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Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
Same RULES.(Check the main profile to see the rules.)
remember: be REALISTIC! lol

Abigail~~~~a typical girl who got a huge crush on Jon.
Jon~~~~~~~a typical actor whose been popularized by his movies.
Rhen~~~~~Abigail's best friend, a female. lol
Chris~~~~~someone that Abigail met, on her journey to meet Jon.
Sandra~~~Jon's girlfriend, an actress.
Antony~~~A guy who likes Abigail, a popular hottie at their school.

Andy~~~~A single mom who gave birth to Abigail.

Add some characters to make the story thrilling. tnx tnx..

here's the story.


Abigail is the only child, she only have her mom. Her dad passed away, causing her mom to be a workaholic. She was 8 years old when her dad left them. Now, shes 18, yes, after 10 years. She still bears the stingy world, to help her mom. "Abi... When are you going to stop watching that drama?" Her mom screamed. "I'll be there in a few minutes mom" She replied. After 30 minutes, her mom burst in her room, once again. "Abi... Seriously, you better eat... you already watched that drama for like 10 times." Abi's mom whined. "Ma, Actually, this is my 13th time watching this." Abi explained.
Mom: "You better turn that t.v. off then, we have to eat.. NOW!."
Abi: "Ma, Wait for a sec, this is the part, when Jon's going to kiss the ugly girl"
Mom: "Abi... NOW!"

Abi's mom turned the t.v. off.

Mom: "Don;t you think your a little over thinking?"
Abi: "Right, Even a super ugly girl, get to kiss my Jon."

They both went in the dining room and eat dinner.

The next day, after arriving at the school campus,

Abi: "Aww.. Jon's face is still in my head."
Rhen: "Abi... You forgot to pop ur zit."
Abi: "Jon, Jon, Jon, Jon... whenever am I going to meet you?"

Rhen suddenly popped Abi's zit.

Abi: "Hey.. What the heck?"
Rhen: "I couldn't resist, its just right there, teasing me"
Abi: "Next time, ask me if you can pop it..."
Rhen: "Ok"
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Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
The bell rings and Abi is still day dreaming about Jon, She suddenly trip and fall. Without notice a guy helped her up, it was Antony. All girls around them just stopped and stare.

Abi: "Ahh... Yes? Who are you? Thanks for helping me up."
Antony: "Call me Antony, and you are?"
Abi: "Oh, I'm Abi. Abigail, Now can you please explain all of this? Why is everybody starring at us?"
Girl1: "OMG! She doesn't know who Antony is!"
Girl2: "OMG!!! Is she new?"

Abi and Antony just kept on walking.

Antony: "So, yeah, are you new at this school?"
Abi: "No, not at all."
Antony: "How come i've never seen you around?"
Abi: "Maybe cuz i only hang out with my friends at this one certain room."
Antony: "Maybe... Oh well, see ya later, i'll go to my class now."

Abi just realized that Antony actually dropped her in her class. After thinking too much, she went back to her habbit: Thinking and imagining about Jon.

Teacher: "Today, I'm passing back the quiz that I corrected yesterday."
Rhen: "I'm sure i did bad."
Teacher: "Abigail... You certainly got the lowest score. Why did you put "Jon" as an answer on every question?"
Rhen: "Abi.... "Jon"??? Number one is the easiest question.. and you put "Jon"?!?!?!?"
Abi: "Jon... Jon.. Jon is a hottie"

Everybody in that class burst in laughter. All of her classmates are trying to imitate what she said.

Girl1: "She met Antony.. and yet, all she cares about is Jon?"
Girl2: "Girl! Be more realistic. Jon doesn't even know you exist"
Abi: "Maybe one day... we'll meet."
Girl1: "Abi, Antony is right there. just waiting for you to notice him?"
Girl2: "Antony is the most popular guy in this school, why cant you like him?"
Girl1: "Alot of girls are jealous already. they're envying you... you are the 1st girl that Antony touched."
Teacher: "TOUCHED?"
Girl1: "Not in a perverted way"
Teacher: "Oh, ok, Well then, this conversation is enough! Class begins.."
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Posted 3/12/08 , edited 3/13/08
After school, Antony waited for Abi outside her classroom. And again, all of the girls around them just stopped.

