and willpower of humanity. no matter what hardships he faces, he just comes back again and again to fight the good fight.
pip bernadotte from hellsing - after reading volume 7...i was speechless, he not only took abuse that a vampire probably wouldn't be able to deal with. He was blown up, shot, stabbed TWICE (once with a piece of debris from the explosion, another time with a FREAKING SCYTHE) and even after all of this, he PUCHED OUT zorin blitz, and almost successfully carried Seras to safety. Hell, even after dying he kicked ass because his spirit helped Seras in the fight.
Nozomu Itoshiki from zetsubou sensei - I don't really know why, i just love the guy (note: the ending to the series was total crap!)
tatsuhiro sato from welcome to the NHK - how on earth you make a character so hate-able but so like-able is beyond me. This scum. He blames his problems on others, he believes everyone is out to get him, he spend a whole night collecting child porn. However, you feel so sympathetic for his situation, he is one average person, who views himself as being completely worthless, he actually does feel regret for any horrible action he does. And well...I can honestly envision myself becoming him...
Maho minami from BECK - she's cool, that's the main reason. Just cuz she's cool

runner ups - some who just didn't make it
caska from berserk - it was a bitch and a half deciding between her and guts. The real decider was the series post-volume 13 and well...i know what happened and all...but she's just REALLY annoying now.
Izaya orihara - trollzaya!
alucard from hellsing - how. could. you. not. love this guy. he is probably the coolest character in the series, however...he's rather 1 dimensional.
stein from soul eater - I just have a thing for the insane type characters *blush*
araragi koyomi from bakemonogatari - never read the manga, doesn't count
senjougahara hitagi from bakemonogatari - again, didn't read the manga
oshino meme - didn't. read. the. manga. Everybody, send angry letters to yen press or darkhorse comics telling them to translate the manga and novels...actually i just checked...there is no manga. so send angry letters to yen press and darkhorse and tell them to just translate the novels i guess.
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Posted 7/17/12
1- Kuruno Kei from GANTZ
2- Tsukune from Rosario+Vampire
3- Lavi from D.Gray Man
4- Ewon Mookyul from Totally Captivated
5- Kazuo Kiriyama from Battle Royale
Posted 8/3/12
1.kumagawa-medaka box
2.staz-blood lad
4.tasha,xing and Halloween from witch huunter
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20 / M / Indiana
Posted 8/9/12

Naruto-Naruto O.o

Luffy-One Piece

KenIchi-The Mightiest Disciple

Goku-DragonBall Z
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24 / M / Hamburg, NY.
Posted 8/10/12 , edited 8/10/12
My current Top 5 favorite manga characters (in no order):

Negi Springfield - Mahou Sensei Negima!
Hibari Kyoya - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Naze Youka - Medaka Box
Chisame Hasegawa - Mahou Sensei Negima!
Tsunayoshi Sawada - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

Honorable mentions:
Hitoyoshi Zenkichi & Kumagawa Misogi - Medaka Box
Phantom Miria - Claymore
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