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Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/12/08
If you don't want to ruin your hard work on reading scanlations, or whatever the reason, =P go back or something...

On the mean time...

There is a fourth egg, a diamond egg (ex. ace, club, spade, and now diamond) named Dia, which Amu later on loses when it becomes an "x" egg. Utau finds it and is able to chara change with it and all that.

Also, Amu goes on a date with Tadase, as also in the anime, but Ikuto sorta stops her or decides to play around >< -go ikuto!- and Tadase catches them both licking the same ice cream.

There is also a new queen when nadeshiko leaves, (aka spoiler: nadeshiko is a "trap" aka a guy who dresses as a girl) this girl and amu don't get along, as she's always telling amu how she's so weak, etc. etc. (she gets on my nerves ) and there's a new Jack? I think... w/e the position, takes over Kurosaki, as he moves on from 6th grade to 7th grade going to a different school. This boy is this geeky intelligent IQ guy who secretly works for easter, which the Guardians soon find out.

They also find out that the Tsukiyomi's were born to serve Easter (aka Ikuto Tsukiyomi) and how Easter's big boss black mail's Ikuto by taking away his violin, forcing him to do Easter's dirty work. D:<
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