Abi: "An.. An... Antony, Why is..."

Abi is still confused on everything. Girl1 just popped out of nowhere and starts explaining everything to her. And now, Abi knows that Antony is a school heart rob and he is like an all star football and soccer player. After telling as much as Girl1 knows about Antony she left without notice. Rhen came running towards Abi.

Rhen: "Abi... Antony... his a..."
Abi: "A very popular guy?"
Rhen: "I was all late wasn't I?"
Abi: "Yeah.." *laughs*
Rhen: "Now you can forget about your fantasies on Jon and start going out with Antony"
Abi: "Huh?!?!? Shame on you! Jon is irreplaceable!"
Rhen: "Time to get real sister, Jon doesn't even know you."
Abi: "Thats why I'm going to find him, and introduce myself."

After having too much talk with Rhen, Abi reached her house.

Abi: "Ma, i'm home..."
Mom: "Just in time, Abi, I'm going to America next week, Is is ok, if i leave you here?"
Abi: "Ma, i'm 18, i think i can handle myself.. plus i can always ask Rhen to sleep over if i get lonely"
Mom: "Thats my girl... ok, btw, i hid all your Jon movies and dramas... I think you should focus on ur studies 1st, its not that i got a phone call from your teacher informing me u fialed a quiz by writting "jon" everywhere"
Abi: "Huh? MA!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna die! i need Jon, in order to survive., anyway, how long are you going to stay at america?"
Mom: "About half a year... or more"
Abi: "Why?"
Mom: "I need to help your uncle in our business, after all, i invested most of our money in there"
Abi: "Ma, ur really nice, yet, now thinking."
Mom: "what do you mean?"
Abi: "Uncle is a meany head. plus you'll never know if his gonna ever give you your money back"
Mom: "thats why i'm going there"
Abi: "alright, its up to you, do whatever you think is good, just be home whenever ur done... as of now, i'm heading to bed and have some good sleep."

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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Mom left for America this morning. She kept going on an on about the house rules.
Mom: Blah, Blah, Blah......................
Don't have parties here while i'm gone.
Abi: Sure, mom [Daydreaming]: Jon, Jon...............................
Mom: Don't have sex, you could get pregnant
Abi: My virginity is saved for Jon. Mom???????????????
What the fuck is up with the that commit.
Mom: You better watch your mouth. I am still your mom even if you are 18 right no. Show me some respect
Abi: Sorry
Mom: Well, Am off. Don't do anything i wont do.
Abi: *mutters* you don't even do anything
Mom: What?
Abi: Nothing. Bye mom, love you.
Mom: Tell Rhen i said bye.

Finally she left. I swear mom's are such pain in the ass. They are always nagging you everytime. since mom left i didn't see any point in going to school. It's not like if my teacher calls any adult is going to do anything. Me and Rhen decided to do a little shopping today. (She shipped school too. She called in sick and they actually believed her.) We went all over downtown to buy shoes, clothing and some accessories. I bought this new set of really hot looking pants. Rhen said that i looked hot in it so i bought it even though it was really expensive. As we were coming home, guess who we met????????

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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Anthony. Anthony asked me if i was doing anything this saturday. As i much as i tried to decline, Rhen cut me off and said i was free. So now i am stuck with a date with Anthony. Don't get me wrong or anything. Anthony is really hot and he seems like a really nice guy but he is a total player. But thats not why i don't like him. He reminds me i this guy who i had a huge crush on so i lost my virginity to him. Yeah i know i lied to my mom. She already knows i lost my virginity a long time ago and as much as she tries to pretend she really doesn't care the more she cares. The guy i lost my virginity was Micky. Mom doesn't want me to get hurt like how my dad hurt her. My situation is much different from her situation but she thinks they are the same. Micky and i still talk and hang out but sometimes it gets really awkward. Rhen thinks that Anthony really likes me. I really want to believe that but somehow i feel she just wants me because of sex. Can't a boy and a girl be just friends without being judged by the norms of relationships or sex in this case.
Here i am sitting infront of my tv. dreading the possible outcome of the date tomorrow with Anthony then something catches me i.
TV announcer: Tomorrow afternoon at 5:00pm is Jon's concert for his new album "Loving You". The concert is being held at Humming Mall. Since it is a free concert everybody is invited to come. After the concert Jon will be holding an autograph signing.
Jon's concert and autograph signing in my own city, an hour away from my house?
This is what i have been waiting for all my life. Nothing is going to stop me from going. I need to go call Rhen to make plans for the concert then pick my clothes.
I want Jon fall in love with me at first sight.
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Posted 3/13/08 , edited 3/14/08
Rhen thinks that it is a bad idea that i want to bail on Anthony and go to Jon's concert. Since when did she start caring about how Anthony will feel when i bail on him. He is a player for crying out loud. I bet he has stood people so many times. Besides it's not like i'm planning to stand him up. I'm going to call him and tell him that something came up so i can't go on the decide. I think i really deserve to meet Jon. This might probably be my only once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Jon and make him notice me. MY LOVE LIFE ITS AT STAKE HERE.
I am really not trying to be selfish; i just want to meet Jon even if its just a second. Rhen is my best friend, she should support my decisions. She also wants to go to the concert. But then she's giving me all this excuses. If Rhen wasn't my best friend i might have come to a conclusion that she likes Anthony. NO WAY. Right??????
Anyway the concert its going to be so much fun. i'm going to bed now
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
Today is the d-day. The Concert. I can't hide how much i am so excited. Today, by the time the day comes to end; i would have met Jon. I told Anthony that my aunt was coming in town so i couldn't hang. He believed me too. BAKA (fool). What ever. The teacher called my house that i didn't come to school. But of course my mom wasn't even at home.
Rhen and i are sitting in the train listening to our mp3, suddenly the train stops. Ehhhhhhh? They announce that the train is going through technical difficulties. Technical difficulties???? No, NO, No!!!!!!!!!!
So we here we are stuck in a the train. This guy taps me on the shoulder and introduces himself as Chris.
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Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/15/08
"Mariz, I thought you moved." Chris said. Abi looked at him all confused. "Mariz? Sorry, you...." Before finishing her sentence, Chris immediately kissed her. "I knew, you'll come back to me! I never regret on waiting to see you again" Chris said with an extravagant tone. "Sorry, I'm Abi, and I have no idea who Mariz is, but shes none of my business." Abi replied. "Him!" Chris corrected. Rhen couldn't take it anymore so she butt in the conversation. "Ok, I dont know who Mariz is, I dont care if shes gay, I dont care is shes a HE, so, please, leave my friend alone... she is not HIM" Rhen screamed and all people in there stared with dropped jaws. All of a sudden, a guy broke the silence, started a single laugh that is somehow contagious. Abi looked around, and there. it hit her. Jon was behind them, She couldn't help it so she fainted, Jon rushed and caught her before she hit the ground. He made her comfortable in the nearby chair. "Miss, are you alright?" Jon asked. "Jon, Jon, Jon," Abi whispered, at a moment, a loud slap reached Jon's face. "Miss! I helped you and you are going to repay me with a slap?" Jon whined. "Rhe.. Rhe.. Rhen.. it is him!" Abi asked Rhen. "Yes.. and i dont think he wants to get slapped." Rhen explained then Abi fainted once again. Jon took her to the nearest hospital, with fans on his tail, he still managed to drive. After laying down on the bed for an hour and a half. Abi finally woke up. "Jon.. is it really..." Abi said while starring at a guy who seems to be looking away, the looked at her and say "No, Jon left.. i think" Chris explained. With a shocked impression, Abi stood up to hit Chris. "Do you have any idea how much i've been through just to meet Jon?" Abi complained. She started to talk trash while leaving Chris behind. "Fucking loser, how can he fucking...." Abi passed and bumped into Jon "Sorry Jon, but a fucking loser just.... just... just... JON!!!!" Abi screamed. Jon carried her into a corner to make her shush. "Miss.... I dont even know your name and you already slapped me!" Jon said. "Oh.. about that, i really thought i was dreaming, so i thought slapping you will make me feel better and released." Abi explained. While looking around, Jon saw a 'Stairs' sign on a door, he opened it and signaled Abi to go with him. "So, its a long stairs journey, your room is all the way up to 7th floor, you might wanna tell me about yourself" Jon asked nicely. "Jon.. Jon... Jon... I finally met you. Can i have an autograph?" Abi whispered.
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Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/17/08
"An Autograph? Why didn't you just say so." Jon said with a mad sarcastic tone. "Oh.. oh.. sorry, i'm just a huge fan. Well, if you don't wanna, its ok... i'll just go ahead and leave now." as Abi apologizes. "Miss... your name please?" Jon asked. "Abigail. Abi for short." She answered back.

As they set foot on each stairs.. No one bother to break the silence. After five minutes. Jon couldn't take it any longer and started the chat.

Jon: "So, where are you going anyway?"
Abi: "To your concert"
Jon: "Alright, change the topic."
Abi: "Ok, why are you on a public transportation?"
Jon: "I was hoping to run away before the concert. People are getting too fussy."
Abi: "Aw, well, if you want, i know some place that you can stay at."

After reaching the room, both of them stopped talking. Abi packed all of her stuff and called out for Rhen and Chris. All four took a long ride home to Abi's house.

Chris: "Why did you?"
Rhen: "You have nowhere else to go. Your gay lover left you and now you have nobody to be with"
Chris: "Thanks for reminding me" **Sniffing**
Abi: "Alright, I guess, we can all stay here tonight, since my mom is out for half a year."
Jon: "You are alone?"
Abi: "I was thinking about sleeping at Rhen's tonight, but since this came up, then i'll be sleeping here."

Jon looked around and saw Abi's T.V. room. He went in and start looking around.

Jon: "Abi... you have all of my movies since i started acting."
Rhen: "Uh... DUH!"
Jon: "I think i clearly said ABI."
Rhen: "Whatever" **left the room as Abi came in**
Abi: "Jon, what do you wanna eat?"
Jon: "You also have this drama?"
Abi: "Yeah... that very ugly girl.. ggrrr... oh, wait.. did i just say that out loud?" **Titter**
Jon: "Yeah... we actually went out.. she used to be my girlfriend in real life."
Abi: "Seriously?" **Screams**
Jon: "Kidding! of course not.. why would i date a girl like her?"
Abi: "Phew.. hahaha.. just playing." **Took a deep breathe**

All of a sudden, Chris came in and said "People! I'm going to look for a job! don't you worry Abi, I'll pay you my rental.".. Abi answered: "Chris... its ok.. dont worry, you are going to share the room with Jon. You dont really have to pay me, my mom wasnt around anyway" Jon looked at Abi with a devastating look.

Jon: "Do you have any idea what you just did right now?"
Abi: "Yeah.. All boys are sleeping in one room, then girls are sleeping in another room."
Abi: "Sshhh, shh.. Jon, he might hear you. I'm sure its not that bad."
Jon: "He'll rape me!"
Abi: "Dont worry, you'll never get pregnant."
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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/6/08
The moonlight bites. "Abi... Is there a possibility of sleeping in your room tonight?" Jon asked. "Jon, I don't think so, I mean, me and Rhen are already sleeping in that room like a tuna fish... all squished." Abi explained. "I beg you!" As he kneel down to his knees. "Uhhh... Abi, I think we might have a little space in your mom's room" Rhen said. "Rhen, are you sure? Well, ok, its up to yah."

All of them walked on their way to their room. Abi suddenly trip and fell, spraining her right foot. Chris saw her and he immediately helped her up. "Abi, Are you ok?" He asked. "I'm fine... by the way, is it ok to ask what happened to you and your lover?" She asked anyway. "He, is not really a He, HIS a SHE. She took of to be with another guy." Chris explained. "Ouch! Shes chose him?" Abi asked as if shes trying to tease him. Chris didn't answer.
Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
'Aah.. come on. I didn't mean it that way....' Abi said. Chris walked away. When he was gone, Abi said to Jon: 'Looks like he isn't gonna rape you after all.'

All of sudden the phone rang. Abi went down to get it.
'Abi here.'
'Hi, it's Antony.'
'Antony? how the hell did you get my number?'
'Rhen gave me it.'
Abi screamed up: 'Rhen, you evil genius... explanation please.' Rhen stumbled down.
'Hi, Abi, how're you doing?' she said with a innocent face.
'Abi, you still there?' Came out of the phone.
'We aren't ready yet.' Abi said to Rhen. 'Yeah, Antony, what is it?'
'Ehm, I was wondering.... do you have a free day soon?'
'Erhm... well actually I don't. My aunt really wants to check out the city, so I'm not available.'
'O... well guess I'll see you around.'
'See ya.' Abi hung up. 'Rhen! why the hell did you gave him my phone number?'
'He's hot... hello?' Rhen said.
'So... I have an even more hotter guy in my house now.'
'Chris?' Rhen smiled.
'No, Jon. He's my true love, I just know it.'
'Great.... Why can't you stick with Antony?Jon is a celebrity. He probably needs to stay single to satisfy his fans.'
'Why do you always have to be so boring, Rhen?' Abi said when the girls walked up to their rooms.
'I'm not boring... I'm just being realistic.'
'So boring.' Abi threw a pillow at Rhen.
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Posted 11/10/09 , edited 11/10/09
The next day, Abi and Rhen got up smelling bacon and eggs. As they head to the kitchen, they found Jon and Antony having breakfast. "Antony, i told you im going away" Abi said with a surprise. "Well, i know, thats why i came by to say goodbye. but it looks like you wont be leaving after all since you got this man of ur dreams barged in ur house" Antony replied. "Now, now, I dont see why Abi told you that." Jon said. "Jon.. can we please have a talk outside.. like.. right NOW" Abi yelled.

Abi and Jon got to the porch.

Abi:" why did you tell him that and why did u let him and why didnt u wake me up and why didnt u ask me before letting antony in?

Jon:" well, ok in retrospect, ur sleeping. and ur sleeping and ur sleeping. and UR SLEEPING like theres no tomorrow!"

Abi: "Jon.... well, ok whatever now" (thinking she still loves him anyway)

Abi and Jon went back in the kitchen. Abi rushed to get ready for school, since today is their finals.
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Posted 11/10/09 , edited 11/10/09
Abi, Rhen and Antony went to school altogether. as usual.. girls stopped and drool flipping Abi. Rhen tried to avoid the drama by going to the other direction. As Abi and Antony walked, some random girl came up to them asking Antony why he hasn't talked or texted her. Antony replied his "taken now" so all of the girls around got even nastier on Abi. In class, Abi took time to do the test. Some of her classmates assaulted her. Some said shes cheating, to get her test taken away, some just won't stop annoying her. However, after all the destructions, Abi did well on the test and the teacher was surprised because for the first time, Abi didn't write Jon's name on her test paper.

As she walks out the door. Antony and Rhen "boo-ed" her. Abi yelled "HEY! ITS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! ITS FINALLY SUMMER BREAK!" and Rhen immediately popped her bubble by sayin "heyy report card are gonna be in the mail in less than 2 weeks!" but since Abi knew she did great on the test, she wasnt too worried.
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